• Ooh, finding books you didn’t know you owned! Perfect descriptor of it being like finding a twenty in your jacket, Joy. I have a pretty good hold on my bookshelf and have all my tbr physical copies in one neat area (very me, neatness), so this kind of thing only really happens when I find copies of books that are from my grandparents or my mother’s childhood. An old edition of The Little Prince, A Wrinkle in Time. I love adding them to my collection!


  • ‘Amplified’ has a pretty slick cover, that’d probably make for an awesome poster. I haven’t really been surprised by books I own in quite a while, but I did rediscover an entire box of gifted books that I had forgotten about when I was going through stuff in the basement. Now I just need to decide what’s worth keeping. I suppose you don’t usually have that last problem, huh?

  • It does feel like finding money! I agree!
    I don’t have a lot of room for books, so I haven’t been through them in a while. I have them spread all over the place.
    Hope you enjoy them!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  • Nicole Hewitt

    This is so funny! I never had tons of books until a year or so ago and then I just suddenly started collecting more and more! Still, since it hasn’t been that long, I generally know which ones I have – generally. (I did actually do a swap once for a book I already owned. Oops!)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  • Bec

    Oh man, I need to go through a bookshelf clean out again at some point and decide if I want to sell some books/give them away.

    I’ve heard of Death and the Girl Next Door somewhere before, but I can’t remember where :/ I love the cover of Amplified too! It looks super entertaining.

  • I find that I own books that I didn’t know that i had. It is ridiculous really. I don’t have that many book shelves. I also have this issue with audiobooks. I realize that I forgot that I bought it and never downloaded to my library. *shakes head*

  • Oh, seeing Darynda Jones’s name reminds me that I still have yet to listen to the newest Charley Davidson audiobook. Must get on it asap. (btw, to be honest, I wasn’t that in love with her YA series…)

  • I liked that Djones novel although it’s not as polished as CDavidson? I read somewhere she wrote that series because Charley so…

    • True. I maybe a bit biased. Lol. I did wonder if their worlds will intersect, though.

      • I feel you, I’m like that with Ward’s and Moning’s books too.

  • It’s always a nice surprise to find a book that you’ve forgotten about. My collection is by no means anyway close to yours (so jealous), so I remember most of the books I buy. But occasionally I do find something hidden in the back that I’ve forgotten about 😛

    • Well, I’m jealous that you remember most of the books you acquire. With me, once they’re shelved, they’re out of my mind. Gah.

  • Oh man, I really need to do this so I can do another stocktake of what I have and haven’t…I can’t even remember half the books I have which is a problem! Yay for Darynda Jones!

    • Thank goodness, I’m not the only one! You know your TBR is out of hand when…

  • What a GLORIOUS feeling it is to find 20 dollars in your pocket when you were just looking for…let’s say, a piece of gum or something. This actually has happened to me once where I found a book (a native American romance) that I had not even been expecting! Such a fun and exhilerating feeling!♡ enjoy your books lovely!♡

  • Patrick C.

    ohhh man..I need to clean my shelves now that you mentioned it! I do have so much books still left to read besides review copies, but great you found some new reads Joy!

    Happy Reading
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  • Oh my I kind of wish I had this problem, but then again I am glad that I don’t! I haven’t heard of either of these books though!

    • You really don’t, Val. The feeling is staggering. I can’t describe how overwhelming it feels.

  • Jazmen

    I like the sound of Death and The Girl Next Door. I’m intrigued to see what you think. Enjoy!

    • Actually, I quite enjoyed it. I hope you’ll give it a chance!

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    That’s awesome you found books! I have a box of old books in the basement that I went through the other day and tried to set up piles of books to donate, give to family, sell, etc. I ended up with a pile that I wanted to read since the books seemed so new to me. I ended up keeping more books than I should have. haha. I read Death and the Girl Next Door. i wasn’t the biggest fan, but I know a lot of people enjoyed it. I look forward to your thoughts. Enjoy your weekend!

    • I am a selfish person. I can’t seem to part with mine. I really need to do some extensive inventory of my books. Because some of those are probably something I know I won’t enjoy any longer.

  • I read Death and The Girl Next Door a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it! Very fast paced and has the author’s signature style. Just ordered the second one.

    • I quite enjoyed it, too! I’m about to put in an order for the second and third book. Have you read her adult PNR? It’s so good!

  • shootingstarsmag

    I TEND to remember what books I have, but sometimes it gets a bit foggy. Plus, finding the books in my house even when I DO own them can be quite tricky.


    • Sigh. I think that’s part of the problem, too. If i had my shelves organized according to author’s names, I probably will have a bit of luck knowing exactly what I have. Unfortunately, I’m at that point where it’s nearly impossible to arrange my books.

  • This is so awesome 😀 Gorgeous post Joy. <3 And yay for finding unknown books in your shelf 😀 That is awesome. And was a lot of fun, I'm sure 🙂 Thank you for sharing about it sweetie. <3

  • Yes I have and I had a massive clearout but still no enough space for all my books!

    • Massive claret?! You selling your books? O.o

  • Adriana C

    I haven´t clean my booksleves lately, and need to do it soonish because I´ve a lot of unread books that I need to include on my TBR.
    Have a great weekend Joy!

  • RO

    Thanks for reminding me of my spot on your fab couch in your basement library! (lol) Don’t get me started on the read and unread books that are on the same shelf. It’s good to go back and find some great reads! Hugs…Ro

  • Ah, yes, it is fun to find books that are forgotten but still interesting

    • Still makes me wonder what kind of books are down there. 🙂

  • I’m so glad that the companion to Amplified found a new home in Entangled. It’s always upsetting when a book’s sequel doesn’t get picked up. I haven’t read Amplified yet, but I’ve heard AMAZING things about the book, so I’ll need to read it too before the sequel comes out.

    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on Death. I tried it when it first came out and it was a bit confusing. I did like her Charley Davidson books though.

    Happy reading, Joy and have a lovely weekend!

    • Isn’t it? I’m sad. Tara Kelly is a great writer. I really need to spread the love.

  • kindlemom1

    Come to think of it, I have both of these as well! I’ve read the first one but not the second but I do have the second and I think even the third book in the Jones books and I still haven’t read them. To be honest, I kind of forgot about them. Obviously I need to do a good sweep through as well!
    Happy Friday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  • Ohhh Darynda Jones!

  • That’s how I am with my kindle books. I swear, if Amazon didn’t tell me I already purchased a book, I’d have multiples of a lot of books.

    • Lmao!!! That’s the best thing about ebooks. At least it tells you you’ve already got it. But most of my books are physical copies. No one hits me on the head to tell me I already own it!

  • I buy books at used bookstores and forget and then buy them on my Kindle. I was looking through a bag of books the other day and saw a book I had just reviewed-so I had bought it twice. And yes it was a lot more expensive on my Kindle! That happens a lot to me-my short term memory seems to have been gone for a long time!

  • I’ve been slowly going through mine as well lately, it’s amazing how many books I’ve purchased twice and even with two copies, I still haven’t read them. Finding books hidden with your shelves is almost as satisfying as bookshop browsing. We’re both hoarders, but on the positive side, we’re supporting the industry which puts money back into authors and publishing, so in a way, we need to keep buying.

    See, you can justify anything 😀

    • Yes, yes. That’s good. That’s a good justification for our hoarding tendencies, Kelly. Let me make sure I remember that for the next time my husband sees duplicate copies of books.