Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 155


The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach by Pam Jenoff | The Gracekeepr by Kristy Logan | Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner | Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave

Hello, readers!

A couple of weeks ago, after seeing stacks of new, un-shelved books on top of my bookshelf, I told my husband enough is enough. That he’s not to bring me to the bookstore even if I promise him sex for two days straight. Yesterday, the bugger took me to the bookstore because our boy was napping in the car. We were on our way to pick up a game for him at Game Stop. And hubby hated waking him up because the boy becomes a grumpy Gus when we do. So he thought it was a good idea to go to the bookstore first and he stays in the car while the boy naps. Ergo…these three books. Le sigh.

I did manage to resist picking up a book on account of it comes with a lovely bookmark.


I’ve heard some polarizing views on Compulsion, but I’ve never really been interested in reading it. This bookmark is pretty lovely. It has a silk ribbon and a tiny skeleton key. I didn’t buy it, though. I resisted. My self control works after all.

I got one book for review from the great people of Simon & Schuster Canada this week. I’ve never read a book by Jennifer Weiner before, so I’m pretty excited.

I cannot wait to read these books…I know, I know. I say that all the time. But I’m actually on a good reading run this past week, so who knows? Anyway, I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I know it’s Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday (groans), but I wish you all a productive work/school week, anyhow.

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