[496]: Hero by Samantha Young

NAL | Kindle Edition, 404 pp.
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2015
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

A dead spark plug.

I wanted to jump-start my NA appetite again by reading a novel written by someone I’m familiar with. And while I enjoyed some aspects of this book, I felt that it wasn’t as strong as her previous work.  Particularly when she switched focus from Alex’s family troubles to Caine’s past. The less than smooth transition jarred me a little, and I can’t find anything remotely remarkable about her characters if you stand them up beside every other characters you’ve ever read from this sub-genre. Unfortunately, this book did very little to inspire me to read more in this brand new thing you kids love reading these days.

The plot twist from the left field.

Sometimes, it is best to give your readers bits of hints to your character’s  background; not so much to prepare them, but just so when the revelation comes, it is not so surprising. So surprising, in fact, that it almost looks like the element was an addendum; an afterthought that didn’t belong there in the first place.

I’m really bored now.

If you are a regular reader of New Adult romances, this book should be a good addition to your collection. It follows the formula of every single book you’ve ever read from this sub-genre.  I am, however, a sporadic reader of this new thing. So it’s not saying a lot when I got bored 5 chapters in. I already had an inkling where the story was going (apart from the exorcist-head-turn-twist of Caine’s past).

I fall asleep during sex…in books.

However,  all is not lost. The characters have believable chemistry even though they started off on the wrong foot. I enjoyed their banter, and Alex was a fun smart ass. Caine was intense – in a Christian Grey kind of way, but without the flogger. The sex was…well, here’s the thing. Nowadays, sex scenes in literature bore me. I tend to  gloss over those especially while in the throes of a ho-hum book. I can’t recall the reading on the heat gauge during their coital unions, but if that’s your thing, you might want to check out another person’s review.

I need to move on now…

I don’t know. Perhaps I’m not cut out for these type of books. I should just wave the white flag already and stick to what I like. Otherwise, I’m seeing a lot of mediocre reads in my future.


  • Ooh dear, this doesn’t sound good. I just got this one on my reader, too. LOL.

  • I have actually seen a lot of outstanding reviews for this book, so it’s a shame you couldn’t enjoy it as much. But you did give good reasons! I wasn’t intending to read this one because NA isn’t really my thing, but I can understand how if it’s simply another book that follows a formula most do (with a throw in of something bizarre in an attempt to be original) then I can understand why it was kind of meh in places.

  • Oy, this just sounds like an unoriginal mess. Is NA a genre of romance/erotic novels for 20 something year olds? Definitely not my cup of tea.

  • Christy

    Like, whateva, Joy! I loved this, so there. lol. This was my 1st Young book, but quite a few people told me it paled in comparison to On Dublin Street. After reading ODS, I’m glad I read this first so I didn’t have that experience.

  • lornak99

    Oh no, I read a good review, and bought this the other day. Darn. Sorry it wasn’t for you!

  • Sorry this bummed you out. I’ve heard people ranting and raving over it, but I’m not that big a fan of NA – like you, I’m a sporadic reader of the genre myself. I’m kinda tempted to pick it up because I enjoyed previous works by this author, but I’m leery of this one.

  • I actually ended up liking this more than I thought I would. I had low expectations and have been little tired of NA lately, but this felt like 50 Shades without the flogger as you said. I liked the banter and snark. It wasn’t SY’s best but it was entertaining for me. Sorry it was more of a disappointment for you. Great, fun review, Joy! 🙂

  • ugh, okay, this one will be a skip for me :/ How can you fall asleep during sex scenes hahaha? lol ^^ Love the review!!

  • It had been a while since I read a NA book, but when they first came out I went through a reading spree of this sub-genre and loved some of them and other not so much, but maybe this year I´ll read some of them. Thanks for your review Joy.

  • I actually haven’t had as great luck with Samantha Young’s books so I am not even sure if I’d want to read this. There is some good NA out there though, Joy so don’t give up just yet! I don’t read as much NA either but I have managed to find books within the demographic that I truly enjoyed so I hope that you will be able to to! 🙂

    Also…. if you’re falling asleep during the sex… I am not sure what that says 😛

    I am sorry this didn’t work out for you 🙁

  • Well, this sounds like the twist was way out there, the sex … ho-hum, Lol. And though enjoyable, it didn’t knock your socks off either. I have the first book of her other series I want to try someday.
    Thanks for the great and thoughtful review!

  • I’ve seen this book all over Goodreads lately, but didn’t really know what it was about. LOL at falling asleep during the sex scenes… that must’ve been hilarious. Oh, Joy, just try to re read a book you love to get over this one. 🙂

  • The way you described the twist had me giggling like a maniac. I’m not a fan of this genre either, but there are occasionally some gems out there. I would rather see NA be adopted alongside other genres like fantasy so it’s not always just about the romance. A Court of Thorns and Roses did NA really well, and I would forever be comparing NA to that book, which is predominantly a fantasy read. Lovely review Joy, I don’t really think I expected you to love this book to be honest.

  • Ha! At least your review is amusing? I’m not really sure of the new adult hype honestly. I’ve read some that I really liked, but I’ve also read some that are just boring or don’t do anything with the new adult label, aside from adding some sex scenes–which I don’t see as being the point. Why create a whole new genre just to write the same books? I want to read some of her other stuff, so I’ll just skip this and read what’s been recommended. 🙂

  • lol, I love your review Joy. <3 Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this book 😀 I do think I like the cover. But yeah, not a book for me ;p But aw. I'm sorry you had such issues with it, hih 🙂 But three stars is still pretty good, so I'm glad you liked it ;p Also! I AM STILL NOT GETTING EMAILS. How mean. I added you on Feedly, though. <3 Which I am shocked to say that I hadn't done before o.O Probably because I always open your posts via email. Hmph. But now I shall pay attention on Feedly instead, hih 🙂

  • Haha, I loved reading this review! The sarcasm was really fun to read! I get what you mean about random plot twists. You know, those kinds wherein everything is happening smoothly and THEN something happens or something is revealed THAT FEELS SO BIZARRE because it’s like there was no hint about it in the previous pages or anything, it wasn’t introduced or anything, that it feels like “oh, okay, I wanna put a plot twist so let’s put it here even if it doesn’t make sense.” I hate those!

  • This review is absolutely hilarious Joy! You know me I’m the most fussiest reader ever when it comes to picking up NA books, especially if they all tend to go down that same route, or I can guess what’s about to go down really early on. I normally also can’t read a lot of these back to back, so maybe taking a break and then coming back to them will get you in the mood for them again?

  • Oh that’s such a shame for you. I’m so sorry. I haven’t read anything by this author before, so I am quite looking forward to this book still. I am a fan of NA so I guess I’m quite used too the similar styles in books but I can see what you mean. Great honest review! 🙂

  • I’m a fan of Young’s work but ever since this one came out, I’ve been hearing amazing thing after amazing thing. Reading your review is kind of a relief. I’m sorry you couldn’t quite get into this one and that it didn’t completely work for you. Hopefully her next books sits better with you. Thanks for the honest review Joy!

  • Ah this one… I don’t know, I’m not that attracted I confess so for now I think I’ll pass but I hope the next one will be better for you.

  • It is a shame you can’t get into this genre. I read this a few days ago and I enjoy the banter between the characters. I get what you mean about Caine’s past being thrown out there though.
    Great review.

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  • Oh no, so sorry to hear it wasn’t what you’d hoped!

  • I did read that this is weak compared to her other series. As I am an SYoung virgin, I should read this first and build up to her hit series. Minimize the expectations and disappointment

  • Sex scenes bores me too these days

  • I didn’t find this to be nearly as interesting as I hoped either. It was entertaining for a bit but the extended drama towards the end did nothing for me and I grew tired of all the angst. Young has written better, no doubt.

  • My limited experience with New Adult has done nothing to endear this genre to me. I used to be all over the sex scenes when I first starting reading Paranormal Romance, but now I’m with you, I tend to skim them because they grow repetitive after a while. I’m positive that there do indeed exist quality NA titles, we just have to find them…

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  • I like some NA, but I’m kind of picky. Sounds like I should try a different book by this author!

    Jen @ YA Romantics

  • So many people have liked this but not really loved it. I so want to try this author but I think I will start with her series first.

    Wonderful honest review!!

  • Yeah, I can see why this didn’t work out for you. :/ Completely agree with you about the new adult genre. Hm, maybe I should start also with her On Dublin Street series instead of this one…

  • As much as I enjoyed this book, I have to agree with your points. This didn’t really have anything new to it, but I still thought it was entertaining and I devoured it within a few hours. And yes, I’m so immune to sex scenes too now. LOL. While I was reading this one, I just sent photos of weird words being used to my friend. Some of the scenes were AWKWARD! I did really like their chemistry together though, which is why I wasn’t too bothered by them and the characters were great too.
    Great review, Joy! I hope you’ll find a gem one of these days!

  • It’s always sad when a book (or genre) is disappointing:(
    Ugh I hate twists that come out of nowhere! Twists can be the most amazing things when there are little hints left along the way but otherwise they feel forced and desperate.
    I get how you feel:) I don’t think I’d be very into NA and it’s hard to keep exploring a genre that hasn’t captivated you yet!
    You always write everything in such a elegant and wonderful way:)
    Hopefully better books from this genre or your favourite genre are coming your way!

  • Oh dear… this sounds pretty bland. I think you are right, get out of the genre and return to what you love. I hope you will enjoy your next read tons more! :]