Happy New Year!

Happy new year

I know it’s not the New Year yet, but I thought I’d go ahead and write this post before I forget. 2014 have been so good to me and my family, and I really hope that we’ll continue to be blessed in the coming year.

I wish you all the best as well, and I’m looking forward to expanding my universe by discovering books that I normally wouldn’t read.


  • To read more of what I like, and not what I’m supposed to.
  • To write better reviews and posts.
  • To read more Indie books.
  • To cross-post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Chapters.
  • Discover more blogs!
  • To be a kinder reviewer.
  • Remember that it’s not about the quantity of followers.
  • Read more Classics.
  • Reduce my From-the-Basement TBR pile.
  • Have fun!

Thank you for a great year, everyone! I LOVE YOU ALL.

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