[548]: Burying Water by K.A. Tucker


Burying Water / K.A. Tucker

I wanted to re-read this book because I couldn’t remember much about it. I read it back in November, and to be truthfully honest, I wasn’t really into it that time.  A couple of chapters in, and I’m quickly reminded of how much I adore this author’s work.  It’s like slipping on a pair of a favourite well-worn jeans: comfortable and familiar. The story overall isn’t pretty, so just ignore the comfortable bit. As far as familiar goes, I always get something different from Tucker, so maybe slipping on a pair of comfortable jeans is not a good simile. Either way, it’s a comfort to read her books again.

What it’s about

Burying Water is a story about a woman who woke up not knowing a thing about herself. She suffered a list of injuries and then was left for dead in the woods. For the duration of her stay in the hospital (which took months), she was only known as “Jane Doe”. Thankfully, there were some people who were willing to give her a chance at a fresh start. Living with a cantankerous recluse wasn’t easy at first, but since they have something in common, Jane, later known as Water, easily acclimated with Ginny Fitzgerald’s oddities. Ginny hates being around people; she’s especially mistrustful of men in general, and Jesse, in particular.

Jesse keeps a past connected with Water. He knew what happened to her that night in the woods. It was a relief to him when she woke up with a blank slate, because then she would not know the horrors she’d gone through the night of her assault. He made a promise to himself to watch over her from a distance, but as days go by, all the reasons why faded with Water’s bruises.


Sometimes, the alternating past and present method of narrative doesn’t make for a smooth read. It’s hard to keep the storylines flow in a seamless fashion. That wasn’t the case here.  I also enjoyed reading the story from two perspectives (Water and Jesse). I like seeing all the joy and the torment they both went through.

There wasn’t a shortage of difficult scenes in this book as Water came from an abusive relationship. It is also a series about the mob, so readers already know what they’re in for. The details of her injuries was hard to take especially knowing that [spoiler] she was pregnant at the time [/spolier]. I think the only thing I can complain about this book is the ease with which Water accepted the Jesse’s deception. There was very little struggle and soul-searching on Water’s part. It’s almost as if Ms. Tucker ran out of pages to write on.

But over all, I really did enjoy this book. Romance, suspense, mystery. This book has got it all.

GOODREADS SUMMARY | Atria Paperback, 368 pp. | October 1st, 2014 | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars | Adult Fiction | Romance

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