[517]: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

DSC00101GOODREADS SUMMARY | Series: Red Queen, #1 |HarperTeen | Hardcover, 383 pp. | Published: February 10th, 2015 | Young Adult Fiction | Fantasy | Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

Warning: By the end of this review, you will hate the words, annoyingsmirking, and WHY. ALSO, a bit of a rant ahead. 

The Selection? Maybe. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never read the books. Graceling? Why? Because they have powers? Possibly. Why don’t you just try and market the book on its own merits? Why are you setting me up for a sure disappointment? Because I freaking love Graceling, okay? It has a fantastic world, phenomenal writing, and women of great independence and power. This? This does not even come close.

It could’ve been good. But the amount of smirking going on drove me insane. To tell you the truth, this is the most annoying book I’ve ever read this year.  And all the claims that it borrowed bits and pieces of plots from books in this genre, is true. While I went in with an open mind and purely expected that to be the case,  it didn’t bother me one bit. But somehow, I still ended up feeling…gipped.

It had a great start. I love the concept right off the bat. I love reading about characters with superpowers. Granted, their powers didn’t really cover a wide scope (you’re either a fire starter, a mind controller, or in Mare’s case, an electrifier). I thought it was still interesting. But all that potential for greatness was eclipsed when I was introduced to all the boys vying for Mare’s attention. I’m more inclined to say, seriously? She’s not all that great. Why? Why?! And have I mentioned the amount of smirking going on in here? Thanks to this book, I can no longer stomach boys and girls who smirk. Staph. Just stop using this word.

Half the time, Mare’s thought processes were as incoherent and in-cohesive as this review.  She’s immature. She waffled between brothers, which again, is just annoying. And to be honest, neither boys were all that interesting and worthy. You have a younger sibling who wants to best his brother first and foremost; who hides behind his stature and who’s got questionable intentions and loyalties. Then you have the older brother, the apparent heir to the throne, who can’t decide whether or not he wants to save his kingdom or look good in front of Mare. Neither boys deserves her time and affection. Or Mare deserves both because well, I don’t really care.

Please don’t take my review to heart. You all know that I am not a fan of this genre. But sometimes, there are fantasy novels that changes people. In this instance, however, it just cements my dislike for it.  And that is the sad part, because I really want to have a change of heart. I want to be able to read fantasy without feeling like it’s a daunting task. Lately, the more I read books from this genre, the more I want to stab myself with a dull knife. Repeatedly.

All in all, this was not a good read. At. All. Sorry.

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