Confessions of an Addict [37]: Hoarders, and Silencing that Voice in My Head


A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson | Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer | Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon | The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien | City Love by Susan Colasanti | Lord of the White Hell 1 & 2 by Ginn Hale | The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West | Rook by Sharon Cameron | The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Adieh | Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen | We Are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen

It has been a terrible, terrible week.

Do you ever get those little bursts of determination once in a while? The one that gives you the gumption to finally take control of your finances that’s currently on the tailspin? Yeah. That was me two weeks ago. I told my husband that if I ever ask him to go to the bookstore with me, I give him permission to tie me down to a chair. That didn’t work, obviously.

I went to the bookstore twice this week and this is the result. Three of these books were sent to me by the wonderful people of Random House Canada and the rest is courtesy of my hard-earned money. I love and hate weeks like this. When I’m overcome by this uncontrollable urge to go to the bookstore and spend money. Full disclosure: I spent almost $200 this week on books! Ugh. I hate myself. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Sometimes, I can get away with telling myself that buying used books is for a good cause (depending on where I buy them), and that I’m not the only one benefiting from my purchases. While that may be true, it really does not help me cull my book-buying binges and hoarding tendencies. This week, my hunt for more Nora Roberts/JD Robb books continues, but of course I usually end up with more than a couple…or six among other authors I just can’t resist.


The problem is, how do I quiet that voice in my head that tells me there are new books coming out this week? Books that I just have to read? How do I not give in to the call of excitement/hype over the next ‘big thing’? Truth is, it’s tough. Book bloggers are excellent marketing/sales people. We are excitable people whose enthusiasm over a book is contagious. We are a tempting lot. It doesn’t take much for me to get suckered in. Mere mention of potential fictional crush and I’m foaming at the mouth.

I found that it is easier to give in that it is to deprive ourselves. “YES” flows out more smoothly out of our mouths and uses less of a force than the word, “NO”.

Confessions of an Addict is where I share the nuances of what it’s like being a book hoarder lover. Sometimes, I’ll share some tidbits of helpful tips. But most of the time, this is where I ask for your help. I think it’s fair to say that the latter is the case in this instance. I don’t know how you guys do it. I don’t know how you discipline yourselves into NOT buying a book.  At this point, I will subject myself to physical restraints just so I can skip a book shopping expedition. Someone needs to cut off my financial resources. Unfortunately, I can’t depend on my husband for that one. That man does not know the concept of the word, “no”. And I know that I’m probably not going to get any sympathy from some of you, but I just feel like if I can’t come to you, my fellow bibliophiles for help, who else could I turn to?

Oh the struggle. The struggle is real.

  • Don’t worry darling, we’re all in this together. I know the feel. Last week I bough two books when I wasn’t supposed to. I requested five more book in Netgalley when I had sworn I wasn’t going to request anything after May started. No such luck. I have a horrible self-restrain. Yesterday I succeeded because I kept telling myself “You won’t have time to finish these. College starts on August and you won’t read anything. You can save the money for cheaper books,” and many other things, anything really, that came to mind was good to help me plant the seed of doubt and not buy more. I don’t even check the daily deals of Amazon so as to not get tempted. It’s hard, but I guess that trying little by little can help some. Buying books isn’t bad, on the contrary, it’s great! BUT we have to set up restrains because, like everything, too much of something can be bad. I wish you much success, and look forward to knowing how it goes 🙂

  • I love love love you Joy. <3 And I love your book addiction. I love that we are the same in so many ways 😀 I love buying books too. <3 I never wish to stop. But I must. I have no room left :'( IT BREAKS MY HEART. I don't know what to do. But I can't stop. But I can't put more books here. I just. I don't know. Sigh. You are so so so lucky to have your own house to fill books into. And your own cabin. Sigh. You are amazing and oh so lucky 🙂 Anyway. You should never stop buying books. <3 Always do what makes you happy 🙂 Thank you for sharing sweet girl. <3

  • The struggle is real. It definitely is.
    What I do is I put a rule of how many unread books I can own in comparison to how many read books I can own. That way, I get my books read and I don’t get that horrible feeling of bad conscience for buying too many books. Because it’s a thing, and sometimes you can feel really bad for spending too much money. So say, I’m only allowed to have an ammount of X unread books – if I have that, I can’t buy more. If I have less than that, it’s okay, because I need more books.
    Though I would be lying if I told you the rule hasn’t been broken once or twice… or more…

  • OMG! Ahaha I feel you. I mean I never spent $200 in one week but it happens that I spend around $100 in a months which is a lot as a student. 😀 I really really feel your pain!!!

  • Urg, I thank god I never have 200 extra bucks to spend on books. However, I know the feels. I online shop for bargain books so much they have taken over my room. Maybe the next time I online shop it should be for more bookshelves.. *ahem* These pictures of gorgeous books does not help me not want to buy books, however. >.> 😛

  • I am just so lucky that I live in a bit of a remote area. If I lived in town, I would spend too much on books too. $200… just wow! But it looks like you have A LOT of great books though… I want to read Collide, so jealous of that one right there!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  • Book buying is a glorious thing. I adore it. Going into a store and finding a book you didn’t know was even released or in the process of being written, seeing something you’ve wanted for months- it is really difficult to decide not to buy it. But sometimes I feel better after NOT buying a book, because I’ll read an excerpt and decide it’s not for me, and I can save that money for a really important book, that I know I will definitely love. I actually love utilising my library, because often they have the books I’m considering buying, but also not having an income, so to speak, as I’m studying right now… that helps, too. You could have a specific routine of going into a bookstore every six weeks and allowing yourself to buy two or three books, and no more- not sure if it’d help, but it could?
    Anyway, I’m sorry you ended up really regretting how much you spent- I can absolutely understand that, and it’s awful. Hope you get some nice tips from our lovely bloggers! (and nice to meet you!) Xx

  • Aaah that is a lot of money to spend, you can always try Amazon and second hand books – they save me a lot of money. Your book haul looks wonderful though, hope to hear your thoughts on them 🙂

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Joy! I totally get what you mean. I think I spent around almost $500 in one week alone buying mangas online, mangas I wouldn’t even begin to understand since they were in their original language. It was that stage that I just wanted to hoard them. Now it’s with books! I have so many unread ones up in here and it’s frustrating me and everyone because money is tight but I just can’t help myself! Lately I was able to control myself more, though. Hopefully that lasts!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  • Hell ya, the struggle is real. I make a regular commitment to read from the books that are already in my reader along with the review books that I have taken on and leave it at that. It’s a constant battle with myself.

  • City Love sounds like a great one. Hope you enjoy, have a happy mother’s day and great upcoming week.
    It’s easy for me to give in on some and not too hard to say no for others

  • Buying books is a strange, obsessive compulsion, that is hard to understand if you’re not a book lover. I totally get it, though, Joy. The thing that stops me from buying books though is the fact I have no room on my shelves anymore and I have about a million review books (at least it feels that way) to read. That feeling of being overwhelmed is a good antidote to book buying binges for me. I’ve been using the library online for books and that helps with spending. 🙂

  • I’m coming up on my 4 year blogging anniversary, and in the past year, I’ve cut back both on my book FOMO and my purchases. I think that watching new books come out month after month, year after year help me accept that I’m not even going to try to read them all. Plus, living in an apartment with limited bookshelf space has helped too. If I buy a big stack of books, I force myself to make a stack to donate. (I donate to an underfunded public high school, so I feel like the books are going to be read and enjoyed by others.)

    So glad I have blogger and reader friends — I read their reviews and feel like I got a little taste of the book, even if I won’t read it myself.
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen at YA Romantics

  • I totally understand what you’re going through Joy, I have a real bad habit of pre-ordering books, and then never reading those books until like a year or so later! I haven’t been binge book shopping in a while as my bookstore hasn’t got any new books in recently. But maybe if you just say to yourself that if you don’t buy for a while, then maybe you can save your money towards you are super excited for e.g Paula Weston’s Burn which you can pre-order from Australia two months earlier from fishpond! That’s what I tend to do! Do let me know if you want any more advice, as I’m always happy to help!

  • This is not going to be a particularly helpful comment, since all I could think when I saw the pictures was ALL HAIL THE BOOK HAUL! 😀 *tosses confetti*

    I have to live vicariously through you, since I haven’t had time to get to the shops in ages. So no book splurges for me.

  • If I do have a job, I’d probably buy a new book every other day. I can imagine it now. But even without a job, if I end up walking into a bookstore and I lay my eyes on a couple of worthy buys and I’ve got some cash with me at the moment; screw monthly allowance budgets, hello new reads. ;D Happy Momma’s Day, Joy! 😀

  • Oh boy, I can relate. Although I go crazy on NG & not buying. Thank god I don’t have much space here to buy physical books otherwise the house will have to be built on tomes.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Joy!

  • Awesome haul! Personally, I give myself a set budget every month for books. Usually, I find this does help curb my spending a bit. If I know I only have so much money, then I buy ONLY the books I really want. And of course whatever I don’t buy one month, I can buy the next month.

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  • Oh Joy, I feel your pain. I was at the point you are now, not spending quite as much, but when I hit spending over $350 on books within a three week period, I had to sit myself and have a serious talking to… Umm… To myself. The only way I broke myself of it, was to keep all the receipts over a three month period and stay away from bookshops for a few months. I find that I impulse buy in bookstores, but with buying online, I tend to check my Goodreads list and limit my spending more. I don’t envy you Joy, it’s so hard to break the habit, and even more so when you have that extra cash to splurge. We should start a support group, I can imagine a lot of female bookworms our age are probably in the same boat <3

  • Hahaha the struggle definitely is real! I refrain from buying too many books in Aussie land because books are just so expensive, and I tell myself…Joy, are you REALLY going to be reading those anytime soon? No, then you can’t get them. Most of the time it works. I’m also saving up for a car at the moment, so I guess I’m more excited for that than for getting new books. But honestly, if it makes you happy Joy, I reckon you should just go for it!

  • Awww. Yeah it’s really hard to restrain yourself. Honestly just looking at the price for a book at the bookstore and that just causes me to put it down.

    Anyways, I see you got Rook! That’s awesome! I’m also really interested in A God in Ruins!

  • This haul is absolutely bananas. I wish I could spend 200 dollars on books in one shot. It’s like this thing where when you love books you just cannot stop buying them!

  • I feel you, I’m that way with money in general. I don’t have a job right now and yet I’m buying buying buying and hating myself for it too but I can’t stop because the want is strong and I have terrible self control. So since I am in the same boat I have no useful advice, ha. Maybe you can give your husband your money/cards? Or depending on what you like about buying books try going to the library instead? I like just walking around and looking at the books there. It sometimes helps to just check a bunch out for the hell of it because it makes you feel kinda like you own all of them. (Just give them back, haha)

  • Aaaah, what a lovely sight! I’m ruined, so I can’t buy any more books this month, but I already have my list for books to order in June, hehe. ^^ Plus, June 23rd is my birthday, sooo… YES. I bought The Wrath and the Dawn, too, a month ago, but it didn’t arrive yet. Hopefully, it’ll be an amazing read for the both of us. 🙂

  • Hmm. To be honest I struggle with the word “no” too, so I *try* to contain myself as much as possible. Rather than buying one book here or there, I tend to do a bulk order once every one or two months, but I generally shop at discount stores and buy paperbacks. Most of the time my monthly spend is in and around £20-£30, which I don’t think is that bad at all. The 170 books on my TBR would say otherwise though… I also try to only buy books I’ve heard of, or that I know I want to read, rather than impulse purchases. I’m allowed my cheap impulse purchases when I need a book or two to get free delivery anyways. I only buy books full price for authors I know I love (Colleen Hoover, Sarah J Maas etc.) and even then will try to get it cheaper than RRP. I’m a deal-hunter in all aspects of life though. As much as we all try to justify this hobby/addiction to ourselves, I think there comes a point when we have to admit that there is no justification really, and that this is what we choose to spend our money on. My only suggestions are a temporary ban, a discount/charity store only rule, making more use of the library and only buying books you want to reread/own, or one of those challenges where you can only buy one new book for every three read (or whichever number suits your reading speed). Not sure if I’ve helped any…

    On to the lovelies – I’m excited for A God In Ruins and can’t wait to see what you think of that one. Also, Collide, I’ve had my eye on that for AGES and know two other bloggers who have read it and loved it. Again, can’t wait to see what you think. Outlander is a series that is following me everywhere at the minute, I haven’t committed to it yet, but I’m seriously considering picking the first one up. I’ve never read any Nora Roberts even though her books are basically everywhere! Are you a fan?? R x

  • Wow that is…I have not spent that much on books in years. I get other to buy for me …yes I am cheap

  • I’m still trying to figure out how to quiet that book buying voice and while I have gotten better, the sucker is still pretty loud and obnoxious. 😛
    Congrats on all the great books!

  • I am in the same boat as you. My TBR is wayyy too long for starters. And when there is a new book out and I can request an arc it is only a few buttons away from me! I request too much. And then there was a book fair today and even though I just put my book haul up there are now 7 new books in my room xD I don’t know how to control it either… I am looking forward to these posts, because maybe I can benefit from them myself as well.

    (If it does make you feel any better, then I do think you chose some great books. My copy of The Liar by Nora Roberts came through and I just cannot wait to get started!)

  • A lot of people are like “ohh, I bought waaayyy too many books”, but they don’t actually think it’s a problem. If your book buying is truly problematic (because you’re spending money you don’t have, or the hoarding is getting out of hand, I’d recommend trying to find out where the need to buy is coming from.

    What helped for me is to no longer keep up with new releases. This might be a bit weird for a blogger, but it works perfectly. I have no idea what’s coming out this year, unless a publisher sends me an ARC, or if it’s a series I’m very much invested in. It really took the pressure off for me to keep up.

  • RO

    Goodness, what a quandary, and we all feel your pain, for sure. No matter what, there are just certain books, or works from specific authors that I MUST have, so I’ll try to get the best deal I can, but money is still dwindling quickly from my very huge purse which famously holds more books than cash. It helps that a friend owns a store, so some books I can get for free or next to nothing, and going to the library helps. I also am blessed that people give me books as gifts. Lately, I’ve been shopping more due to some really good reviews about authors I haven’t read, and that is causing the massive list to keep growing way more than it should. You’ve got some goodies there! Hugs… and I love this topic! Ro

  • Awesome haul! I´m looking forward to read The Fill-in Boyfriend and The Wrath & the Dawn.
    Enjouy your books.

  • You won’t find any help from me, sorry! When someone tells me they spent $200 on books, I just smile and cheer them on! I’m an out of control book hoarder too. Just ask my husband who frowns everytime I bring a new book into the house:-D

  • lol I’m impressed! I buy a lot of books too but not that much now maybe because I really don’t have place anymore in ma TBR pile and it’s starting to accumulate on my desk, which isn’t beautiful. But last week I told myself, it’s the end, I don’t ask anymore books and there I saw a Colleen Hoover in French and even if I don’t really contact French publisher because I have already too many books from everywhere, I did, and I was surprised when the person told me yes. You know the fact that I have too much ENglish doesn’t help but I had it and I was really happy because I loved it. So well I’m so weak too.

  • $200 on books in one week?! Whew!

    I’ve been good at not buying so much books lately. Mainly because I’m spending more on travel expenses. Also, I am running out of space, plus I still have a lot of unread printed books. I made it a rule to finish one book first before buying a new one.