[556]: Becoming Rain by K.A. Tucker


Becoming Rain / K.A. Tucker

KA Tucker’s instalment to Burying Water somehow focuses less on the romance and more on the idiosyncrasies of a car theft ring ¬†and the mafia that ran them. And yet, for the amount of romance that was in it, I would argue that it still had enough to sate her ardent fans.

Luke Boone’s involvement in his uncle’s businesses is relegated to the legal side of running the auto repair shop. Though he did have some inklings as to what was going on behind doors, he wore blinders when it comes to anything illegal. Until his uncle decides he was ready to do more.

FBI prospect, Carla Bertelli has her eyes on the prize. Bring down the car theft ring spearheaded by Boone’s uncle, and she’s got a sure shot at becoming an agent. That may not be as easy to do as it may sound at first.

Tucker delved deeper into the ins and outs of the FBI and the mafia worlds in here. We’re given a more detailed perspective on how taking down a crime works and how easy it is to betray another person’s trust for the right price. I enjoyed seeing the workings of the undercover work, and how difficult it is to play a part especially when the agent falls in love with their person of interest.

Boone was given great dimensions in this book, as opposed to the caricature he was in the first. Bertelli is one tough cookie, but I still felt like she fell quite easily to Boone’s charms. Regardless, I enjoyed their pairing. They had great chemistry which is a key component in a good romance novel.

GOODREADS SUMMARY | Burying Water, #2 | March 3rd, 2015 | Atria Books | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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