Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 143


Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong | Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø | The New Neighbor by Leah Stewart | Everything, Everything by Nicola Joon | Revenge of the Kremlin by Gérard de Villiers | Better than Perfect by Melissa Kantor | The Shadows by JR Ward | Kalahari by Jessica Khouri | Me Being You is Exactly as Insane as You Being You by Todd Hasak-Lowy | No Parking at the End Times by Bryan Bliss


I’m officially back from holidays for a week now though I’ve only been to work for a day. I had a scare the other night that involved my husband calling 911, and me riding shotgun in an ambulance. The combination of the lack of sleep and lack of sustenance did me in. Basically, I woke up at 2 in the morning on Wednesday and couldn’t get back to sleep. After an hour or two of reading, the world started spinning. I really thought there was an earthquake. Have you ever had a severe case of vertigo? I thought that was it for me. I couldn’t move my head left or right because my world tilts as soon as I’m jostled. Everything is fine now though I’m not so confident about driving. I’m scared I’ll have an episode and get into a car accident. So I’m going to get chauffeured for a week or so until we’re certain everything is really fine.

Remember when I slaughtered a virgin goat and offered it as a sacrifice to the ARC-giving goddess? 

While I was away on holidays, Random House Canada/Penguin Canada emailed me and asked me if I would like to review some books. Rhetorical question? Trick question? Of course I said hell yeah! They sent me four: Empire of Night; Everything, Everything; Blood on Snow, and Revenge of Kremlin. I love that they sent me two adult fictions and two YAs. I read Blood on Snow this weekend and loved it; I’m halfway through Everything and have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. So thank you, Random House of Canada for the books! And it totally works! Lol.

Also in the mail was a copy of The New Neighbor from Simon and Schuster Canada. I started reading this one until I realized it’s not out for publication till July. This, after reading 5 chapters! That’s how engrossed I was with the story.

This has been my haul this week. Any of these in your pile? Let me know what you got this week as well! Thanks for visiting while I was away. 🙂


  • Welcome back! I would’ve said hell yeah too! hope you enjoy them!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  • I love the bookish photography, it looks like a great haul – I do hope you enjoy these reads 🙂

  • I can’t say I have heard of any of these books before, but I am looking forward to knowing more about them through your reviews. And I sincerely hope you are alright and that this episode isn’t serious, so it passes quickly! It’s good of you to stay safe and take it easy a bit. <3

  • That Vacation must have been very exhausting for you. The trip alone is probably worth two days or so combined right? That would get to anybody. I’m happy you’re feeling better and your goat sacrifice worked! Have a fantastic reading week, joy, take it easy.

    • Thanks, Braine! It’d been fun and exhausting, yes. I’m still not back to regular programming, unfortunately, but I’m going to do my best to get some much needed zzzzs tonight.

  • Great haul Joy! I´m so want to read Empere of Night.
    Enjoy your books.

  • Wohoooooo 😀 Awesome books

  • I hope you get adjusted to the time difference soon Joy! Wow, congrats on getting all of those ARCs, it’s always an honour to get accepted by publishers! I want to read Me Being You, but the title is kind of ridiculously long lol. Have a lovely week ahead!

    • Oh you should see this book in person, Jeann. It’s HUUUUUGE.

  • Christy

    Oh damn, that’s scary. I get really lightheaded a lot and everything goes black when it’s bad, but nothing like that. Hope you don’t experience it again.

    Wait …the virgin to sacrifice for ARCs only has to be a goat? Shit. I better go untie the Star Wars geek I have in my basement.

    • Nope. You need to release the poor sod. Lol.

  • I LOVED Everything Everything! It was amazing and I’m so happy that I was able to get a copy <3 Your other books sound awesome too. I want to read the Kelly Armstrong one!

    • Thanks, Nova. 😀 I had to set it aside for now, because of a couple of for-review books I need to get to. But oh I can’t wait to get back into it!

  • Oh, I hope you’re alright! That sounds truly awful. I’ve really only had that kind of vertigo once, and I ended up waking up on the kitchen floor in a puddle of water because I’d been holding a glass when I feel. (Oops?) AND YAY FOR EMPIRE OF NIGHT! Although I can barely remember what happened in Sea of Shadows.

    • Sea of Shadows is a bit of a handful, I found. I’m not a regular reader of fantasy so trying to remember everything takes a bit of work. 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hooray for review copies!

    I’m so glad you’re okay Joy, vertigo is scary. I get it quite often too, having a hole in my eardrum. It puts me off balance and everyone just assumes I’m a clumsy idiot. Have they given you medication for it or checked out your ears? Sometimes something a trivial as a minor inner ear infection can cause a big case of the wonkies. You poor poppet, glad you’ve got hubby to drive you around until it settles down. You make sure you take care of yourself and plenty of sleep missy! <3

    PS: Welcome back <3 You've been truly missed while you've been gone Joy.

    • Yay! You got through!!! I was so worried. I’ve been having troubles with Go Daddy for the last few weeks, so I was not surprised when you mentioned my blog was not loading right for you. I talked to them a couple of days ago about it, and they insist they fixed the problem. I’m really hoping that’s the case.

      Anyway, thank you for the well wishes, hun! <3

  • Hugs

    Happy reading

  • Me being Me sounds like it will be a good read. Have a great weekend.

    • I’m looking forward to it! You too, Brandi! Happy Easter!

  • Every time I visit your blog, I am attacked by a severe case of book picture lust…seriously, all the pretty pictures happen on Joyous Reads *sobs in envy* Anywoo, the vertigo sounds rough 🙁 Never had that problem, though sometimes my meds cause me to forget to eat and I pass out randomly because of low sugar. Not pleasant at all. Hope they figure out and fix whatever is causing the dizziness! So you can drive again!

    • Aw. Thank you! I try. 🙂 And thanks for the well wishes. <3

  • So glad everything is okay!

    And what a glorious book haul. I have an eARC of Everything, Everything -am looking forward to getting stuck into it!

    • It’s so good. I hope you’ll enjoy Everything, Everything. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  • That’s a lot of books! Researching some of the interesting titles, hopefully grab them soon and have them piled up on my TBR. 🙂

  • Next time I want something I’ll have to remember your virgin goat sacrifice, lol! Welcome back, Joy! Sorry to hear you’ve had some health issues. I hope you get back to 100% soon. 🙂

    I’m interested to hear what you think of the Kelley Armstrong book. I read her YA series and loved it.

  • I’m glad to see that you’re feeling better Joy, it’s sort of scary when something like that happens. Also look at all the awesome books, it’s a great feeling when you’re having a great run with them! Take it easy! 🙂

  • That is so awesome the publisher emailed you and sent you so many books. Nothing feels better then when publishers find and contact you!

    • I know right? It’s only taken three years before they noticed me. Lol. But I’m really excited!

  • Congrats on all the wonderful books!

  • That’s so great for you and new books! I’m jealous! So many new ones I want to try as well. Happy reading!

  • Me Being Me/You Being You is HUGE!
    I am really, really looking forward to Everything,Everything too! It’s such a pretty ARC! I hope they keep it for the finished as well 🙂
    Happy to hear that you had a lovely holiday and made it home well! Enjoy your new reads!!!

    • I know right? I hope it’ll be great. The reviews on GR aren’t looking favourable, though. :/

  • Nice stack of books. I hope you love all your new books. They look fabulous.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  • Yay for getting publisher books 😀 That is awesome. <3 But aaaack. I'm sorry you had such a scare o.O Sounds creepy. Glad you are doing okay, though. <3 Hope it won't happen again 🙂 Such pretty books this week sweetie. <3 I hope you'll love them all 😀 Once I get Empire of Night, I'm thinking about finally starting book one ;p And must read Kalahari soon 😀

    • I didn’t know Kalahari is a part of a series. Eek. So now, I probably won’t be able to start it until I read the first two books. :/ Thanks, hun!

      • WAAAAAAIT. Joy. Kalahari is not a part of a series. It does NOT have any of the same characters. It is only the same evil company, nothing more 🙂 you don’t have to read the other two books first ;p

        • What? Why does Goodreads say it’s part of the Origin books?!

          • Oh, it is a part of them, but not a series. Just.. it is set in the same world and time, I think, but none of the same characters at all 🙂 It is like.. companion books?

  • Oh my gosh! I hope you are feeling better. What a scary situation!?! I once had vertigo from a side effect to a medication I was allergic to. It’s so scary! That’s awesome you received those review books from Random House. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on a few of those especially No Parking at the End Times…that one is on my TBR list. Happy reading!

    • Thank you, Christina. It was a scary thing if you haven’t experienced it in the past. <3

  • Oh my Goodness, I hope you’re okay now, Joy! Stay safe, yeah? <3

    • I really am feeling better. I haven’t had any episodes in the last couple of days. Thanks, Aimee. <3

  • Looking forward to hearing more about these 😀

  • Oh Joy, did they say why you had vertigo? What a scare!:-( Hope you feel better soon and won’t have any repeats. Huge hugs from us both xxx Happy you got all those
    lovely arcs, enjoy!

  • Oh mii god, Everything, Everything <3 That one sounds great! Ha… I hope you enjoy You Being Me… Me Being You. Kinda DNF'd it :/

    • Isn’t it? It took me a day to finish that book. I’m getting the impression that Me Being Me is going to be an odd book. I hope I’ll fare better with it. :/

  • Great haul of books! Everything, Everything is on my TBR.