[470]: The Paris Mysteries by James Patterson


GOODREADS SUMMARY | Little, Brown and Company |Hardcover, 320 pages | October 6th, 2014 | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This is one of the few series that I religiously follow every year. Even though the focal plot and conflict gets resolved with each instalment, the end always paves the way for the next one.

I love reading about teens with extraordinary powers. And while the Angel siblings are no way near in the league of say,  Super Friends, their genetically enhanced intelligence, strengths, and prowesses come pretty close.

Grandma’s last will and testament.

Soon after they dropped anchor in Paris, Jacob informed them that the fate and fortune of the Angel family rests on the siblings’ ability to stay out of trouble. It turns out that Grandma actually only loathed their parents, who incidentally inherited the sum total of $100 from the Angel matriarch.  The Angel siblings, however, are set to inherit a vast fortune provided that they can behave themselves. Which, I have to say,  would require a Herculean effort. Because wherever the Angel siblings are, trouble surely follows.

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

The second book to the series ended with a taste of a reunion between Tandy and James, the boyfriend who disappeared without a trace. Well, I’m sorry to say that the third book only made me wish that I’ve never heard of that name ever again. After they spent a quasi romantic day/night worthy of Paris, he more or less made like a banana and split. To be honest, I’m surprise that I’m not a raging mess at the moment. Considering James just earned himself a spot on my sh*t list, I’m a little shocked that I’m writing out this review in a relatively calm manner.  The funny thing is, I’m not even saddened by how it all went down. Which only shows exactly how much I’m vested in this two-second relationship.

Same sh*t, different pile.

Much have been said about Uncle Peter and how he is worthy of the Douchebag of the Century title. In this book, though he’s relatively absent, we can still smell his stink from all the way across the pond. Actually, he’s taken on a different face of evil. Without getting too much into it, it seems that Peter has always been in the Rampart’s pockets (James’ father’s company). And the experimentation extended to other kids besides the Angels siblings. Only this time, the pills had fatal consequences.

The mystery surrounding Katharine Angel has always been in the periphery of Tandy Angel’s missions in life. This book will finally answer some of the questions, including an introduction to the only person who saw her right up until the “accident” that took her life.

Uncle Jacob, their self-appointed guardian, continues to provide them with all the paternal connection and interaction their father never did bestow upon them. Though there was one instance where I thought he went out of character for the sake of unnecessary plot conflict.

 Don’t go changin’ just to please me.

I don’t even care about that James situation. Sure I was bitter for like, one second. But honestly? I love this series so much, I couldn’t give a hooping funt that it’s severely lacking in the romance department. There are definitely a lot more to love about this, least of all is how Tandy is able to compartmentalize her feelings and thoughts. She’s probably the most rational teen I know – fictional or otherwise.




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