On the Night Table [22]: Ambitious Pile


Good morning, all!

How was your weekend? I’ve got a bit of a toothache. Ugh. I mean, I’m forty freaking years old. Who gets toothaches at this age? So my weekend was a bit of a bummer because I couldn’t think of anything else but this throbbing pain in my mouth. *sobs*

I’ve got four books in my pile this week, and yes, it’s a bit ambitious. I’m a little inspired, so I decided to do four instead of my usual three. One reason that I’m motivated to read more is that I’m only 25 away from my Goodreads goal of 150. Last year, I surpassed my goal with 188, so it looks like I’m well on my way to surpassing that as well – barring an apocalyptic event, that is.

To Read

Burying Water by K.A. Tucker.  I read this back in November last year, but I wanted to reread it because I decided to pursue this series. Frankly, I’m not even sure if it’s a requirement, but I can barely recall the events that happened in this book.

One Thing Stolen by Beth Kephart. Maja of Nocturnal Library swore by this book. And I tend to trust her instincts. This book is not very big, so I thought I’d squeeze it in this week.

The House of Four Winds by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. This is book one of the One Dozen Daughters series by the duo, Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. I would imagine there’ll be 12 books at least. I’m committing myself to this endeavour. 🙂

The Other Son by Alexander SöderbergI didn’t realize this is book two of a series I know nothing about. We’ll see how this Crime fiction goes. Hopefully, I can make do without reading the first book. Thanks to Random House Canada for sending me this finished copy.

Happy reading!

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