Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 141


DSC00016Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop | The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkowski | Mosquitoland by David Arnold | Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon | The Collector by Nora Roberts | Confess by Colleen Hoover | We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamada Ngozi Adichie

I always do this.

I preorder a book, but on the day of its release, I’m encumbered by impatience. So I end up going to my bookstore and picking up a copy anyway. And that, my friends, is why I have two copies of Vision in Silver. Le sigh.

This was last week’s purchases. I wanted to post it before I left for my holidays.

I have been waiting patiently for the release of Vision in Silver. By the time this post goes live, I’m most likely halfway done with this book.

The Winner’s Crime is a book that’s been getting a wide array of reactions lately. I know I wanted to read it because I enjoyed its predecessor.

Mosquitoland sounds like a book that’s going to go either way for me. And while I like how harmless it looks, I know this is going to be one of those books that will probably punch me right in the sternum.

Confess is a no-brainer. I love this author. The Collector by Nora Roberts was reviewed by Sarah of One Curvy Blogger, she loved it. I thought I pop my Nora Roberts cherry by reading this one.

We Should All Be Feminist is brain food. We should all read this book. 

I’ve been working really hard to curb my book expenditures, but there are books that I just can’t afford to pass up, yanno?

What’s new in your shelves this week?

  • Wow, you really do that when you preorder a book? I have never heard of that before, but it goes to show how much you really want it! I just finished reading the Winner’s Curse and I merely found it to be an okay book – but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the sequel before I buy it!

  • Oh, Vision in Silver! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, Joy. I think you’re still on vacation, right? Anyhow, hope you’re having or had fun! 🙂

  • The Winner’s Crime is so good! I need a copy, since it’s so pretty. And the idea of Confess is so cool! I hope it ends up being awesome. 🙂 I hope you had a great trip!

  • Yay for Vision in Silver and the Winner’s Crime! I loved them. Happy reading!

  • Night Play looks like it will be a good one. Enjoy and have a great week.

  • That is my pet peeve about preorders. They often ship on publication day and then take forever to come and then you’re on Twitter and everyone is talking about the book. So frustrating. Can’t Amazon and B and N understand that you preorder a book because you can’t wait to read it? They should ship it out so it arrives on the day it comes out.
    Okay, rant over 🙂
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  • My mother has been pestering me about finding her some good Adult reads, so I thought, Mmm I haven’t been to Joy’s blog and a good week or so, let me stalk her posts for some good recs. First post I see, and I’ve already found a book she may enjoy. Nora Roberts The Collector is now on my list! I just purchased The Winners Curse and Crime about a week ago, and I can’t wait to dive in! So many people have great things to say about both books, and I’m so in the mood for this genre, so hopefully I’ll enjoy them. I feel as though I’m going to really like Mosquitoland. I’ve heard the main character is pretty brilliant, and the that the story was well-written, but we shall see 🙂

  • I’ve purchased duplicates as well do that greedy, impatient, grabby-hands feeling you get when you really need that book! These all look like fantastic reads. I have book one of both Anne Bishop and Marie Rutkowski I need to get too. I hope you enjoy your wonderful reads 🙂

  • Well, you can always give me your extra copy of Vision in Silver 😉 I recently read Written in Red from the library, and loved it so much that I HAD to buy it. I ordered it online, but it was taking so long that I went to the local bookstore and bought it (so I now have two copies, hahaha). I have Murder of Crows on my bookshelf and I am DYING to read it.

  • Confess was great! I think Maybe Someday will always be my favorite novel by Colleen Hoover, but Confess still told an amazing story. I’ve also heard mixed things about The Winner’s Crime, and I wasn’t a huge fan of The Winner’s Curse, but I’m curious to see what you’ll think of The Winner’s Crime! I hope you enjoy all of your books 🙂

  • I want to start reading Anne Bishop series, because of all the great reviews that are about it.
    hope you enjoy it.

  • I just love love love the cover for Mosquitoland!! Must.Buy. hahah, seriously?? Daaamn. Girl has money to spend. x) I’m quite surprised by how patient I am with books. I guess I wouldn’t be if there weren’t so many books I have to read in the world, but since there are, days kinda fly by and I feel like every day there is an exciting book being released.

  • *CRIES* I preordered Confess in JANUARY and it still isn’t here yet, Amazon are out to get me!!! Also, YES to We Should All Be Feminists. I’ve watched that TED Talk so many times I can quote it, and I just bought three of Adichie’s novels too. R x

  • I’ve been very pleased with Amazon recently. My pre-ordered books and blu-rays have been consistently arriving a day early. However, my problem comes in when the books arrive, because I never seem to make time to read the books I was excited enough to pre-order. This is what has happened over the last few weeks with The Winner’s Crime, as well as A Darker Shade of Magic.

    I just picked up Mosquitoland from the library today. I hope the story is as good as that cover.

  • Great haul Joy! I’ve been seeing Colleen’s books all over the place and I need to check out what’s all the hype! Mosquitoland sounds funny, I’ll check that out also 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your weekly books.

    Happy Reading
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  • My impatience has led to the purchase of duplicate copies of books as well Joy, you are not alone! Typically it’s an ebook/physical copy situation, but the same impatience applies. I pre-order a physical copy because I desperately want it on my shelf when all is said and done, but I can’t deal with the fact that it’s not in my hands on release day so I download a copy to my Kindle. Can’t be helped 😉 So excited to see what you think of Vision in Silver!

  • I’m excited to hear what you think of Mosquitoland and Confess! I read Confess and liked it but not as much as CoHo’s other books. Her writing is still phenomenal!
    And your reason for 2 copies of ViS is why I don’t pre-order! They take forever to arrive.
    Happy reading, Joy!

  • So happy to see a copy of Vision in Silver in your pile of books!! I love this series so much and I can’t wait to see you flailing about it alongside us 😀 And Confess may be THAT Coleen Hoover book that I actually legitimately want to read :O The reviews have been so positive, you cannot not get excited.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  • I really enjoyed Vision in Silver and though The Winner’s Crime destroyed me, I also wound up really liking it. I especially want to read We Should All Be Feminists, though–definitely need to get my hands on that! Happy Reading, Joy!(:

  • Awe, joy. All those books are gorgeous. Happy reading

  • Yay for Anne Bishop & YAY for duplicate copies! & WTH is Mosquitoland?

  • I am excited for Winners Crime. Hope you enjoy and have a great week.

  • Gorgeous books this week Joy 😀 I’m crossing my fingers you are loving them all. <3 The Winner's Crime! I love it to pieces! But so evil. Hmph. But I do think you'll like it, I hope 🙂 Happy reading sweetie. <3 Hope you are having an amazing vacation 🙂

  • I have been seeing Mosquitoland and Confess everywhere lately, so I am will be looking forward to seeing how you get on with them! Happy reading lovely! 🙂

  • Mosquitoland! <3 Definitely a love or hate type book. I loved it. Confess I obviously adored too. I'm curious to see your thoughts. Also I've never read a Nora book… Maybe I should try one at some point? I think I have one on audio, I'll check it out. 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Yay for vision in silver and The winner’s crime, I loved them! Happy reading!

  • You got some amazing books! You are going to love Confess and I want to read all of the books you have! I just read Written in Red and so want to read the others now!
    Congrats on all the great books!

  • I wish I could afford to buy so many books xD

  • LOL, that is being very impatient