Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 131


Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay | Suspicion by Alexandra Monir |
Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout |
Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes


Can you believe there’s only 12 days before Christmas? My God. Where’ve the time gone? I’m freaking out because I’m nowhere near done with my Christmas shopping. Heck, we don’t even have our tree up in my house! Yesterday would’ve been a good day to put a dent on my to-do list, but dear husband had to work. We only have one car, and I’m not at all prepared to use the public transportation in the city. *shudders* Trust me, you wouldn’t either.

Year End Purgeeeeee

I’m going to do a year-end purge. So stay tune for that. I think there’ll be about 20 books including a couple of completed series, and releases in 2014 that I didn’t get to read, didn’t have any interest in them, didn’t-think-I’d-enjoy-but-I-have-them-anyway books to giveaway. This is only for US/Can. BUTTTTTT, don’t despair, International followers, I also have a couple of $20 Amazon gift card (or your choice of 2 books from Book Depo if Amazon doesn’t ship in your neck of the woods) up for grabs.

Read anything good lately?

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Wake was a good post-World War I novel. I just wish I’d enjoyed it more. I think it suffered from way too many points of views that the story lost its direction and focus at times.

Confessions: The Paris Mysteries was a good instalment; it drove me nuts, but man, I’d kill for the 4th book. That is, I hope there’s a fourth book. If not, I’ll riot…very quietly….by myself.

It hasn’t been a good reading week, obviously. Wake took most of my week. I have no clue why it’d taken longer than most, considering it’s a slight book.

Anyway, I hope to change that next week.

Are you an Erotica book blogger?

If you are, and you’re looking for a guest reviewer, I might be interested in doing guest reviews from time to time. Let me know!

Peace out.

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