Confessions of An Addict [38]: Surviving the Weekends


Spring is in the air!

…so are the allergens that pester me at this time of the year. Sigh.

I’m so excited for the warm weather, y’all. This means we can at least enjoy the cabin for the entire weekend instead of just one night like we do in winter. I’ve always loved it there. Lately though, it has put a damper on my weekend blogging. I used to be able to bring my laptop and my trusty rocket stick for internet connectivity. But since Apple  upgraded their software to Yosemite, I haven’t found one that’s compatible. I guess the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught up yet.

I’ve been trying to make excuses not to spend the entire weekends at the cabin for this very reason. Saturdays and Sundays are usually the time that I allot for doing some advance postings. Because I don’t have an internet at the cabin, I’ve been finding ways for us to only stay for the Friday night then go home first thing on Saturday. I know that’s horrible, and selfish of me, but it has come to a point where blogging is a fun hobby instead of a chore. I crave it, even. That’s not sad, is it?

However, all is not lost. This past weekend, I discovered the magic of writing my thoughts on a notebook. I’ve got to admit that I have not tried this method before. (Yes, yes, I’m a little late in the game). Who knew how productive the practice could be?! I’m telling you, I’m a changed woman. Which is funny to me because this is hardly cutting edge stuff to most of you, most likely.

I’ve never been one to write and read at the same time (still not a fan), but I find it easier down my thoughts soon after reading the book. It used to take me days before I’m able to write a review, but with this new thing, words just come easy.

Tomorrow is the start of a long weekend for us, Canadians. This means, I might not be able to visit y’all until Monday. I’m going to try and convince my husband to go home Sunday afternoon so I can get some writing and blog hopping in – wish me luck, but I’m pretty sure he wants to stay until Monday. I never thought I would come to this point of my short blogging life when it had become fun again. I think that’s all thanks to you, wonderful people who continually visit and leave wonderful comments on my posts. You are the best motivators! If I haven’t thank you yet, I’ll say it now: Thank You. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Besides reading, what else do you do to survive the week/weekend?


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