[534]: Reborn by Jennifer Rush


GOODREADS SUMMARY | Altered, #3 | Little, Brown BFYR | Hardcover, 336 pp. | January 6th, 2015 | Young Adult | Suspense | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Sometimes, my reading preference is highly irregular and mostly, sporadic. A mystery/suspense book like this has to catch me on a good day; a day when I’m in need of something that elevates my heart rate without moving off the couch. This book certainly had its moments. But it wasn’t nearly as suspenseful as the first two books. Regardless, it was still a satisfactory instalment featuring Nick. He was every bit as mysterious and cranky as I remembered him to be: troublemaker, brusque and slightly unhinged.

The Girl in His Past

(Isn’t there always?) She haunts him in his dreams. A girl he was supposed to kill execution-style in the woods but one that he ended up saving. But due to the aftereffects of the experiments done on him by the branch, he wasn’t sure if he did, in fact, save her. Β Now, he can’t get her out of his mind. But as the story moves along, pieces become clearer. And the town where he ended up holds more secrets of his past life that he was not willing to face. In the grand scheme of things, he might not have a choice anyway.

The Boy in Her Past

There’s a lot of Elizabeth’s past she can’t remember. Most specifically of that time following her abduction. Every night, she dreams of Gabriel. How he saved her; his eyes and his smell. But she’s ready to move on. She’s found a life after a traumatizing event in her life. She’s surrounded by friends, and a new mother figure who treats her as her own. She spends her time making perfume. Smell is how she associates a person or a memory. When Gabriel shows up in her home town, the recognition and connection was instantaneous. They each hold the key to unlocking certain events in their pasts. But what else would they uncover as they try to piece together their broken lives?

Spoilers Ahead

I feel like this book was an extended novella. The major plot didn’t really move other than yet again, they were unable to bring down the Branch. I don’t know how many more books are coming, but if you’re expecting to see the end of Riley, you’ll be sorely disappointed. He is like Jason Vorhees or Mike Myers. You just can’t kill him.

I can’t believe how many fans of this series expected the SS Anna/Nick ship to set sail into the yonder. I mean, really?! Why? I can’t see Anna with anyone else other than Sam. I did want Nick to have his HEA, but really, HEAs are impossible until they get rid of Riley. He deserves his romance, sure. Though Elizabeth, was a bit of a Mary Sue at first, she actually grew on me in the end. I think her quiet disposition matches perfectly well with Nick’s intensity.

We learned a bit more of exactly what kind of experiments they were doing to the kids. Some sort of genetic enhancement program that turns them into the perfect soldiers: fearless, skilled and who are basically super humans. Here, we find out that there are kids who can regenerate cells; they heal fast and are difficult to kill (hence, the title). I think this is the part where it felt like an addendum to the plot in the interest of extending the series. The addition didn’t feel awkward per se, but it does feel like an afterthought considering the arch wasn’t introduced in the first two books.

Three for Three

So far, this series is one of those rare ones that I consistently enjoy. It’s the perfect mix of suspense, romance and action for someone like me who can only stomach a bit of everything in one book. It is unfortunate that this series is not getting much love, but if you’re a fan of stories featuring genetically-altered teens made to be super soldiers, this series is worth a look-see, at least.

  • I plan on reading this one because I really enjoyed the first two I’m just not sure when I’ll get to it… Now i’m curious how many more books in this series we might expect to see….

  • I haven’t read any books in this series so I had to skip over the bit where you mentioned spoilers, but thank you for the warning! I like the idea of a suspenseful read even if it wasn’t as much as the first two books, and Nick’s character definitely sounds interesting.

  • lornak99

    I don’t know about this series? What’s the first one called? I may have to look into these if you love them that much-sounds good πŸ™‚

  • You just can’t kill him! Will palaspas or holy water do the trick? πŸ˜›

  • So glad you mostly loved this book Joy πŸ˜€ I have only read book one.. but really wanting to re-read it, so that I can read all three, finally πŸ˜€ I did love book one years ago. <3 Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this one sweetie πŸ™‚ You make it seem awesome. Sigh.

  • I’ve seen this series around, but I have yet to pick it up. The first books sound promising!

  • First off, you take such good booktography pics! Second, glad you enjoyed this one and went out of your usually zone πŸ™‚ Jennifer Rush always has great books.

    Happy Reading
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  • I’ve been meaning to start this series Joy! (I feel like I say that way to often, there are too many good series out there I want to read!) I do love a good genetically altered teen super soldier story. *wanders off to Amazon*

  • I’ve been meaning to get book two for some time now. You just reminded me I need to get on it. I kind of skimmed your review because, spoilers. But I’m pretty excited to get back into the series, I loved the guys!

  • I haven’t started this series yet so I had to skip most of your review, but I’m so glad you ended up loving this series CONSISTENTLY, Joy. πŸ™‚ I love suspense and romance, so I’m definitely going to have to give this series a shot.

  • Like you, I enjoyed the first two books, but then the series completely slipped my mind and I wasn’t even aware of this release. The third book seems to be more focused on the romance that the previous two, which I’m none too thrilled about, and the extended novella bit doesn’t sound good, but I’ll give it a chance since I really like the series overall and I’m in the mood for some action.

  • You take the coolest book art!

  • I have to be in the right mood for these reads as well but when I am, I want something to really make my heart pound and maybe even creep me out. πŸ˜‰ Sounds like this is a good series even if this one wasn’t the best one so far.

  • This has been a series that has always intrigued me, so I’m glad that you’re still happy with it for the most part.:)

  • It’s nice when you have a series you enjoy like that even if it feels like an extended novella. It’s the first time I hear about it but maybe one day!