[486]: The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand

the chocolate temptation GOODREADS SUMMARY
Series: Amour et Chocolat, #6
Self Published | January 15, 2014
Kindle Edition
Adult Fiction | Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Have you ever met one of those perpetually flirty guy? You know the type: ¬†one who can’t resist a wink, a nudge, and an innuendo with every word that comes out of his mouth?

Meet Patrick. Sous chef to Luc Leroi and a pathological flirt. Very few could resist his charms. Heck, very few would even dare to! Except maybe for Sarah Lin – his apprentice. Hand picked by Patrick himself, to shadow a couple of well known names in the annals of the lavish Parisian food industry. But Sarah hates him. Hates him for making sure that all her cuts, burns and bruises from working in a fast-paced environment are taken care of; hates him for making sure that she eats; hates him for making sure she gets home safely after a long, gruelling day of working in a three-star kitchen; hates him for making sure that she doesn’t take all of Luc Leroi’s cutting words to heart; hates him because he flirts with everything that moves. Most of all, she hates him because she can’t help but feel a giddy happiness every single time he does something thoughtful.

There was an underlying seriousness in all Patrick’s playfulness. He hides behind the facade of the easy-going, smiling face. Both Patrick and Sarah are afraid. Sarah is afraid to fail; because failing means she’d tuck tail and go back to California, where she’d once again disappoint her mother. Patrick, for his part, is afraid of stepping outside the shadow of his foster brother, Luc. Because for all his brilliance in the kitchen, it is not his dream. All his life, He’d been complacent to follow in his older brother’s footsteps.

Sarah’s story is heartbreaking. Her mother is a North Korean refugee who suffered the horrors of fleeing a country known for tight-fisted rule over its people. Her mother had to make a series of incredibly difficult choices that had left her scarred, and consequently, the reason why she expected a lot from Sarah.

In the end, they’d have to make some choices themselves. Least of all, is to try let the other inside. They also needed to take their careers into some heavy consideration. I love that Sarah is willing to temporarily postpone hers in behalf of Patrick’s. This doesn’t make her weak or subversive. Sometimes, giving up something important shows their incredible strength and courage. And Sarah was willing to do exactly that.

This is probably my second favourite book to this series. Florand flexed her writing muscle by telling a story that’s equally funny and heart-wrenching.

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