Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 135


FIREFIGHT by Brandon Sanderson| REBORN by Jennifer Rush | WILLOWGROVE by Kathleen Peacock | MARKED by Sarah Fine


Gawd. What a boring week it’s been. I’ve got nothing to share apart from it’s cold. Winter in Winnipeg is brutal. So yeah. Sorry if I’m going to keep mentioning how cold it is. Since no one wants to brave the frigid temps outside, we haven’t been doing much outdoor activities. Which is a good thing because it’s stopping me from going to the bookstore. However, I find myself trolling Amazon a lot. I suck.

Anyway, these books are the ones I really want to read, like, ASAP. Reborn, especially. I’m dying to read Nick’s story!



Station Eleven. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. You guise, read these books, stat!

Worth the Risk was predictably awesome. I’ve been dying to read this book since I finished reading Worth the Fall. And holy hannah! Did I ever break the rule on reading books with scantily clad men on the cover this week. Lol.

This week’s commentary:

Are you telling me that if your favourite author tells you that she won’t be able to write the next book to your favourite series because her publisher dropped her, you will not do your damnedest to help her make it happen? Much of the uproar is about Stacey Jay basically holding the future of the second book  (which, is not even written yet) over her readers’ heads if they don’t donate. And that she’s asking for money that she hasn’t even earned yet. But isn’t that the purpose of starting a drive on Kickstarter? To fund the production of a certain product for public consumption? Don’t authors get advances on their publishing deals? I don’t work in the industry, but I’m pretty sure it’s basically the same thing.

If Melina Marchetta started a Kickstarter drive to fund her livelihood while she’s writing a book, you damn well should know that I will donate into that shit. Authors need food. Authors need to pay for the bills just so they can sit in their dark corners and write that award-wining novel about gnomes (or unicorns). I haven’t read Princess of Thorns, but I weep for those who loved it and want to read more of it. Stacey Jay may have been pushy, but yo. She did not force your hand. You didn’t want to donate? Fine.  But I guess it’s a moot point now, isn’t it?

*drops mic*


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