[526]: Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones


GOODREADS SUMMARY | St. Martin’s Press | ARC paperback, 278 pp. | May 19th, 2015 | Adult Fiction | Paranormal Romance | Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

It was both a comfort and torture to be back in this world. Comfort because everything was so familiar, and torture because of the impending doom that’s been a few instalments in the making. It’s hard to believe how long it’d taken me to get to these books. I just discovered them in the latter part of February this year, and finished them off in the beginning of March.  It only took reading the first book to get me hooked. Charley’s sometimes, ill-timed humour is its major draw. And of course, there’s the son of Lucifer, Reyes whose dark sensuality is unparalleled, if I may say so, myself.

In this instalment, we see them ensconced in sacred grounds. The Twelve has been sniffing around ready to unleash holy hell on Earth. They’re after Charley and their unborn child, who’s believed to be the one prophecised  to bring forth the end of Lucifer (who happens to be her grandfather). No worries though, because she’s surrounded by a group of supernatural and human beings who are only too happy to give up their lives for her and Beep.

Charley is also worried about Reyes. He’s getting hotter and hotter in the literal sense, which leads her to believe that he’s sick. By the end of this book, some questions will be answered; most will not. You will laugh (lots) and cry (really). You will be frustrated due everyone’s tendency to hide things from Charley; secrets that more often hurt more than they help.

We’ve been given a clearer background on exactly what kind of being Charley is, but still no scope of the magnitude of her power. The next few books (I don’t know how many) will probably give us an exact picture. But like a well-seasoned author who knows exactly what would get her readers coming back for more, Jones will probably give it to us in small increments. I can’t freaking wait!

I have a feeling that the next few books will take on a darker tone based on how it ended. I don’t think Charley will ever be the same after what happened in this book. It was heartbreaking, and sad. I felt a little lost afterwards (that’s not ominous at all). I think that Ms. Jones will reinvent Charley in the coming books, but I do hope she’ll not lose her humour, because it’s what I love about her (among other things).



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