Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 161


White Hot by Sandra Brown | After Hours by Claire Kennedy | Seed Seeker by Pamela Sargent | Bright Lights, Dark Nights by Stephen Emond | French Silk by Sandra Brown | Saga, Volume 5 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

Sorry, no On the Night Table post this week as I’ve yet to finish the two books I’d planned to read last week. I did read five books though, but sadly not the ones I’d intended to read in the first place.

Anywho, so yeah. Hoarders! My husband just can’t say no to me. But I know I have to do a better job of thinking about our finances. Yesterday, I saw that some people have found Six of Crows and After You in their bookstores already, and I mentioned to my husband that I needed those books. He offered to take me yesterday (sweet man that he is), but I told him it can wait (even though I was dying inside!). This is the life now, I suppose.  I read this inspiring post by Blodeuedd about how she was able to get to the bottom of her to-be-read-book-pile and I got to thinking about what an accomplishment that would be. It is difficult, but I think I owe it to myself to try to achieve the same goal. 

A couple of the books I got last week were picked up a thrift shop (I’ll give you one guess which books they are). Actually, I had three in my cart, but as I was paying for them, the girl told me one was $5! For the first time in my life, folks, I opted to put it back, and even attempted to bargain with the cashier. Oh the horror. No shame, I tell you.  The other two only cost me $5 in total, so I felt like it wasn’t worth the five bucks.

Seed Seeker was sent to me by Tor/Forge. I haven’t read the other books in the series, but I’ll try to read them soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have the second book. So we’ll see how that will go. I, at least have book 1. Thank you so much, Tor!


25719256 I requested this copy from Net Galley. I don’t request too many books at any given time because it causes so many problems for me. But considering I’m officially on the wagon, I think Net Galley and I are going to be the best of friends. I try not to abuse it. Normally, I go and request two books maximum, otherwise, I’ll be overwhelmed.  I’m looking forward to reading this one! I’ve read a few books by Josh Lanyon before, so I’m a bit familiar with this work. I can’t wait to read this!

This book will be out on November 16th, 2015. Thank you, Carina Press and Net Galley!


Fresh out of college and recently dumped by his long-time girlfriend, shy and bookish Jefferson Blythe is touring Europe using an inherited vintage copy of Esquire Magazine’s Europe in Style.

Jefferson Blythe, Esquire is about old maps, new adventures, getting lost, getting found, getting drunk, and being mistaken for an international criminal. In other words, normal summer vacation when you’re in your twenties.


  • Alex [Cold Fury, #1] by Sawyer Bennett
  • Instant Attraction [Wilder, #1] by Jill Shalvis
  • Instant Gratification [Wilder, #2] by Jill Shalvis
  • Instant Temptation [Wilder, #3] by Jill Shalvis
  • The Hooker and the Hermit by LH Cosway and Penny Reid

I enjoyed the Wilder series by Jill Shalvis. I tried to resist, but I failed. One-click button is freaking evil. I hate you, Amazon! I won’t be continuing on with Cold Fury, unfortunately. I had so much problems with Alex. And I just don’t think her writing and I will ever get along. Oh man, The Hooker and the Hermit was a barrel of fun! Loved it!

  • Review of Alex by Sawyer Bennett [1 star-rating]
  • Review of Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis [4 star-rating]
  • September in Review
  • New Confession on the Blog: Putting a number on the TBR mountain.
  • I love that your husband is so sweet about your reading! And you are right-the one click feature is evil for sure-but I do love it!

  • Melanie Z

    Awh your husband is real sweet! I have been seeing an endless row of instagrams of Six of Crows and it’s totally killing me. THE WANT IS REAL. *dies*

  • Melliane

    Interesting! I hope you’ll have a great time with all your new books. Happy reading!

  • And here I thought you’re off the Sandra Brown train!

  • I loved The Hooker and The Hermit! I was already a huge Cosway fan, but now I want to read something from Penny Reid. Looking forward to you putting a number on the TBR pile!

    • OMG. You haven’t read Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid?! GURRRRL you will die. Read it. Forget your reading queue this week! Read it now!

  • I totally know how you feel! Last week I read 5 books as well… only 1 was set aside to actually read last week! *flails* Pretty books are so damn hard to resist, aren’t they? D:

    • Oh I know! I need to stay away from series that has the potential to consume my reading time! I knew I was in trouble when I picked up a Jill Shalvis book. *groans*

  • karina

    I think you’ve been very good with your hoarding, J.! hugs x

    • Thanks, K. I’m trying, but with new books coming out this week, I know it’s going to be a struggle.

  • Girl! I understand completely, the struggle is real. Thank goodness for good husbands. I personally browse Thriftbooks.com you can get good books for cheap and the shipping is cheap. Win Win 😉

    • Ohh I must try that! I wonder if I’ll be able to find some JD Robb and Sandra Browns there. Thanks!

  • curious about your review of Alex, have not read anything by her yet… but heard always good stuff, so need some dirt!

    • My review will be up tomorrow! It’s not pretty, I’m afraid.

  • Ohhh Saga, nice 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    I have the Josh Lanyon book to read too. He’s a good author, and I’m curious about this one! I read the first two installments of Saga so I need to get on the rest!


    • I just finished reading it. It was great!

  • Yay for reading so many books. <3 And aw, yay for getting a few more books too 🙂 They look pretty. <3 Not for me, hih ;p But ohh. I am curious about Saga 😀 Heard lots about it. One day, I think 😉 Happy reading sweet girl. <3 Hope you will get to go pick up Six of Crows veeery soon 😀 Yay!

    • Thanks, C. Though I heard Six of Crows is pretty slow going. Have you read it yet?

      • Pfff, it is going to be perfect 😀 Sadly, I have not read it 🙁 I never got an ARC. Sniffs. Biggest heartbreak. Got UK pre-orders yesterday, but hardcovers didn’t arrive today.. but hopefully tomorrow, so starting it then 😀

  • kindlemom1

    I love getting books in the mail from publishers but it is so hard when it is part of a series I haven’t read yet nor own. 🙁 Good luck with all your reading goals this week. And, I hear you on the book buying, I am doing my best to curb my book spending as well. Doesn’t help when my girls want the same YA books I do though and I have a hard time saying no to them LOL!. Sneaky kids. 😉

    • Hahah! Lucky for me, my daughter is still stuck on Manga/Anime. But since school’s back, she’s not asked to go to the bookstore lately.

  • Love secondhand bookstores but agree that the prices should be reasonable! And I’m enjoying your Sandra Brown reviews – have been reading them on Goodreads!

    • Thanks, Jen! It’s fun digging for books at thrift stores. I feel this overwhelming joy when I see a Sandra Brown that I don’t own yet.

  • I have very little shame when it comes to books, lol – and will bargain, barter, borrow, and bitch (just kidding) to get them. But seriously, I know its hard. I sometimes just browse the bookstore, also I have become a master mind at reserving many books on our library system which has both traditional and e-versions. So, that helps my budget out.

    Enjoy your new goodies, Joy – I’m curious about that Seed Seeker 🙂

    • I think I’m going to have to do that. Can you believe I don’t own one?

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    I completely agree Joy, that one click button can be brutal! It’s just so easy. I’ve loved everything I’ve read from Jill Shalvis, but I haven’t tried the Wilder series so I’m going to have to add those to my list! And I hope you get Six of Crows soon, your husband sounds like a keeper for sure:)

    • Evil! Especially now that you can also get the audio version for cheap! So of course, I’m downloading them like crazy. Grrrr.

  • I tried After Hours but it wasn’t for me unfortunately. Curious to see how you will like it! 🙂
    But your hubby sounds like a rockstar for taking you to the bookstore. 😀
    I need to read The Hooker and the Hermit. I read my first Penny Reid last month and it was so much fun. I couldn’t stop giggling!
    Have a good week! 🙂

    • *sobs* I’m so stupid! Once again, I didn’t check GR before I bought the book. It has such a paltry rating on there!

  • Oh dear, I was at the bookstore just a few minutes ago (I just got home) and was so close to buying a book that cost me P500 and I honestly felt pained and so proud of myself at the same time when I actually put it back on the shelf and walked out empty handed. I can still hear my heart slowly shattering but the brain’s helping to cheer it up. Haha!

    And ooh, Jill Shalvis. I still need to get my hands on one of her books. Why a contemporary romance lover like me hasn’t read any of her books, I have no idea. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa *cries*

    • Good for you! See? We have self control after all. Lol.

  • I’ve come to the realisation that my TBR is never ending and will therefor never be conquered. I’m happier now that I’ve admitted it. Mine isn’t too bad though, it’s less than 200 I think and most of those books I already own either in hardcopy or purchased on Kindle. Your hubby sounds like mine, but I think mine is more giving so he can purchase games while I buy books and I won’t be able to nag him. $5.00 is a bit stiff for an op shop book isn’t it? I always thought op shops sold them super cheap, a couple of dollars each at most.

    • Oh God. I wish my TBR is less than 200. Gah. That’s like the amount of books I read in a year. Can you imagine?

  • The Hooker and the Hermit … ? LOL wow, I’m so looking that up. Aww, I hope you showed your hubby a lot of gratitude. 😉

    • Girl, you will enjoy it! It’s hilarious. And sexy. Gawd. Rugby players.

  • Awesome haul! I read Bright Lights, Dark Nights and enjoyed it. Hope you do too. Happy reading!

  • Okay, I am seriously going to cut down on requesting and buying. If one person can get to the bottom of their TBR pile, I can too! I also like that you have been restraining yourself. You’re getting there 😉 I see some more Sandra Brown as well ^^ In no time you will have all her books! Everyone seems to love Saga as well! I am going to have to try that at some point.

    • Right? I can only imagine how great that feels! I’m going to persevere! We can do it, Olivia!