[531]: Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Harlequin Teen | E-Galley via Net Galley
Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
Young Adult | Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Men on bikes are a guilty pleasure of mine. They’re up there with tattooed guitarists, drummers, and lead singers. When I heard Ms. McGarry is tackling Motorcycle Clubs in YA, my brows quirked up. I mean, I have read quite a few books starring foul-mouthed misogynists whose personalities leave a lot to be desired. But. They are freaking hot. I am honest enough to admit that. They tend to fall under a certain stereotype: built, tattooed, the worst objectifier of women…and an organization/brotherhood that has no scruples dabbling in anything illegal.  They also have lots of sex. And I mean, lots. So I was doubtful. How was she to pull this off?

Well, she did. Sort of. It was tough. Because she’s working under the constraints of writing the story line under the guidelines dictated by the age of her audience. While she had to forgo all the sex normally found in this trope, she didn’t skimp on the UST (unrealized sexual tension). Oz and Emily oozes with chemistry. It also helps that they sort of have a mutual dislike for each other at first, so when they clash, sparks fly.

The only thing that I couldn’t buy into was the fact that Reign of Terror (Emily’s dad’s Motorcycle Club) dealt with legal stuff. They didn’t do shady business practices. They’re er, security escorts. I thought it was pretty lame. Aside from that tiny misgiving, I quite enjoyed this book. So much so that I’m convinced that this is a series that I could religiously follow (and like ) as oppose to her Pushing the Limits series.

Surprisingly enough, this book inspired one or two sniffles. Both had to do with her ailing grandmother. A grandmother that she hardly knew because of the circumstances surrounding her birth right. I didn’t really understand why at first and I was ready to write off her mother as the villain who upped and left her husband without warning. Of course, there’s more to the story. I like the twist in the end and how it all played out.

For a book that’s a little less than 500 pages, this was oddly a fast read. Leave it to Katie to write something as engaging. Overall, this is a brand new series I could really get into. It wasn’t as heavy on the angst as her PtL series, but I think Razor’s story would more than make up for that. I have a feeling that boy has some pretty messed up past.


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