[549]: The House of the Four Winds by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory


The House of the Four Winds / Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory

Let the record show that I will keep reading books from this genre until I find one that I can legitimately love. Today is not the day, however.

In the  tiny kingdom of Swansgaard, there lived 12 princesses and one prince. While it is wealthy by any kingdom’s standards, it is wealthy enough to provide dowries for all of the princesses. One day, the duke decreed for all his daughters to find their own adventures. This novel is the story of the first daughter to reach the ripe age of 18.

Clarice have always wanted to see the world. Determined to seek her own adventures, she disguised herself as a man on a voyage to New World. The captain of the ship was an evil man. He doled out whippings for every tiny misdeeds, and he didn’t care for justice. Soon, the entire ship was under mutiny. Clarice Clarence found herself the new captain’s first mate. Dominique was the exact opposite of the man whose title he assumed. He was kind, charming, and just. Clarice soon fell for him. In Assassino, she gets more than what she bargained for: an island under a spell, sea monsters,   ice voyage and treasures!

This book to me feels like I took a road trip with my excitable family only I didn’t get what there was to be excited about. I’ll tell you one thing, if I ever decide to tackle another fantasy book, I’ll make sure there’s not to be mention of ships, pirates, sea voyage, and salted pork ever again.

The initial draw of this book was Clarice’s role as a cross-dressing nobleman. The revelation was anti-climactic, to be honest. And if you’re expecting fireworks in the romance department, check that expectation by the harbour. You will not find it here. Bottomline, this was a sleep-inducing novel. The narrative was pretty dry, and the chemistry between characters was non-existent. The only thing I look forward to was the word, A C K N O W L E D G  E M E N T in the end.

GOODREADS SUMMARY | Tor Books | August 4th, 2014

  • The first thing I thought when I read “Clarice soon fell for him.” was: Oh man, I really hope they capitalized on the potential humour there. After all the captain must have been a bit concerned when he realized his first mate, supposedly also a man, was making googly-eyes at him…
    At any rate, don’t give up your fantasy search. There’s a lot out there so I imagine there’s got to be something to catch your interest. There are so many sub-genres to fantasy that it’s practically encompasses other nearby genres. I’ll be back to doing another fantasy review myself soon since I’m finally almost to the end of Dragonwing. Pretty much most of what I’ve read these days has been fantasy.

  • A shame you didn’t like this one Joy, I thought it was ok… Though I can’t remember that much about it now… I hope you find a fantasy series you like one day!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

    • I’ve always felt that if something is unmemorable it really wasn’t that great. Likewise, if something sticks with you it may be better than you initially gave it credit for.

  • Oh no, this book sounded so good, especially for me since I’m a fantasy-lover! So sad to hear that it was such a let-down though, even though the sound of pirates, sea monsters etc is right up my alley!

  • Doesn’t sound like anything I would want to read either! Sorry it wasn’t better for you 🙂

  • “I’ll tell you one thing, if I ever decide to tackle another fantasy book, I’ll make sure there’s not to be mention of ships, pirates, sea voyage, and salted pork ever again.”

    *Slowly and discreetly tucks away a handful of fantasy recommendations.*

    But, seriously, I am damn proud that you gave some fantasy a go. Curious, though… have you ever read a fantasy that you like? I’d like to know which ones, if so!

  • Aw, I’m so sorry that this book was so disappointing sweetie : That is never a good sign, sigh. You are awesome for reading it, though 🙂 The cover looks kind of pretty. But yeah, not for me either 🙂 And ugh, not even a good romance? How mean. Stunning review, as always. <3

  • Yikes! I’ve been trying to find me next best fantasy book and nada. Hopefully we’ll find an awesome fantasy book soon 🙂

  • Jazmen

    Doesn’t really sound like anything I’d love but at least you gave it a try. On to the next one!

  • Awww man, it started out so promising! I kind of like the mix of pirate and fantasy in this one, but too bad it sounded really dry for you joy. I hope you find a fantasy that you love!

  • Darn! I was hoping it got better for you. Lol, my copy just came in – maybe I’ll put it on hold. How about the fantasy elements? No romantic chemistry is going to make this hard.
    Thanks for the honest review, Joy 🙂

  • Oh ew. I feel like pirate books are the weirdest and most boring, next to mermaids, lol.

  • Sorry it wasn’t all you’d hoped. It doesnt sound like its for me either

  • Dang girl sorry rhus book just didn’t do it for you. Sleep inducing? Doesn’t sound like a fun time at all. But on the bright side, at least you got through it and didn’t DNF. 🙂

  • RO

    The fantasy of it sounded really exciting, then it sounds like it peaked then ended abruptly. Sorry this one didn’t work out. Hugs

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    Well shoot. I live for fireworks in the romance department Joy! That’s always my favorite part:) I think I’ll take a pass on this one, I’m in the mood for something that will blow me away and I don’t think this is going to be that book. Gorgeous review as always.

  • It sounds so dull :/

  • Sorry the book was disappointing, Joy. Hope your next dive in the fantasy genre will be a winner!

  • Aww! I’m sorry this wasn’t for you, Joy. I’m reading a book by Mercedes Lackey right now and I’m nervous I won’t like it. I hope you do find a fantasy book one of these days that you will love! 🙂
    Lovely review, Joy!

  • Melliane

    Oh sorry to see it wasn’t that good for you. I confess that I quite enjoyed ths one.

  • kindlemom1

    Sorry this wasn’t the one for you. Wonderful thoughtful and honest review!