[492]: Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish


GOODREADS SUMMARY | Simon & Schuster | ARC Paperback, 418 pp. | January 13th, 2015 | Adult Fiction | Urban Fantasy | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Your eyes do not deceive you. I know seeing an Urban Fantasy book reviewed on this blog is a rarity, but it’s all a part of a grand scheme to expand my reading territory. Also, because this book was sent to me for review. Ha. Kidding aside, this book was a fantastic re-introduction to the genre, as it were. I loved every single nuances about Owl – even her impulsive behaviour that so often lead her into a whole world of trouble.

No digs for you!

Once upon a time, Owl had a promising career in archaeology. But an ethical decision to blow the whistle on her superiors left her blacklisted among her peers and colleagues. In an ironic twist of fate, the current state of her career is suspect, to say the least. She’s a hired thief, with supernatural beings for employers on a quest to find artifacts that bear importance to their kinds.

Fire-breathers, Blood-suckers, Venom-spitters.

Her recent assignment brings her face-to-face with the most dangerous creatures known to the supernatural world: dragons, vampires, and nagas. She needs to find a scroll bearing a magic spell that if translated and read properly, has the potential catastrophic destruction of an atomic bomb. Time is of the essence as a powerful vampire with a personal grudge against Owl is also on a quest for the same dangerous artifact. One obstacle after another, Owl, along with her friends will travel to Bali, and Vegas, and  California in search of this scroll. That is, if those after her life doesn’t get to her first.

Indiana Jane.

Owl tackled every legends and myths accompanying every artifact in learned expertise. I didn’t think it would be my thing, but her voice as a smart-ass, fearless treasure hunter helped. Think, Indiana Jones with very little sense of self-preservation. This girl didn’t know the meaning of ‘surrender’, and one who persistently ignore the social etiquettes when in the company of supernatural beings. She’s as stubborn as they come; one who induces a great need to wring someone’s neck…preferably hers.

Got Your Cheetos and Slurpee ready?

If you’re a RPG aficionado, you will find a kindred spirit with our girl. She plays a game throughout the book that, if you’re not careful, has a tendency to be confusing. I know I had my moments. In some instances, I found myself reading with glazed eyes.  I could’ve gone without it, to be honest. But I understand that it’s all a part of her characterization.

Low and Slow.

If you like romance, this one has a burgeoning one between Rynn, a mysterious bar tender who was a former mercenary, and Owl. A romance that will probably not reach fruition until…whenever the heck the author deems it timely. I have no problem with this. I was told that Urban Fantasy books tend to drag it out until the bitter end, so I’m expecting this.

Nice to Meet You!

So this is a fantastic beginning. Owl’s complete lack of respect for authority is what makes her commendable and frustrating in equal measure. But this is what makes this series all that much fun to read. She’ll take you to places you could only dare to dream of going and teach you a thing or two about myths and legends you won’t normally find in books.

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