Throwback Thursday [12]: Standoff by Sandra Brown

Grand Central Publishing
Hardcover, 224 pp.
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2000
Adult Fiction | Suspense | Romance
Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

TV reporter Tiel McCoy is driving to New Mexico for a well-earned vacation when she hears the news on the radio: The teenage daughter of Fort Worth tycoon Russell Dendy has been a kidnapped. Immediately, she abandons her holiday plans to chase down what could be the scoop of a lifetime.

But in a town called Rojo Flats an innocuous stop at a convenience store thrusts her directly into the dramatic story–and a dangerous drama. For inside the shop two desperate young lovers are holding a half dozen frightened hostages … and a powder keg of a standoff is about to test Tiel’s courage, journalistic objectivity, and everything she has ever believed.

I didn’t think it was possible, folks. I didn’t think I’ll ever find a book by Ms. Brown that I didn’t like. In her defence, the book was shorter than usual, so perhaps therein lies the crux of my problem with this book. I have even considered not reviewing this book at all, but I felt like writing one anyway because I want to show you that  I can give bad reviews from authors that I greatly admire.

This story is once again set in Texas. This time, it features an ambitious reporter who found herself a hostage to a gun-toting teenager and his pregnant girlfriend. The kids aren’t in it to harm people, but circumstances have forced their hands. The girlfriend is the daughter of an asshat prominent business man who was against their relationship. He had made threats to separate them and give their baby up for adoption.  It’s as star-crossed as it could get. But as short as this book was, Ms. Brown still somehow managed to squeeze in a sub-plot in there somewhere. They’ll find out that they’re not only facing a squadron of FBI agents and the wrath of Russell Dendy, they also have to contend with a couple of criminals who make their money through human trafficking.

The book happened in a matter of hours. It reads like a complete novel, but I’m sad to say it was severely lacking in substance. I feel like the book wasn’t long enough in order for the reader to form any connection with the characters. Ultimately, that’s why I ended up not really liking this book. It lacked that signature heat between characters as well. And the story didn’t really develop. I was told all the hows and the whys in a deliberate manner. Bottom line, Standoff was not all that memorable. In fact, I’ve already forgotten about it.


  • You rated Brown’s book 2 stars!!! Definitely didn’t think this day will come. ;P Hope your next read is a winner!

  • I think it’s hard when authors span a timeline over a few short hours, I’ve always found that they are either really underdeveloped, or ridiculously stupid. Sounds like a bit of both sadly. Maybe it was the length as well. Hopefully it hasn’t turned you off any of her future releases, especially seeing how much you’ve really enjoyed her previous work. So sorry that this didn’t work for you Joy, but wonderful review nonetheless hun <3

  • Jazmen

    Another book I never heard of by an author I never read before. Doesn’t sound like anything I need to be reading though. Two stars is definitely not compelling.

  • Aw, sad face. I’m sorry this book was so disappointing Joy. But glad you decided to review it 😀 It sucks when you don’t love a book by an author you love lots of other books from. Hmph. But you are awesome for trying it, though 😉 Thank you for sharing. <3 Not a book for me. Sounds way too meh, lol.

  • Patrick C.

    ooooohhh glad you enjoyed this one Joy! I haven’t heard a book ever set in Texas before, this is new 🙂

    Happy Reading
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  • Darn, I hate it when a favorite author gives us a book less than we hope/used to. It has been a long time sense I’ve read one of her books – hopefully you’ll the the next one! 🙂

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    Hm. I wonder why she made this one shorter Joy? Especially if there was room for more substance. I’m sorry you finally found a book by this author that wasn’t as successful for you, but hopefully this is a fluke and the next one you try is up to her usual standards!

  • It sucks so much when a favorite author manages to disappoint you. 🙁 If a book happened in the course of a few hours, I probably would have a hard time getting into the characters and enjoying the book as well. D:

  • Melliane

    AH not everything can be good but well it happes. Sorry it was with this one.

  • That’s too bad! It takes a certain kind of author to pull of a story that only spans a day or less.

  • Totally agree, you need more time with the characters to feel a connection

  • Oh wow, this definitely sounds like a first for you when it comes to Sandra Brown’s novels! But it also seems like this can all really be pegged down to the length of the book and how there needed to be a bit more to make the story have some more substance and dimensions to it which would intrigue you.

  • RO

    This sounds like the problem I had a little while back with an author I greatly admire. In fact, she has her own shelf on the bookcase because she has so many books. I felt like you did, but because she is so super famous, didn’t put her name out there. You give some absolutely great reasons of why the book didn’t work for you and the review is right on point, as always. Haven’t read Sandra Brown in a while, but looks like she may have to take a backburner for a little while longer. (lol) Hugs…Ro

  • I’m sorry this one wasn’t long/fleshed out enough 🙁 there’s always bound to be some disappointment when an author you love has so many books out. I always get jitters when my favourites come out with something new, there’s a voice at the back of my head saying ‘please don’t let me down, be awesome!’

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I haven’t read any Sandra Brown, though I know a lot of readers love her. I won’t be picking this one up, though, since I definitely need more substance in my books. Thanks for taking one for the team, Joy!

  • That’s always disappointing when you come across a book by an author that you love that you don’t end up enjoying. But I hope this will be the only book by her! The plot sounds really interesting, but yeah if it doesn’t have much substance I don’t know if I want to waste my time on it.

  • kindlemom1

    Sorry this was lacking so much, I know how much you like this author. Hopefully her next read will be a better one for you!

    I vow to read her before the year is over! Make me stick to that vow!!

  • Ksenia

    Not my favorite Sandra Brown’s
    book, either, though I enjoyed it more than you do. I’m a fan of Sandra Brown
    too, and I rated some of her books 2 Stars. Even with favorite author there can
    be disastrous reads.

  • Sorry to hear it was forgetable.

  • Oh man, what a shame this one was underdeveloped and forgettable Joy! It’s bound to happen when you love an author who has HEAPS of books out.

  • You know what’s funny? I associate Sandra Brown books with you. Whenever I see one somewhere else, there’s that instant where I think of your blog and your love for here books. I’ll make sure not to have my first SB experience with this book, though.

  • I used to read Brown, in the olden days