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Who Do You Love / Jennifer Weiner

My first crack at Jennifer Weiner went swimmingly well. I can see why she’s got a great following. There’s just something so natural about her writing that it almost felt like the reader is an invisible witness to the characters’ story. That’s how I felt while I was reading Rachel and Andy’s story that spanned over the years. Once again, I had this overwhelming dread sitting at the pit of my stomach. Much like all the other romances that I’ve read in the past, it can’t be all rainbows, roses and unicorns. I have to admit that I skipped one portion of their lives. I just couldn’t handle seeing them with other people other than themselves. Don’t let that deter you though. Spoiler alert: the ending should be sufficient enough to erase all the twinges you felt in your chest.

How they met.

Rachel was born with a congenital heart disease. Most of her young life was spent in and out of the hospital. One restless night, while she was prowling the hospital corridors undetected, she saw a boy with a broken arm. He looked sad, visibly in pain and alone. Andy was used to being left on his own. But that night, he appreciated Rachel’s company. A gentle friendship was formed; a connection that transcended time, distance, heartbreaks and tragedies.

How they fell in love.

Andy only had a stuffed toy to remember Rachel by; and Rachel only has her memories of a sad boy sitting alone in that waiting room. They met again in their teens. Before that, they had no means of communicating. On a church mission that both their schools participated in, they reconnected. And it was as if time spent apart held no meaning for the two. Andy recognized her at once, while Rachel could hardly believe what a handsome boy Andy grew up to be.  But it was during that time that Andy will realize that distance was not the only thing that was in between them.

How it all fell apart.

Years go by. They kept a long distance relationship that worked all through high school and for the better part of university. But people change. Priorities were rearranged; and the relationship that was working all of a sudden didn’t. It was during that time that Andy fully accepted that he’ll always be the bi-racial son of a single mother who’d known what it was like to be poor and to work extra hard if he wanted to stop wearing clothes handed down from his mother’s clients. Andy saw Rachel’s privileged and at times, frivolous up bringing. For a time, he was resigned to the fact that his relationship with Rachel would always just be ‘one of those things’ that just didn’t work out.

Then 9/11 happened.

How their story ends.

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