Throwback Thursday [12]: Standoff by Sandra Brown

Grand Central Publishing
Hardcover, 224 pp.
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2000
Adult Fiction | Suspense | Romance
Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

TV reporter Tiel McCoy is driving to New Mexico for a well-earned vacation when she hears the news on the radio: The teenage daughter of Fort Worth tycoon Russell Dendy has been a kidnapped. Immediately, she abandons her holiday plans to chase down what could be the scoop of a lifetime.

But in a town called Rojo Flats an innocuous stop at a convenience store thrusts her directly into the dramatic story–and a dangerous drama. For inside the shop two desperate young lovers are holding a half dozen frightened hostages … and a powder keg of a standoff is about to test Tiel’s courage, journalistic objectivity, and everything she has ever believed.

I didn’t think it was possible, folks. I didn’t think I’ll ever find a book by Ms. Brown that I didn’t like. In her defence, the book was shorter than usual, so perhaps therein lies the crux of my problem with this book. I have even considered not reviewing this book at all, but I felt like writing one anyway because I want to show you that  I can give bad reviews from authors that I greatly admire.

This story is once again set in Texas. This time, it features an ambitious reporter who found herself a hostage to a gun-toting teenager and his pregnant girlfriend. The kids aren’t in it to harm people, but circumstances have forced their hands. The girlfriend is the daughter of an asshat prominent business man who was against their relationship. He had made threats to separate them and give their baby up for adoption.  It’s as star-crossed as it could get. But as short as this book was, Ms. Brown still somehow managed to squeeze in a sub-plot in there somewhere. They’ll find out that they’re not only facing a squadron of FBI agents and the wrath of Russell Dendy, they also have to contend with a couple of criminals who make their money through human trafficking.

The book happened in a matter of hours. It reads like a complete novel, but I’m sad to say it was severely lacking in substance. I feel like the book wasn’t long enough in order for the reader to form any connection with the characters. Ultimately, that’s why I ended up not really liking this book. It lacked that signature heat between characters as well. And the story didn’t really develop. I was told all the hows and the whys in a deliberate manner. Bottom line, Standoff was not all that memorable. In fact, I’ve already forgotten about it.


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