[496]: Hero by Samantha Young

NAL | Kindle Edition, 404 pp.
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2015
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

A dead spark plug.

I wanted to jump-start my NA appetite again by reading a novel written by someone I’m familiar with. And while I enjoyed some aspects of this book, I felt that it wasn’t as strong as her previous work.  Particularly when she switched focus from Alex’s family troubles to Caine’s past. The less than smooth transition jarred me a little, and I can’t find anything remotely remarkable about her characters if you stand them up beside every other characters you’ve ever read from this sub-genre. Unfortunately, this book did very little to inspire me to read more in this brand new thing you kids love reading these days.

The plot twist from the left field.

Sometimes, it is best to give your readers bits of hints to your character’s  background; not so much to prepare them, but just so when the revelation comes, it is not so surprising. So surprising, in fact, that it almost looks like the element was an addendum; an afterthought that didn’t belong there in the first place.

I’m really bored now.

If you are a regular reader of New Adult romances, this book should be a good addition to your collection. It follows the formula of every single book you’ve ever read from this sub-genre.  I am, however, a sporadic reader of this new thing. So it’s not saying a lot when I got bored 5 chapters in. I already had an inkling where the story was going (apart from the exorcist-head-turn-twist of Caine’s past).

I fall asleep during sex…in books.

However,  all is not lost. The characters have believable chemistry even though they started off on the wrong foot. I enjoyed their banter, and Alex was a fun smart ass. Caine was intense – in a Christian Grey kind of way, but without the flogger. The sex was…well, here’s the thing. Nowadays, sex scenes in literature bore me. I tend to  gloss over those especially while in the throes of a ho-hum book. I can’t recall the reading on the heat gauge during their coital unions, but if that’s your thing, you might want to check out another person’s review.

I need to move on now…

I don’t know. Perhaps I’m not cut out for these type of books. I should just wave the white flag already and stick to what I like. Otherwise, I’m seeing a lot of mediocre reads in my future.


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