Top Ten Tuesday [15]: Unfinished Business


Today’s TTT prompt is about completed series that I’ve yet to finish. God knows, this is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Honestly, I chose these because they are the ones that were within reach at the time of this writing. I have read most of this series starters a long time ago that I’ve forgotten what they were about. There are a multitude of reasons why I haven’t picked them up. But mostly, I simply have lost interest. Β For more explanation as to why I haven’t finished these, read below.

ashen winter by Mike Mullin

This series was completed April, 2014. I loved the first book, Ashfall. The reason why I haven’t had the appetite to complete these (even though I own all three books) is because I’m terrified. The author has a way of ripping his readers’ hearts into shreds by putting the characters through the worst possible scenarios you can imagine. I sill want to read them though.

rephaim series by paula weston

This series is technically not competed yet. But you can order the last book (Burn) from The Book Depository. I didn’t want to read the third book until I have the last book in my hands. So this one will probably be completed soon.

the game by eve silver

I’ve had such a polarizing reaction to these books that I’m honestly not looking forward to completing it. Which is stupid because I bought the third book. Gah.

the wolves of mercy falls by maggie stiefvater

Another one of those scary endings. I really should read it soon so I can read Cole’s story. Plus, Ms. Maggie’s writing is divine.

divergent by veronica roth

Nope. No chance I’m ever going to finish this series. Pass.

darkness rising by kelley armstrong

I adore Kelley. I’m not fully writing off this series, but let’s just say I’m biding my time. The Gathering has echoes of her Darkest Powers series, so I was a little skeptical after finishing the first book.

paranormalcy by kiersten white

I don’t remember the story line, to be honest. I think I managed to acquire the second and third book, but perhaps a re-read will be in order.

his fair assassin by robin lefevers

I only need to read the third book. Frankly, the second book exhausted me so that I couldn’t find the motivation to read the third book. I’m still interested though.

penryn and the end of days by susan ee

The honest truth? I got tired of waiting. But if you say the books were worth the wait, then I’ll take your word for it.

benny immura by jonathan maberry

I haven’t even read the first book. Someday, someday.

  • I have only heard of one of these-of course, Divergent. I have no desire to read that one either. I have lots of books by really great authors that I only read the first in the series. Some I want to continue but others aren’t as good to me as everyone else says. Like you said, there’s lots of reasons to not continue a series.

  • Rot and Ruin was one of the first books I read after starting my blog. I remember really liking it at the time, but it wasn’t a series I planned to continue. Although, now that a few years have passed, I find myself wondering about the fate of Benny, the Lost Girl, and Nix. I’m sure one day I’ll be tempted enough to pluck it from the library shelves.

    I also tried the Divergent series, but I really did not enjoy the first book at all. I was disappointed because so many people love this series. I read a few more dystopian novels since then, and I didn’t really appreciate those either, so maybe I’m not a fan of a genre?

  • I really liked the Kelley Armstrong series you have listed and I’m not a big fan of YA. I saw the Divergent movie which made me want to read the series, but I haven’t started it yet.

  • Angelfall, I’ve read the first but the other two I haven’t bothered to pick up, even despite owning copies of both. I don’t know, I liked book one but I’ve read so many incredible series since then that I just can’t find the motivation to pick it up. I’ll read mine if you read yours. Ashen Winter is another one that is the bane of my existence (yeah, a little dramatic but you know what I mean). I actually started that one, then gave up halfway through when I realised that it was basically book one, but in reverse. I feel like the more series I end up investing in, the old ones just can’t compare and I end up dumping them altogether. I probably need to clear my shelves and either read them, or turf them. Do you know how many unfinished series in total you have left to read?

  • Gorgeous list Joy πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing. <3 And ahh, you must finish some of these books πŸ˜€ I also did like Ashfall a whole lot. I enjoyed Ashen Winter too πŸ™‚ Yet have not felt like reading the third book. UGH. ONE DAY, though πŸ˜€ But ohh! You must finish the Grave Mercy trilogy. <3 Mortal Heart is peeerfection. Happy reading Joy. <3

  • Some of these are unfinished with me too

  • Ksenia

    I haven’t even started Rephaim
    series, I’m waiting when I can binge read the whole series. Don’t be afraid of
    The wolves of mercy falls, nothing scary there, Joy!

  • Burn is out, though? I am in Australia, so that might be why XD

    I also have not finished reading The End of Days series, I read Angelfall when it was still a self-pub and sorta lost interest by the time the second and third came out. I did really love the first book so I plan to rectify that one day.

  • The only one I have read and finished in your picks is The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. You can do it girl!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  • I really liked The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. And the one that focused on Cole was my absolute favorite. Love him!

  • I knew making this list would be easy for you. lol. I need to read Ashfall, because I like my heart being ripped to shreds.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I need to finish The Wolves of Mercy Falls series too – I read Shiver and Linger, but I still need to finish up Forever, and I guess Sinner too. I do want too!


  • I only read the first Rephaim book, and had to seriously push myself to finish. Maybe I’ll eventually pick up the others. I loved Angelfall and World After, but End of Days (final book) was truly terrible. Didn’t even read like the same author’d written it.

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series and the Rephaim Series are both SO GOOD and their final installments are so incredibly rewarding so definitely bump those waaay up your list! πŸ˜‰

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Some aren’t even worth finishing, to be hones, but some, like Ashfall, are best in their final installments. I wouldn’t bother with Paranormalcy.

  • I’m not going to answer this topic…

    You have to finish Maggie’s series, the last book is totally wrenching, but Cole’s is milder, more NA angst.
    Paranormalcy – it’s a fun series, very YA. I love her writing though, she’s always a one-sitter for me.
    Kelley A. – that series has 6 books right? I only like the first three, the second was meh for me.
    Robin L – I want to read that series, assassins!

  • Oh, I have tons of those too. I haven’t read any of this series even though I plan to read Penryn and the End of Days this year. I’ve watched the two Divergent movies and liked them, mostly because of the sexy Theo James and after I’ve tried to read the 1st book but gave up after a couple of pages. It was just too YA for me, so I’ll stick to not that much YA movies just like you. πŸ˜€

  • Oh geez, the list of uncompleted series for me goes on and on and on… I never finished the wolves of mercy falls either. I read book 1 when I was still in school and never finished it, but I really wanted to! I only read Grave Mercy in the assassin series, but never felt interested enough to pick up book 2.

  • I don’t know what’s up with me but I can’t commit to a series I think the last series I committed to was Hunger Games. I hope I get over this because there are a lot of awesome series out there πŸ™‚

  • Adriana C

    I loved Ashen Winter it has a good ending but I agree with you that Mike Mullin broke my heart more than once during this great trilogy.
    And about The Darkness Rissing trilogy, that trilogy is intertwined with the Darkest Powers trilogy and some of the characters appear on The Rissing, I like the ending.

  • Jazmen

    A lot of these I want to finish or start. I bought the final Divergent book but I don’t know that I’ll ever get to it because spoilers. But good luck finishing these.

  • kindlemom1

    I have so many series I have yet to finish as well. I would make a list but I think I would cry at how long it is! πŸ˜›

  • I get there sometimes like how you are with the Angelfall series. When you wait for something for so long and with so much anticipation at first that in the end you completely forget about it completely xD That’s how I felt abut some series! It’s a shame you’ll never finish Divergent but if you get to read like summaries instead it can still be nice to know how things end without having to read the whole book, per se.

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    “divergent by veronica roth

    Nope. No chance I’m ever going to finish this series. Pass.”

    DITTO!!!! I didn’t read book two because I was waiting to see how things went in Allegiant, and when I found out, I abandoned this series entirely. I get it was a realistic ending, but I’m an HEA girl through and through. I don’t want reality intruding on my fiction πŸ˜‰ I got tired of waiting on the End of Days series too, but I do hope to finish that series here at some point!

  • I had to rip the band-aids off of Ashen Winter and Divergent. I just had to. I bled, okay? I was a complete casualty. Oh, the tears! :'(

  • I’ve read the first and 2nd books for Paranormalcy, but just never got round to the 3rd book, and just like you I’ve forgotten the plot completely, so I’ll need to reread. I do plan on finishing it… one day. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry that Divergent didn’t do it for you, I really enjoyed the series, it left me a blubbering mess. ;]

  • There are many..many many series I follow

  • Melliane

    I have DIvergent but I still need to read it so maybe one day