Temptation: Audible First of Series Sale

audible Audible knows the right marketing ploy to get me to buy their wares. They also know when to hit me up so it’s almost a sure thing that I will download their books. I mean, any time they send me an email announcing a sale of some sort,Β it’s guaranteed that I will spend some time scrolling through the titles.

Last week, they had a bunch on sale for first books in a series. So of course, I was excited! I’ve always wanted to try reading these, but I can never squeeze it in my reading rotation. So I thought, what better way to do that than listen in? And at $4.95 a piece, I thought it was a steal.

Feed [Newsflesh Trilogy, #1] by Mira Grant

I’m pretty sure I’ve been told by many that they’ll revoke my booknerd privileges if I don’t read this right away. I also own the trilogy in paperback, but they remain untouched in my shelves.

The Mayfair Moon [The Darkwoods Trilogy, #1] by J.A. Redmerski

It’s been a while since I read a werewolf book in YA, and I’m sort of familiar with the author’s work. That’s pretty much the only legitimate reason why I downloaded this.

The Poison Princess [The Arcana Chronicles, #1] by Kresley Cole

I’m almost positive this book will drive me crazy. I heard this features an annoying love triangle. Honestly, the reason why I bought this is because I already own the hardback copy. It would be nice to finally get it off my TBR.

All Lined Up [Rusk University, #1] by Cora Carmack

I honestly don’t know why I downloaded this. But there’d been so many positive feedbacks about this series that I wanted to see what the bid deal is all about. Also, I love football. Unfortunately, this book bored me to tears. I read it and gave it a paltry 2 stars.

First Grave on the Right [Charley Davidson, #1] by Darynda Jones

This I like. I read it already, and I must say, it’s quite addictive. Soon after reading this first book, I ended up scouring Amazon for the hardback copies. Yesterday, I received book #4.

A Hunger Like No Other [Immortals After Dark, #2] by Kresley Cole

I just realized this book is the second in the series. Something tells me I need to make a big stink over at Audible. Harrrrumpph. I’m currently listening to this, and it’s a bit of an oddity for me. I’m intrigued, though. And because I’ve never read the first book, I’m also lost.

I’m on to you, Audible! You’re trying to get me to read the first book in the series and see if I can like them enough to read the rest. Case and point, Charley Davidson. Sigh. There are 7 books so far to this series, and like I’ve mentioned up above, I bought all 7 in hardbacks soon after I read the first. Well played, Audible. Well played.
  • Hahaha, there’s a reason they pay people to come up with this stuff, isn’t there? πŸ™‚ I admit I buy a lot more stuff when it’s on sale. Ebooks, especially. Books I’d never buy otherwise. I saw that sale, but didn’t find anything I NEEDED, and five dollars isn’t one or two, so I can manage being cheap and resisting. πŸ™‚ At least you can get some stuff off the TBR…as you add more to it!

  • I’m such a novice when it comes to audiobooks, but want to grab a couple too, to listen to when doing the gardening on my iPod. I haven’t used Audible before, but hubby listens to audiobooks traveling to a from work lately. That reminds me to read The Feed Trilogy as well, I’ve head it’s incredible! And I love a zombie or two too πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing Joy, going to check Audible out now <3

  • haha I saw this sale but I resisted temptation. I seriously attack my audiobook choices like a science, it’s ridiculous. I might regret my choices if you end up loving some of these. As an aside, since my audiobooks have less competition among themselves (than my physical books) for my attention, I typically use them as a way to read books that are like “second-tier” TBR (or really large books I prefer to listen to)

  • I need to start the Arcana Chronicles… I loved All Lined Up, I want to read the next one. I haven’t listened to a book before either… Good Luck!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  • For the life of me I can’t do audio books! The fiction ones anyway.

    I love Arcana chronicles, I heard the audio is good as well as DJones. Enjoy! Also obviously you found a new thang!

    Happy Birthday!

  • I’ve never tried the audio book thing. Does it work well for you, or have you ever had a narrator whose voice was so annoying that you couldn’t deal with it or something?

  • Does the blog look different? or am I just sleepy?

  • Wow you got sucked in totally! I was tempted to buy a few but I just couldn’t let myself do it because I have so many on my library wishlist that I want to listen to and still at least 7 on my audible account that I haven’t gotten to yet and with audio I always try to go through the library first to save money but then I do have my one credit a month and plus my sister has like 5 credits she isn’t going to use that she’ll gift me books whenever I NEED one like right now and the library doesn’t have it.

    I think FEED I should have snatched up though since I still have yet to read one of her books but I have PARASITE and I hear they are both pretty similar. I’ll check for FEED from the library though. (I have three library cards LOL)

  • Great post Joy. <3 I hope you will be able to listen to all of these soonish πŸ˜€ Fingers crossed you will love them. <3 I.. do not listen to audiobooks :p but maybe one day; I do want to πŸ˜€ Sort of. Maybe. Anyway. Poison Princess. HAH. I regret buying book one and two. I will try to sell them. I have heard about book three. SO DISAPPOINTED. Stupid love triangles, ruining everything πŸ™ Sad face. Anyway. If you do read it, I'm curious to know what you think of it πŸ˜€ Happy listening Joy. <3

  • I’m not the biggest fan of the Charley Davidson series but maybe I need to try them on audio since I’ve heard they’re amazing in that medium. Feed I didn’t enjoy on audio because it moved too slow for me and I just needed to read it faster but it’s not a bad narration at all. Great list and thanks for bringing these titles to my Audible attention! πŸ˜‰

  • Audiobooks are so expensive, so for it to cost less than 5 bucks is DEFINITELY a steal! I want to read Mira Grant’s FEED since she can write pretty well when it comes to zombie-like books (have you read her Parasitology series?). Right now though, I’ve invested in Graphic Audios of fantasy books I love. Graphic Audios are like Audiobooks, they simply just have more production value due to using sound effects, music, and different actors for different characters πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing, girl, and enjoy your goodies!!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  • I wasn’t thrilled with All Lined Up either, Joy. It was just okay for me. The Feed trilogy was an excellent listen. I had the series in my TBR for ages and I probably still wouldn’t have “read” them if not for the audio books. Charley Davidson is so much fun and I love the narrator! She does the Mercy Thompson series as well and that is brilliant. I listen to most of the urban fantasy I read. Kate Daniels is also wonderful in audio version, the first book is a little trying because the narrator was funny with the male voices, but she really improves in the books after. Audible has my number too! I’m addicted, but I’ve been getting a lot of the audio books through the library for free. Poison Princess is a library lend and I’m kind of glad now that I hear it’s a love triangle. πŸ™

  • I need FEED! So jealous. I must find a copy soon!

  • I have still yet to listen to an audiobook! I think it’s the time commitment that’s intimidating for me, they’re just so long. Still, I think an amazing narrator would take the book to a whole new level, and I’d definitely like to experience that:)

  • ejstevensauthor

    I really need to listen to more audiobooks (ebooks are my addiction), and this promo has me wanting to grab the first in a few series to try.

  • I have been wanting to read Feed for quite some time now. I haven’t really read anything about zombies, and I’m interested to see if I will like it. They have it at the library though, so I will get it from there :3 Good choice, me.

  • A lot of these I have read as well and loved! I love sales. So tempting!

  • Haha! I saw the sale too and I decided to stay away! There are just too many books I need to get to before I can buy anymore. I’m sad that you didn’t like All Lined Up. I was looking forward to reading that one! πŸ™
    Oh well, I hope some of these others will be good! But Poison Princess though, Joy! I read book one and it was a nightmare and I hear book 2 is the worst thing ever!

  • Technically, The Warlord Wants Forever is .05 since it’s a novella and sort of a prequel. Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll miss put anything without reading this first. I do love this series, it’s one of my favorites but it took me 7 months to read the next book because all the characters are a wee bit crazy lol. But the audiobooks are phenomenal! I love Robert Petkoff, he’s an amazing narrator and I’ve never listened to anyone as good as him. Enjoy Joy!

  • I LOVE FEED SO MUCH. It’s one of my favourite books EVER. I hope you really enjoy it! I’ve wanted to read Charley Davidson for ages, I think I’ll have to pick it up this year. OH GOSH POISON PRINCESS annoyed me so much. Great finds!

  • Great haul! I haven’t read any of those, but they look great. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them.

  • I’m really wishing I had enough of an attention span and multitasking ability to listen to audiobooks right now. I actually have Poison Princess buried in my TBR, but I’ve been wanting to get Feed and All Lined up for ages! I hope you enjoy all your new audiobooks πŸ™‚

  • Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    Wow you got some amazing audiobooks! I hope you enjoy them all, hun <33

  • Christy

    I’m starting to get into the audio thing. Did you see this code for $10 credit: BUDGET2015? I think it’s good until March.