[576]: Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis

16125666 Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis
Series: Wilder, #1
Kensington | October 2nd, 2012
Audiobook Edition
Adult Fiction | Romance
Rating 4 out of 5 Stars

From Goodreads:

Get Wild… And Then Get Wilder…

Accountant Katie Kramer is a quintessential good girl—working hard, recycling diligently, all the while trying to ignore the feeling that she doesn’t fit in anywhere. That’s all she wants. Well, that—and amazing sex, and the kind of daredevil escapade she can look back on when she’s crunching numbers in a dusty cubicle. Which explains why she just took a job in Wishful, California, working for Wilder Adventures and Expeditions. Waking up to find a magnificently built stranger towering over her bed—that part defies explanation…

After wandering the planet for months following a life-changing accident, Cameron Wilder has come back to the only home he knows. Under other circumstances, he might be thrilled to find a gorgeous woman sleeping in his cabin, but now, while he’ll risk his body taking clients on adrenaline-drenched excursions, his heart is off limits. Still, Katie’s killer smile triggers something deep in his gut… among other places. Showing her how exhilarating it can be to stop balancing her life as if it was a checkbook is the biggest rush he’s ever felt—and an adventure Katie’s wishing would never end…

Jill Shalvis is one author that I could always rely on to give me something good whenever I’m in need of a pick me up. It’s just too bad she’s caught me at a time when I can’t buy anything because I’m a broke-ass nerd. Otherwise, that one-click button would’ve gotten a work out this past weekend.  This is another one of those books I found on Audible for cheap. And since I’ve always enjoyed books by Ms. Shalvis, I wouldn’t be surprised if I give in to the temptation of one-clicking the books in this series.


Cameron Wilder is the prodigal son of Wishful, California. After a year of gallivanting around the world and trying to find himself, he came back to see if home is once again, the Wilder Lodge.  Once a multiple gold medalist and a popular X Games celebrity, Cameron has been sidelined with an injury that had forced him into an early retirement.  Since the wandering didn’t help him find the peace he was looking for, he decided to come back to the only home he knew: Wilder Adventures and Expeditions. Finding a feisty woman in his own bed was a surprise he wasn’t prepared for, however.


Katie’s life has been a monotony she’s gladly accepted before her accident. Realizing she’s been given a second lease on life instantly changed all that, however. She quit her desk job, packed up her bags and drove to wherever the road takes her. At Wishful, California, she found the perfect temporary job as an Office Manager for the Wilder brothers. Which was perfect for two reasons: she’ll be able to do things she’s never done before, and two, it’s temporary. When she woke up to find a man claiming to be a Wilder, her first instinct was to whip out the baseball bat and beat the daylights out of him. Thankfully, the man assured her that she had nothing to worry about except finding a new place to sleep because she was in his bedroom. That didn’t help her sanity any,  as the man has an innate talent of messing with her equilibrium. Definitely the kind of excitement she was looking for on a temporary basis, but one that can only end disastrously.


Jill Shalvis has that knack; that innate talent for creating romance that leaves you warm and tingly all over. I don’t think she’s ever paired up a couple that I didn’t like. If her characters were real, she could make a killing as a matchmaker. I like Katie and Cam. One who was looking for adventures, and one who was looking to settle down – respectively. Cam has a quiet magnetism that I’ve always found irresistible in fictional characters. It’s in his swagger, his stance; the way he looked at Katie, and the way he treated her.

The best thing about this series is the family camaraderie between the Wilders. His cantankerous aunt Annie who loves them dearly, her estranged husband who still loves her, and the miserable stray cat who lives in their storage. Heck, the town of Wishful is a character in itself. Which is also why Jill’s books are so wonderful. She creates the perfect settings, conjures up supporting characters that help make the books all the more memorable. Over all, this series is worth breaking the paltry book budget that I have for the month.

  • This sounds like the perfect winter read to me, I’m totally going to grab it for my kindle 🙂 thank you for sharing!

  • Adriana C

    I recently bought this ebook and it really sounds really good. thanks for your review.

  • Never heard of this author. That’s why I love to follow other bloggers, you can always be introduced to awesome authors and books 🙂

    • You must…at least if you’re fond of contemporary romance. It’s like second nature to her, which makes her stories so easy to love. 🙂

  • Melliane

    I need to try a book by this author, I keep hearing great things. But just so you know you wrote shelves and not shalvis in the title.

    • BAH. Auto correct. So far, you’re the only one who mentioned it. Lol.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I like books that have great characters and family is a big part of things. I’ve never read anything by Jill but i see her books at the library all the time. glad you liked this one.


    • She’s really great at small town stories as well. I really enjoy her stories. She does historical romance, too. though I’ve not tried them before. 🙂

  • I LOL’d at the “broke-ass nerd”! I can totally relate. Glad you liked this one! It looks super cute. 🙂

  • Yay 😀 Glad you liked this book sweet girl. <3 And yay for loving books by this author before 🙂 That is the best. This one looks so cute. I'm curious 🙂 One day, I hope. Gorgeous review, as always. <3

    • thanks, C. I know it’s not your thing, but hopefully you can get into her stories when you feel you’re ready. 🙂

  • I’ve downloaded a few of her books when they were freebies, but haven’t read them yet. I just noticed the 2nd ebook in this series is like $2, so I might grab it.

    • Ack. Really should stop recommending books!…kidding. Lol.

  • “I’m a broke-ass nerd” LOL. I need this on a shirt or something. Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed this one! I always on the lookout for fun romantic stories when I am feeling down or tired of reading YA.

    • It sucks. 🙁 I want books, and I can’t get them because it’s out of our budget. Bah.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever read a Jill Shalvis book and I think I need to remedy that ASAP!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    • I think you’ll enjoy them, Jen. 🙂 They’re all loveable.

  • I think I am the only one who has yet to jump on Jill Shalvis bandwagon. I feel left out lol. I want the warm and fuzzies!!!

    • Oh I think you’ll like them too, Lily. 🙂

  • RO

    Totally agree. She has that romance thing down to a science, for sure. Really enjoy her work and this one looks like a keeper, too. Love your review, as always. Hugs…Ro

  • kindlemom1

    It has been way too long since I have read one of her books. I need to pick her back up, this would be perfect for those wintery weekends in front of the fireplace.

    • And they’re fast reads! Sometimes, I don’t even realize I’m halfway through the book until I see the page count. Lol.

  • You have been reading a lot of romances lately and it seems that sometimes they work out for you and sometimes they don’t. I am glad this one does, and it seems like the setting and all the people living in it really are part of the story as well, which makes me smile at the thought of it 🙂

    • Right? Romance is in the air. My brain needed a break. Hahahah! And Sandra Brown is not good for my heart.

  • The warm and fuzzies sounds great, and glad to hear you enjoyed another Shalvis

  • Jill Shalvis is one of my all-time favorite contemporary romance writers! The Wilders sound like a hoot! I haven’t read any of her Wilder books. I’m gonna have to check them out now 😀

    • Oh you should, Sarah! Hot brothers alert. 😀

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    I need to read this series Joy! I’ve read her Lucky Harbor and Animal Magnetism series and love both, so I have no doubt I’m going to be a fan of these books as well. You’re so right – Jill Shalvis has a knack for writing warm, sweet romances that just leave me with a smile on my face:)

    • Ohh love, love Lucky Harbor. I haven’t read Animal Magnetism yet, but I might try that one next. Thanks for the rec, Jenny!

  • There’s more to accounting than number crunching…what is this stereotyping? I hate this story already LOL. Plus, the fact that it’s called “instant attraction” just makes me want to rant about instalove–like, dude, c’mon…

    • Right? But. I’m an accountant, and yeah, we’re pretty regimented folks. Something to do with numbers in proper columns and whatnot. Lol.

  • I’ve only read a few books by this author, but they’ve all been so adorable and definitely left me with warm fuzzies. How adorable is that cover! This sounds like the perfect book for me to read when I just want the world to be a happier place.
    Lovely review, Joy!

    • Exactly why I love reading these type of books! There’s no struggle to it. Just a relaxing, enjoyable read!

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I haven’t read this Shalvis romance and often forget she writes things outside of Lucky Harbor or the Animal Magnetism books. Anyhow, this seems like something I need to dive into ASAP! 😉 Thanks for putting it on my radar, Joy!

    • Gasps! Oh man. You should, Keertana! Her books are right up your alley. In fact, I might even say they’re right up there with Florand. 🙂

  • While I’m ambivalent about books where a dude literally changes a girl’s world, this one really sounds fantastic. I love books that have a clear, solid setting, as I feel this is so integral to character identity and development. Fantastic review :D!

    • Thanks, Aentee. In her defence, she changes the way he sees life as well, so it’s a mutual thing.

  • I still haven’t found the time to try something by this author, even though I keep hearing bloggers raving about her. Hopefully, that’ll change soon.

    • Oh I don’t know. They’re pretty vanilla, so might not be your thang. *winks*

  • It looks so cute, and duh, winter like 😉