Shelf Envy [25]: Carina of Carina’s Books

living room two

It’s been ages since I’ve done of these, and I couldn’t  be more happy to have this wonderful girl on the blog today. I have to be honest and say that I’ve been after Carina to  show us a picture of her bookshelves! Well, she finally agreed last week and I’ve got to say I was over the moon when she tweeted me to say she was doing it. She sent me a whole slew of pictures of her bookshelves, her reading spot and her collectibles. If you’ve ever visited her blog, you’d know that this girl puts my kids to shame when it comes to toys! And not only that, when she loves a book, or an author, she really dedicates her time and money collecting their work. She is such a sweet person to get to know. I’ve known her for almost as long as I’ve been blogging (close to 4 years). I go to her when I need spoilers on any given book, and most of the time, we share the same views. So today, let’s bask in the beauty of her shelves!

Hi all you lovely readers at Joyous Reads 😀 Joy asked me to take part in her Shelf Envy back in September. I have been meaning to do so ever since, but I’m a bit lazy about taking pictures of my shelves, since I have so many, so I didn’t do it until now. Thankfully, Joy was still willing to have me, all these months after she first emailed me about it 🙂 I just wanted to say thank you to Joy, for always being so kind and awesome. I adore you. And your blog. It’s amazing. Thank you for letting me take part in this 🙂 Sorry if I talk too much in my answers ;p Also describing a bit about my shelves, though not that much. I don’t have the biggest apartment, and it is on the second floor of my mom’s house. But it is still my place, and it is big enough. Well, not really, because I only have room for 8 shelves. And they are all full. Sigh. No room for more. Hmph.

LIVING ROOM. This bookshelf is in my living room, along with four others. But this is the one I look at as I sit in my chair all day 🙂 This also counts as random non-bookish related on my shelves. Because I don’t have anything inside my shelves, since no room, hah. But I do have lots on top of my shelves 😀 And this one is my favorite, I think. Bunch of Frozen items 😀 My Disney Store dolls are gorgeous. And I love the others too. So much love. Also a random Rapunzel in there 🙂

LIVING ROOM. This one is also in my living room. I must say that my favorite is on the top of the shelf; my expensive His Dark Materials boxset. <3 And ohh! My precious Shadow and Bone Alina posters. They are gorgeous.

STAIRCASE. And this final bookshelf is at the bottom of my stairs. Lots of books there, though wishing there were room for even more.

Q & A

What was the last book you purchased?

The last book I bought. Hmm. I haven’t been able to buy much books lately, because of limited space, sigh. But I do pre-order a bunch of books each month. Not going to mention all of those 😀 So I just looked into which book I last bought that were already released. Which made me realize it has been a long time since I purchased a book that wasn’t a pre-order. On June 3rd, I ordered The Art of Big Hero 6. <3 Which probably don’t really count as a book, lol, but it is book enough for me. And it is gorgeous. Though I have yet to read it. But just looking at the cover makes me happy 🙂 But ohh. I did pre-order one book alone last week. The Last Ever After, signed and personalized. Cost me $38. So expensive. But so worth it.

Who are your top 5 favourite authors?

I have so many favorite authors. I adore them all so much. Sigh. Talk to so many kind ones on twitter 🙂 But there are also a few that are extra special to me. Though I adore so many, and I’m not talking about them all, but yeah. Just saying that there are a lot of amazing authors out there 🙂

1.  Claire Legrand.
Whom I adore to pieces. I have talked a whole lot with her since her first middle grade book was published, and I love her so much. She’s all kinds of amazing and so kind. Plus she writes amazing books. But yeah. I adore her as a person. She’s the sweetest.

2.  Cat Winters.
Cat is so kind. I have talked to her a lot over the years, and she is always so nice and amazing. Her books are huge favorites of mine, and I cannot wait to read more by her. I adore her, because she’s always so kind and sweet.

3.  Marissa Meyer.
I might have loved Marissa the longest. Probably. Feels like so long since I started talking to her, since I first read Cinder. Her books are fantastic. And she is the kindest person. So cute and sweet. And always so kind to me. It means so much.

4.  Emily Murdoch.
I have loved getting to know Emily a bit. Her first book was heartbreaking and amazing. I’m just waiting for her to publish more 🙂 She’s always so sweet and amazing on twitter and I love talking to her. I have three personalized editions of her book, and it means the most to me. Emily is the best person.

5.  Elizabeth Fama.
Beth is such a kind and sweet person. Have talked a lot with her, and she’s always so supporting and helpful. It means so much to me. She also writes amazing books. And she is just so amazing to talk to. So glad I have gotten to know her over these years.

What are your ultimate top 5 favourite books?

I have a lot of favorite books. But I think these might be my top five. Probably. I love all of these books so much. Though I also have a few more favorites. But yeah. These ones are special to me 🙂

1. Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

I will never not love this book. It’s special to me. I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore Po and Katsa 🙂 And the writing. And the world. And the story. Ugh. It’s perfection.

2. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.

This is a book that I must re-read at least once a year. Though I want to re-read it all the time. The writing is beautiful. The story is perfection. I adore Sean and Puck and Corr so so much. I’ll never get tired of this book.

3. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.

This might be cheating, as it is three books and not one, hih. But I love all three. Though maybe the third is the one I love the most. Either way, though, this trilogy is one of my favorites. So much fun. So much heartbreak. I will never forget Will and Lyra. The most tragic love story, and they are just kids. Sobs.

4. The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski.

I can’t not include this book as one of my favorites. I adore it. I love the characters so much. And the writing is beautiful. And the story is so mean and heartbreaking. I think I will love book three even more. I can’t wait.

5. Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman.

This book isn’t even out yet. But I have read it already. And everyone needs this book. Because it is the best. So different. So amazing. There is space. There is love. There is death all over. This book is amazing. Huge favorite of mine.

What is the most random thing on your bookshelves?

The most random book I have on my shelves.. Hmm. I’m unsure about this. So I had to look around a bit. Think it might be Where the Moon Isn’t. I accepted it for review for Tor, yet I haven’t read it yet 🙁 It is random, because I don’t think it is a book I would usually look for at all, hah. But I’m going to read it sometime. Hopefully this year. Just so many books to read 🙂

Do you have a shelving method?

I have seen so many people shelving books in awesome ways. By author, by color, etc. But my method is not that awesome, lol. I’m not even putting all my favorite books in the same shelf. I just put my books randomly. Right now I have so little room left, ack. But planning on rearranging my books sometime. Though just the same way, with more of my favorites put together. Anyway. Point is, I put books by the same author together. Well, for the most part. Don’t have a special method, I’m afraid 🙂 But I love my shelves. Also because of my limited space, I have to have to rows on my shelves. Sigh. Which makes me so sad. So putting those books that I didn’t like all that much in the back of the shelf. Wishing I could see all of them, though 🙂

Thank you so much, Carina! I love seeing your shelves. I can’t say I’m pretty surprised with your choices of favourites, because you’ve been vocal about these books and authors. You continue to amaze me with your dedication and loyalty. You are one of the sweetest blogger I know. <3



If you’re interested in doing a Shelf Envy post on my blog, feel free to send me an email, a tweet or a wall message on my Facebook page. I’d love to have you!


  • Hi. <3 You know I adore you Joy 🙂 You are the sweetest. Thank you so much for having me at your blog 😀 Hugs. <3 Love love love this post, hih 🙂

  • Oh my goodness a new comment system! I love it! (Personally for me, this is an easier way to comment). Anyway – back to the post. I actually really love her shelves and whoa she has so many DD: I think Marissa Meyer would make it to the top of my list when it comes to authors as well. Lovely post!

  • Wow! Those shelves look incredible! Her own awesome library! Love it!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  • It’s fun to see how others shelve their books, and collectibles. I am not familiar with her favorite author or her books but maybe I should be!

  • Total shelf envy, I only have two tall bookcases, have had to resort to taking to charity my older books that I am not likely to read anymore. Carina has done such a great job though they look amazing! Great post!

  • Ooh that’s some serious shelving and shelf bending too. Someone gave me a tip for that once. To get a standard size book thickness plank of pine and cut it down to the height between shelves. Paint it and place it in the middle every few shelves. It gives added support to bending shelves and you can barely notice it. I find with the smaller bookshelves, they don’t hold all that much weight sadly. I bought the big floor to ceiling ones and then tend to be a bit more forgiving. But those shelves are incredible Carina and so many doubles as well. I’ve got a mad case of book envy. Thanks so much for sharing <3

  • those shelves are perfect omg. the only thing that concerns me is how the middle ones look a little bendy, like the wood’s about to break O_O

    i don’t have that many books that i need to double stack but i do have two book shelves hehe

  • moonbeamwishes

    ♥♥♥♥ oh. my. goodness. these shelves are things of beauty!!!!!!!!! you can never have too many books!!! ^.^

  • Carina is the sweetest!! And I’m always astonished at how dedicated she is to collecting the books she loves, and at such expense in Norway! I can’t say I’m surprised at her favorites either, but I’m definitely getting more and more excited to read Illuminae. 🙂

    I hope you do these posts more frequently, Joy!

  • Lauren Becker

    I love seeing pictures of other people’s book shelves, and it’s nice to see other people that don’t really have a system. I have way too many books for that and I’m always running out of room. hah


  • Graceling and The Scorpio Races, heck yes. So much awesome here, I’m definitely drooling over all of these pretties. Great collection, of books and Frozen stuff 😉

  • Thanks for the introduction, Joy! I’m having bookshelf envy! Most of my books are ebooks or in the garage. They go to plastic containers as soon as I’ve read them. I have a super small shelf and though it’s a pain, it helps me curb my hoarding tendencies.

  • Oh my gosh this is amazing! I love all the books! Thanks so much for showcasing this. So much fun to look at and envy. 😛

  • This was awesome! Carina, we have so many favorite books in common! This makes me preeeetty excited to read the ones you mentioned you loved that I haven’t read yet! Thanks, Joy, for this great feature!

  • Hi Carina 😀 Nice to meet you!

    And ohh, I’d love to take part

  • Ahh, I’m definitely jealous of Carina’s shelves! I’ve also heard the best things about Elizabeth Fama and her books, and I’m surprised I’ve never tried to interact with her yet! And yay for Illuminae being on her list! I’m so excited to read it. 😀

  • Ro

    Totally love the organization of the books, but even better, toys on top of the shelves! Yay! I keep Simpson Toys, Barbies and Happy Meal Toys all throughout the house so this makes me do the happy dance. This is a great post! hugs…

  • I love how the shelves are actually bowing under the pressure of all the awesome in that first picture! AND YAY SCORPIO RACES!!!! That’s one of my very favorites too. I still need to read Graceling, I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet. I’m obsessed with fantasy so I feel like it’s a must. A MUST I TELL YOU! Love this feature so much Joy!

    • I SO envy you because you have your first readthrough of Graceling awaiting you. You can’t not love that book. 😀

  • Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    oOh such pretty shelves! I’m planning on buying new shelves soon and I think I’m gonna settle with white ones because they look so good and much nicer than black shelves IMO hahah. Yasss The Winner’s Curse! Seriously adore that series.

    Great post! <33

  • Fun feature, and I love Carina’s blog too. I don’t organize my shelves either, most of mine are still in boxes, so sad.

  • What a wonderful interview and I loved seeing Carina’s totally gorgeous and enviable bookshelves! They are sooo pretty and neat! I recently read Graceling and really loved it as well. I can’t wait for Illuminae to be released!