Photo Vomit [16]: New York in Black and White




Nope. I’m not in New York this week. I took these pictures last year when I attended BEA.
Are you feeling a bit jealous of those who are in attendance? Well, I thought I would be jealous too, but the more I reminisce about my experience, the better I feel. I do hope everyone’s having a great time out there. The madness is just not my thing. The city is gorgeous, but overwhelming. If you’ve ever felt alone in a sea of people, that’s how I felt the four or five days that I was there.
In NYC’s defence, I’m the kind of person who always feel out of sort without the company of my brood. So it doesn’t matter where, really. If I’m not with my family, I can guarantee you I’m not having a good time.
  • I totally know what you mean about New York, it feels really frantic being in such a busy city with people everywhere! I love your amazing photos though, they’re so artistic and beautiful!

    • Thanks, Jeann. 🙂 I’d love to go back there someday…maybe next year. Lol.

  • I would adore to go to BEA myself, one year, but I don’t see it happening for quite some time. I guess I’m like you- seas of people aren’t my thing and I miss my people when I’m not with them. And having my very own puppy to miss, too? Well that makes it all the more painful and sad, the idea of being away!
    Lovely pictures, Joy. What’s the Disney sign for in the second one, do you know?

    • It’s a huge Disney store. Lol. 🙂

  • I admit I’m jealous of everyone who went to BEA, but at the same time, I can imagine the only good part to me would be the books themselves. Big, big crowds aren’t my thing. I still want to try it, though!

    As always, your pictures are gorgeous, Joy. New York looks so melancholy in black and white, but beautiful.

    • Thank you. Yes, I think if you’re a bit uncomfortable in a crowd, NYC is hella intimidating. Come for the books, yes, but remember the other stuff you need to deal with.

  • Great pics. I actually am a bit jealous but I haven’t been yet.

    • Thanks, Brandi. Maybe someday, right? 🙂

  • These photos are gorgeous, as are all your pictures Joy! You are so talented!

    • Thanks, Nicole! How was BEA this time around?

  • These are gorgeous pictures Joy! I’m glad that you were able to experience BEA at least once, I really do want to be able to make the trip one day, but I know what you mean about feeling out of sorts when you don’t have your dearest close by!

    • Hey. If you ever plan on going, let me know. We’ll have to meet up. 😉

  • I’d love to go, but it seems that there would be too much going on, and I would lose myself in the crowds..


    • It’s one of those cities that a person must absolutely visit at least once in their lifetimes. So yeah, you must. 🙂

  • Christy

    Ugh, so many people. I fine with it when I’m in the mood, but I wouldn’t want to stay there long.

    • Yep. I live in a city of half a million people. I don’t know what the population is in NYC, but I’d imagine more than that. Lol.

  • Ksenia

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Joy! I’d love to go to NYC one day! Since I live in Moscow and it is busy and crowded city, I think I wouldn’t be overwhelmed in NYC. As for the BEA I’m a little jealous.

  • It’s some beautiful ones there! I so want to visit one day.

    • It’s the place to be if you don’t mind the crowds. 🙂

  • Those black and white pictures are gorgeous!

  • Your photos are so beautiful!! I am so jealous of people going to BEA also. I have not even able to go at all, but I hope to one day.

    • Thank you, Cynthia. Yep. It’s one of those events that one must experience once in their lifetime. 🙂

  • Incredible images Joy, really beautiful. I’m not one for crowds either, and NYC seems far too overwhelming even with the promise of authors and books a plenty. In previous years I’ve never felt jealous of those attending. except this year. I see so many bloggers posting up photos of Illuminae, which is by far one of most anticipated reads. It’s more disappointment as they are both Aussie authors and the first ARC’s go out to US bloggers. Makes me sad for our community here that we’ll probably be the last ones with access to copies, even with us being the biggest supporters of our own Aussies.

    • That is sad. I didn’t even realize both of them are Aussie. To be honest, I’m not really all that excited about that book. Lately, i’m not really excited about any books in particular. Who knows, maybe I’ve grown out of going ga-ga over them (ARCs)? I figure, it’s not like they’re going to run out of stock. They will continue to supply if there was a demand. Lol.

  • These photos are beautiful Joy, but I understand where you’re coming from. You want to share the same experiences when your closest people. I would love to attend BEA one day too…but the thought of the lines scare me.

    • Thanks, Joy! Yes! I think I’ll enjoy it more if I wasn’t thinking about how much I miss my husband and kids. Also, I wish someone was with me at the conference.

  • Sick photos, Joy! You must start a feature here on picture taking tutorials.

    I would like to attend BEA in the future but I’ll be sure to go with a seasoned attendee otherwise I might lose my marbles!

    • Ha. Filters don’t make a photographer out of me. 🙂 Maybe. Someday. Thanks, B. You’re the sweetest!

      Yes! And make sure to meet up with other people. Don’t be shy. Wear comfortable shoes. Bring snacks!!!

  • Stunning photographs! I think I’d love to do a book convention, just one, if I ever made it to the states. As an introvert, I’m not sure I’d manage all the people and business and chaos if I had to do it often though. But gah. Just picturing all the galleys and my fave authors and panels – sounds like such an amazing experience!

    • That’s the problem. I didn’t really meet anyone. It shows how differently we act in real life than in social media. I’m a social media butterfly, but painfully shy in person. I think you’ll have to put yourself out there if you want to have a good time.

  • *sigh* I love my city. These are great pics. I’m not at BEA and I’m about thirty to 45 mins away from the general area. Initially I was highly disappointed because I was totally planning on going but, I lost my job. It’s not the last BEA though, so that’s good. Cest la vie. What can you do?!

    • (HUGS) New York City is beautiful (and insane). I really couldn’t pick and choose which to look and visit first when I went. I walked lugging two bags of books from Javits Centre to our hotel which was in Times Square. I think it’s the best thing to do when one’s in NYC, walk the streets.

  • Gorgeous pictures Joy. <3 Yay for having been in New York 😀 I wish to go sometime. But omg, yes. I do think I agree with you about not liking all the chaos. Ugh. So many people.. but. I would die to go to BEA :p ALL THE BOOKS. ALL THE AUTHORS. Ugh. One year, I hope 😀 Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3 Hope you are having an amazing week so far 🙂

    • I was wondering if you ever want to. If I go again, I’ll have to make sure to meet up with other bloggers. If you ever plan on going in the future, let me know. I’ll make plans to go so we can meet up. Lol. <3

      • Huuugs. <3 You are the sweetest. I will be sure to let you know 😀 I don't have any plans about it yet, but I really do wish to go sometime 🙂 Just need to be better at saving up money first :p I'm too good at spending them, lol.

  • Gorgeous pictures! Have an amazing weekend!!

  • You are so not alone! With or my family I feel so lost. I’m just like…BUT I WANT THEM HERE WITH ME. And then they’re not so I’m pretty much depressed. I’m actually jealous because I’ve never BEEN to BEA. It is my dream to go but…. it costs money soo. yea…. hehe

    • BEA is on every book lover’s bucket list, for sure. You must go at lease once in your life. 🙂

  • I’m totally feeling jealous of the people who are in BEA right now, although a little part of me does feel glad I won’t be in the middle of all the crowds and waiting and lining and being sandwiched among book lovers ^^ I heard there was a near stampede for Libba Bray’s Lair of Dreams! Isn’t that wild?! But it’s something I’d love to experience at least once, that’s why I’m so excited to go next year (okay, it’s not certain yet, but I’m planning already!)

    Also you should post your photos more! I’m in love with them.

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • It was insanity. I went with my cousins (there were 4 of us), but I was mostly by myself at the conference. It sucks being there by yourself. 🙁 And because I’m not the most outgoing person, I didn’t really hook up with a lot of people. I did meet Beth of Bookitty Blog, so I guess that’s the best part. Lol.

  • RO

    I ronically, my husband is from New York, and his personality is just like the people you see on tv,(lol) which makes him fun and nutty! Whenever I visit, I get caught up in the hustle and bustle, and find myself foolishly grinning wherever I go. (lol) The food is totally fab. Plenty of Corned Beef and Cheeseburgers for everyone. Then reality sets in, as i realize I’ve had my fun, but ready to get back home to peace and quiet and my books. These pictures are gorgeous! Hugs…

    • Oh the food! The food was amazing. We stayed around Times Square, so there was restaurants galore. Definitely nice to experience it once in a while, but not typically a place that I could live in.

  • Surprisingly, this year I’m not feeling any kind of envy. I think I just have too much going on. I’m with you. I couldn’t deal with the hectic life of NYC. I’d love to visit one of these days though, just to see what it’s like. But yeah I can’t see myself living in NY!
    LOVE those photos.

    • Thanks, Nick. I couldn’t deal with its fast paced life either. There was so much people in one place. Lol. And buildings! It was fascinating.

  • These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to go to NYC one day! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kyra. It was a shock to my senses, this city. I just hope I was able to appreciate its hustle and bustle a bit more.

  • I would love to go but the crowds would make me insane

    • Definitely not a place for you if you’re not into crowds.