[506]: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop


While some readers would find this instalment a bit sluggish and non-consequential to the overall plot of the novel, I would argue that this book, at least, remains consistently addictive. I don’t know what it is about the world Ms. Bishop has created, but for me, it’s the major draw of this book. In fact, I’ll say in all honesty, that she keeps building the world even though we’re three books into the series. I feel that the more we get into the series, the more expansive our knowledge is of this make-believe Earth.

I like seeing the Others win time and again against humans who think they’re the superior race. I like seeing Simon Wolfgard and the human police of Lakeside Courtyard try and coexist in harmony, respecting each other’s boundaries and maintaining how destructive not cooperating with the Others can become. The human police here at least are a smart people. I can’t say the same for the rest of the world though. In fact, HFL movement continues to challenge the Others by creating more problems for themselves. Humans think they’re beyond these creatures; and that they can push without retaliation, when in fact, they’d been given clear evidence as to what will happen if they continue to succumb to their greed. My favourite parts of these novels are the instances when the humans fail.

The Cassandra Sangue that were freed from the Controller are learning to live in a world where they’re not oppressed. While Meg Corbyn was triumphant in her liberation, the rest frightfully struggle. It didn’t take a while for the Others to figure out that their razors were their crutches. That without them, the unspoken visions can lead the sweet bloods to deaths by their own hands. In the meantime, the arrival of one Lizzie Boyden will be the catalyst to discovering another threat to the humans/Others coexistence. Layer by agonizing layer, they discover a plot that can bring food shortages   that are human-made and one step closer towards human extinction. Seriously. When will you people learn?

Over all, I love this instalment. I mean, I haven’t given these books ratings less than five stars. I’m completely vested in the stories, which is shocking to me at times, because some readers found the dumping of information a bit too much. Me? I’m savouring each and every sentence, continuing to be amazed by this woman’s incredible writing.

GOODREADS SUMMARY | ROC | Hardcover, 400 pp. | March 3rd, 2015 | Adult Fiction | Paranormal | Rating: 5 Stars

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