[518]: The Collector by Nora Roberts


GOODREADS SUMMARY | Berkeley | Paperback, 507 pp. | April 15,  2014 | Adult Fiction | Romantic Suspense | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This is my first ever Nora Roberts book. I wanted to read it because for an author of her popularity, I haven’t been inclined to check out her work.  I’ve had this intolerable stigma that her books are purely romance, and in so, something to be read in the privacy of my bedroom. But I was wrong. I think I’ve always known I was wrong. I was just too stubborn to see reason. It just so happens that it was one of those weekends where I was between books. So when I saw this on my pile, I said, why not? A couple of chapters in, and I was hooked!

The Story.

Professional house-sitter, Lila Emerson was used to watching people live their lives. Through a pair of binoculars she sees them  and invents stories behind their glass windows. One night, she didn’t expect to witness the murder of a supermodel who fell to her death fourteen stories high. She’d always known that she was in one of those tumultuous, tempestuous relationships. So she knew it was only a matter of time before she befalls victim to her live-in lover. But the story is not as cut and dry. If at first, the suspects wanted the police to assume it was a murder/suicide, mounting evidence, however,  points to double murder.

Ashton Archer knew her brother wasn’t capable of hurting a fly. So when the police notified him that Oliver killed his lover, he was the first to defend him. He’s not going to rest until he finds out what happens to him. So he recruits the help of the only witness in the crime. Who would’ve known that gypsy writer, Lila Emerson could be as beautiful as she was insightful? Soon, their attraction starts to develop into something more. People also started dying; murdered by the same people who killed his brother.

Together, Lila and Ashton embarks to solve the mystery of what kind of trouble Oliver got himself into that led to his murder. Provided they don’t get killed first.

My Thoughts. 

That was really unexpected. Though I don’t know why I would think that. Nora Roberts hasn’t written 200 books because she was a mediocre writer. She has legions of fans who can attest to her story-telling prowess. I really am glad I finally broke through her world. I’ve become an instant fan!

Her characterizations are superb. Lila is one of those people who has this knack for getting you to talk. Soon, she’ll have your deepest secrets without you knowing how she did it. She’s also like a MacGyver of sorts. She fixes things – big and small with her handy-dandy switchblade of doom. She has the best job ever. She travels and for periods of time she lives in luxury as a professional house sitter for the rich. On her spare time, she’s a successful Young Adult novelist. She is funny, candid and she’s not scared of anything – not even the ruthless assassin who was hunting them. She’s spunky and delightful; truly a well-rounded character.

On the other hand, you’ve got Ashton, who was a study in control. Sometimes, you can feel his anger brimming to the surface, but he’s able to coral it in. I did wonder what it would be like for him to unleash all his temper, though. I imagine it would be spectacularly hot.

Over all, this book was a delightful mix of suspense and romance. It was a languid tale interspersed with burst of thrills that will get readers engrossed from start to finish. I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Roberts!

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