[516]: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

DSC00096GOODREADS SUMMARY | Balzer + Bray | Hardcover, 303 pp. | April 7th, 2015 | Young Adult Fiction | Contemporary | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Simon vs. Martin Addison 

Sixteen-year-old Simon Spiers knew it was only a matter of time. The awkwardness and uncertainty of his family’s reaction to him coming out is a task he’d rather not deal with just quite yet. Unfortunately, Martin Addison might just beat him to the punch.     When he forgot to log out of his email, Martin discovered Simon’s emails to Blue, and with it, the secret that Simon is gay. So now, he’s being blackmailed. Help Martin get noticed by his friend Abby, or else his secret will be out…in not so many words. 

Simon vs. Blue

In the meantime, things are getting more and more awkward with his little group of friends. Nick likes Abby. Leah likes Nick. Soon, Simon will have to choose a side. And he really wants to meet Blue, but Blue’s reluctance is a hurdle they both need to get over. In some instances, he thinks he knows who Blue is. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on his end? You know when you want someone to be somebody so bad, it becomes a physical ache you can’t ignore? That’s how badly he wants this person to be Blue. Simon’s life as a gay teen in a Georgia town is every bit as complicated as it is fun. At least he could rest easy knowing that his friends would have his back when ‘the time’ comes. Right?

This is better than Oreo

Like I said, this book is so unbearably cute. There’s teenage drama, sure. But none of the usual stuff. These kids are a’ight. They banded together against what could’ve been a potentially difficult situation, and the parents are painfully awkward, but present! There were moments when I had to go back and re-read some chapters because I like revisiting favourite scenes. I especially liked the seemingly simple, yet complicated relationship between Simon and Blue. The progression it took and how it went from friendship between two boys, flirtatious banter, to eventually professing something more than what each was willing to admit.

If there’s ever a book that I can truly say made me blush alongside its characters, this was it. And it was relentless! It wasn’t just Simon and Blue but the other pairings in this book as well.

Why you should read it

It’s the freshness of the author’s writing; her ability to tell a Young Adult story without the expected baggages that came with the genre; and realistic relationship dynamics between all parties involved. The support group that Simon has is what’s so inspiring about this book. I want kids to read this. Kids that are probably going through the same situations in their lives; wherein they are not sure how their real identities would be received, but cannot go on pretending any longer. There is nothing worst than playing somebody else day in and day out. 

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