[481]: The Chocolate Rose by Laura Florand

thechocolaterose GOODREADS SUMMARY
Series: Amour et Chocolat, #3
Kensington Books | Kindle 245 pp.
Publication date: April 10th, 2013
Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Top chef Gabriel Delange has an ax to grind. He can’t believe that the man who fired him after he’d earned him a three-star now has the gall to put out a book with his recipes.

So then he filed a lawsuit against him, and once again couldn’t believe that the man would send his daughter to try and soothe his feathers. But maybe all is not lost. Because as soon as he sees the beautiful Jolie Manon and mistakes her for prospective sous chef, albeit, an incompetent one, he knows he can try to work it to his advantage.

Jolie only ever wanted to do what’s best for her ailing father. Taking care of him while he writes his book makes up for all the time they spent estranged. Jolie knows what it’s like to lose a loved one to the profession. The family always takes a backseat to the restaurant no matter what. It’s what happened to her parents; estranged for as long as she can remember. So she must be crazy to be entertaining thoughts of a relationship with Gabriel Delange. Oh but she can’t resist!

I’ve been reading these books out of order, but it’s no biggie. In fact, you can probably treat them as stand-alones in the same world. It’s been fun reading these books no matter how I felt about the first. Romance novels are only as good as the characters in them, and these books, at least, have consistently introduced me to some pretty larger than life personalities.

Gabriel Delange is one of those. I’ve noticed that Ms. Florand do like her men big, burly, and so outside of my perception of how chefs should look like. But if there’s one thing I’ve been learning about them, is that they are incredibly dedicated people. It’s like being married to a surgeon, almost. You’ll be constantly vying for their attention, and who does painstaking work.

Chefs are like artists, too. And Ms. Florand perfectly describes the beauty of their work. I’m sort of happy Gabriel is not a pâtissier or a chocolatier. Truth be told, I’ve been experiencing phantom toothaches from reading these books. A twinge in my teeth whenever a character pops a chocolate in their mouth. Which is the most ridiculous thing I could ever admit to , I know.

Jolie is a person who likes making people happy. She coddles her father, and strokes his ego. The poor girl got stuck between two magnanimous forces (her father and Gabriel) that I felt like she rightfully deserved a bitch-fit.

In summary, aside from my experience with the first book, Amour et Chocolat is a series that I can recommend if you’re on the look out for fast, decadent romance reads. The characters are perfectly drawn out, and the plots, well conceptualized. Fall in love with the characters, and enjoy the sceneries of France!

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