[565]: Friction by Sandra Brown


Friction / Sandra Brown

Finding out that Ms. Brown has written a new novel merely two weeks before its release filled me with so much unexpected joy! If you don’t know know this by now, I love this author. I own about 38 of her novels. Yes, you can say I’m a little obsessed. But this woman is a master story teller. I’m never bored with her books. She just gets me, you know? And not a lot of authors do. I always look forward to seeing what she comes up with; and she rarely disappoints with each one.

Friction finds us in the courtroom of Judge Holly Spencer about to hear the custody appeal of Crawford Hunt. Years ago, he gave up his daughter because he was a mess after his wife’s death. During the proceedings, a gunman walked in and opened fire at the people in the courtroom. Ever the Texas Ranger, his instincts to save the judge kicked in almost instantaneously. Just when the readers think that his heroics will be enough to get him his daughter back, the investigator handling the case somehow managed to pin the shooting on him in the most asinine way.

I had to take breaks while reading this book. Stupidity ran rampant amongst the cops handling this case. I was mad that the person who saved lives, somehow ended up being the top suspect. The whole time, I was screaming profanity in my head. Usually, this is enough to get me to stop reading, but since it’s Sandra, I couldn’t bring myself to quit. As a reader, I like that feeling of satisfaction when the characters I knew to be in the wrong gets their due punishment. This time, I wasn’t at all interested in solving the case because I ought to, but because I wanted to yell “in your face!” to the investigators. Oh what joy it was!

Sandra has a way of conjuring up the sexiest male characters in most of her books. And man, Texas Ranger Crawford Hunt is one tall glass of yum. He has a way of being protective without being overtly so. He was the perfect mix of angry he-man and teddy bear tenderness.  I especially enjoyed the relationship he was with his daughter.

There wasn’t a shortage of chemistry between Holly and Crawford. Sparks fly every which way every time they’re in the same room. An added tension is the forbidden-ness of their relationship as Holly was the presiding judge for his custody case.

As usual, Sandra knows how to keep me guessing. Her plot twists are legendary, and though her books are usually about 300-some-odd pages at the least, you’ll fly through them quite easily. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of her books!

GOODREADS SUMMARY | Grand Central Publishing | August 18th, 2015 | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars



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