Photo Vomit [#15]: Instagram Tags


Book and a notebook. Tagged by Amir of Not so Literary!


Book and lipstick. Tagged by @crochetandbooks on Instagram.

DSC_0990Pressured reads. Tagged by @mariannelee_092 (Boricuan Bookworms) on Instagram.


Books with plaid. Tagged by @booksandbaby (Educating Elsa) on Instagram.


Bookish breakfast. Tagged by @lilytales on Instagram. Tea, strawberries and a granola bar.

I’ve been horrid at responding to tags on Instagram, so I thought I should try and catch up. If you’ve tagged me in the past and I have not responded to it yet, don’t fret. I’ll make it up to you soon. I’m on Instagram, in case you want to see more of these bookish pictures.


  • I only recently got instagram myself and I really love the idea of bookish photography. Although I have a fair hand at every day photography, it’s so much easier for me to be creative when it comes to books. I can’t find a follow button to your instagram on here 🙁 I’m oliviascatatsrophe, so if you do find me first, then I will be sure to follow you back!

  • It’s hard to remember to do the tags! But oh course, yours are worth waiting for, because they’re seriously gorgeous!

  • I seriously love your photography Joy! You have an eye for beautiful photos (just one of your many talents) 😉

  • Awesome photos Joy! I have to admit that I don’t do Instagram tags, but people seem to tag me anyways, and I feel bad about that. I should probably do something like what you’re doing and put it in a post. Also, MOSQUITOLAND. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

  • <333 Especially the Bookish breakfast one and the Outlander one 😀

    (and it's funny, no one ever tags me on IG…)

  • So pretty!! Love the books & breakfast one. <3

  • Joy I am the absolute worse when it comes to keeping up with tags on Instagram, I adore the photos that you’ve shared with us, especially the bookish breakfast one 🙂

  • Oh, such gorgeous pictures 😀 Thank you so so much for taking and sharing Joy. <3 You are amazing. And omg, bookish breakfast 😀 I LOVE THAT. So pretty. Hope you will take and share more amazing pictures like these 🙂

  • I love seeing everyone’s bookish photos, yours are always so lovely Joy. I’m not on Instagram, having a stupid Windows phone and all, but it makes me want to upgrade to an iPhone just to be able to share my bookpics too. I can imagine the tags get a little much after a while, they seem to come in waves. Can’t wait to see more! <3

  • Tsk. You and your pretty photos!!!

    Can you start a new feature here? Like how to take GREAT bookish photos??? I suck at it, like really suck!

  • I just love the title of this post. 😛

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  • What gadget do you use for taking pictures, Joy? They look so beautiful! Every time I try to take a picture with my Samsung S3, it looks really blurry and just… not that good >_> Beautiful pictures once again! <3 Lovely books you have there!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  • Fantastic photography! I really love the Outlander picture and the All the Bright Places picture. Happy Friday!

  • I’m so gonna follow you on Instagram! 😀

  • Purtty purtty picturessssssssss. :3
    I need your photography skillsssssssss because I am so behind with my book tags on instagram D:

  • Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    Ooh so many pretty photos!!! I always forget to do Instagram tags–I’ve only done about 3 about of the several times I’ve been tagged whooooooops

    Thanks for sharing, Joy! <33

  • And I am bad at posting there

  • I have been THE WORST at responding to IG tags. I probably have more than twenty that I haven’t done yet. Oops. Anyway, I love these, especially the book and lipstick + bookish breakfast ones! So pretty!

  • that’s some really nice pictures! thanks for sharing!