Why I Love Sandra Brown


It is a universal fact that I have an obsessive personality. Once I find the object of my preoccupation, I tend to fixate on it until the next best thing comes along. I feel the same way about authors. Sometimes, it’s frustrating. Other times, it’s wholly fulfilling. For the last few days, I’ve been scratching a Sandra Brown itch. As of this writing, I read 24 of her books. “Preoccupied” seems too tame a word for it, to be honest. Instead of writing a review for each one of her books, I wanted to talk about what of her books that turns me into a shuddering, cold-sweating addict.


The arid heat of Texas, the water-logged Louisiana, and the Southern charm of Georgia are usually where her stories take place. The women of her books exude social propriety handed down from generations of Scarlet O’Haras. And while they show exemplary behavior in the public eye, they become different creatures in bed altogether.


Cowboys. Men of the law. Ranch hands. Men who are used to their ways. Men whose opinion of gender equal rights is virtually non-existent. Until they meet their match, that is. Then they succumb to the Southern Belles who knows exactly how to drive them mad, drive them wild and tame them into lambs. These men sure know how to piss off the readers at first, though. I’ve been reading a lot of her decade-old books, and I’m not going to mince words. Most of the time, I want to stab them myself. Depending on how deep a South the story was set, the higher the chances that I would cringe at the names these people throw around. Words like, sluts, whores and the N-word, were used like they were going out of style.


She’s so proficient at this. Most of the time, I read her books with one-eye open. They’re not scary in the supernatural monsters and gory murder scenes kinda way, but she knows how to keep me furiously flipping the pages until I get to the secrets of her storyline. May it be her characters’ real identities, or birthrights; the real killers and their motives, she manages to stretch my sleuthing abilities like no other Romantic Suspense authors ever could.


Believe it or not, Sandra doesn’t use sex gratuitously. She makes up for it in sexual tension, however. It takes a while for relationships to develop in her novels. Sometimes, characters don’t see the bedroom until more than halfway to the book. She spends a lot of time developing the mystery that surrounds her plot line, unless of course, the plot line is about crime of passion.

The most important characteristic of her novels is that I’m rarely ever bored. She may recycle certain aspects of a former character, but she still gives them their own personality and identity that you’ll never ever think you’ve heard them all before. That’s quite an achievement for someone who has written roughly 70 novels in her lifetime. Sandra Brown used to be a guilty pleasure. Not anymore.



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