[478] The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand

Kensington Books | Kindle |Audible
Series: Amour et Chocolat, #2
Publication: December 24, 2012
Contemporary Fiction | Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

This one was slightly better than Chocolate Thief, though frustration is, once again, the prevalent emotion throughout this novel.

Slightly fantastical, The Chocolate Kiss tells the story of Magalie and Phillipe Lyonnaise. Magalie finally found the stability her parents couldn’t give her; and in an island in the middle of Paris, her aunts and their seemingly enchanted tea shop is the place she can finally call home. Everything is threatened when Phillipe Lyonnaise moves in the neighbourhood, however.

Phillipe Lyonnaise owns a world-renowned pâtisserie. As soon as he sees La Maison des Sorcieres, he knows it’s the right neighbourhood to open up another shop. Unfortunately, the three women that own and run the mystical tea shop were not so receptive to him moving into their territory. But he’s determined to change their minds. With just a taste of his macarons, he knows they’ll be eating out of his hand. He just didn’t anticipate how stubborn the three women are. Especially Magalie Chaudron.

This book is about contest of wills and battle for supremacy. The women knew their long-standing salon de the is threatened with Lyonnaise moving into their turf. Above all, it’s Magalie’s journey to find her self-worth; to realize she could be the home for someone looking for stability themselves.

I mentioned frustration, and it was palpable with every single interaction between Magalie and Phillipe. The relationship was contemptuous, and to be honest, not really in a fun way.

For practically the majority of the novel, these two tried their darnest not to partake in each one’s creations. Because they fear that they’ll lose part of themselves. I suppose it’s the euphemism that perfectly describes the dynamics of their relationship. They’re both reluctant to give in and impart pieces of themselves they’re not willing to give.

I listened to the audiobook and also downloaded the e-book. I had to stop listening after a while because the narration wasn’t working out for me. At this point, I think I’m going to just read them on my Kindle instead of downloading the audio. It was tough listening to the English dialogues spoken with French accents. I had a hard time understanding it. Though this is just probably me. I know Rachel (The Readers’ Den) loved the accent.

For now, I think I’m moving forward with this series. I’m starting to appreciate Florand’s knowledge of pastries, chocolates, and Paris. She makes me want to savour everything France has to offer.


  • It’s a shame the relationship between Magalie and Phillipe frustrated you. Good to see you want to continue the series though!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    • It definitely got better as I get deeper into the series. 😉

  • This book looks so pretty. Sigh. But not for me, lol 😀 Amazing review Joy. <3 I'm glad you liked it, despite some flaws 🙂 And aw. Romance sounds annoying :\ I would not like it, I think. Hmph. But I hope you'll have better luck with the next books 😀 Thank you for sharing. <3

  • It sounds like a sweet book in fact. Well dome parts a little annoying but it must be nice. Plus it’s always fun to read a book set in France for me. Thanks for the review!

    • You’re welcome! It’s a great way to travel without spending a cent. 🙂

  • Christy

    “Eat the goddamn macaron already” If only I had a nickle for every time I’ve had to say that. lol.

    • You’re obviously not saying it in front of me. Coz. You will not have to ask me twice!

  • I’m studying french in college, which I guess is why I think the French accent thing sounds totally up my alley, but I totally understand how it would be irritating for you. I laughed out loud at your tweet! Great review!

    • Thanks, Marianne. 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying the French language. Quite a tongue twister. 🙂

  • hahaha I was so tempted to eat the macaroon myself from Phillipe, how can you resist that fine specimen? I ended up enjoying this one a bit more than the first one too, I definitely enjoyed Florand’s descriptions of pastries and Paris, its got me itching to visit soon!

    • Oh man. You’re soooooo close! You should definitely visit. It’s a train away. I’m so jealous…

  • This is probably my least favorite of the series precisely because of all the frustration which, in turn, only made ME frustrated. Still, I’m glad you haven’t give up on these books yet–I hope you grow to love them soon! *fingers crossed*

    • I am, I am, K. I love Dominique and Jaime. 🙂

  • I am so disappointed that this still left you feeling frustrated, darn it! It really is horrible when that happens.

  • I’m all for a little fantastical element to my romances and I LOVE antagonistic relationships, but there’s definitely a fine line with them, and it’s easy for the antagonism to turn from deliciously tense to frustrating. Sounds like these two cross that line a time or two in this one, but I’m glad you’re still planning on moving forward with the series!

    I think reading this will make me want to eat my weight in pastries though:)

    • So true. I like antagonism in romance, but there’s got to be a medium. The type that gets me frustrated? So not fun.

  • Frustration is a not a feeling I want to feel while reading a book. I want to read this because I know Rachel loves these books but I’m not sure I want to after reading your review. But at least the series is getting stronger for you!
    Great review! 🙂

    • Yes. It’s still worlds better than other pure romance that I’ve read, and the books are honestly getting so much better for me. I just love reading the different characterizations that Florand introduces me with every book.

  • Faye M.

    Pastries and cake and tea and coffee are pretty much integral in Parisian culture, so I can see why these subjects would interest you the most about this. When I was in France, I was in awe of these subjects as well and I wallow over the fact I didn’t spend enough time in the coffesshops all over the cities I stayed in (Strasbourg and Paris). Would it surprise you if I say there were no Starbucks at all?? 😉 Trying this out too!

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Lucky girl. I can only dream of going to Paris. It’s such an intimidating city! And a city without Starbucks?! Even better. Lol.

  • I’ve seen other people review this book and not be totally amazed by it either. Also I don’t speak a word French. I do love the title of the book, though!

    – Love, Felicia

    • The titles are mouth-watering, to say the least. Lol.

  • Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    It’s a shame that these books are annoying you a bit, Joy! This sounds like it could’ve been a fun novel but clearly the relationship between those two wasn’t good at all.

    Lovely review, Joy <33

    • I started the 7th book. I say the experience has been an up and down thing. But generally fun, anyway.

  • I hate accents when it’s strange, I know why they are used but it makes no sense in a way. It’s not like that they are in France speaking English with a French accent 😉