Ten Things No One Should Know About Me.

book cat pitThe lovely Eileen of Book Cat Pin tagged me last week to do 20 random things that people should know about me. I started writing them down, but I soon realize I’m a really uninteresting person.  I bore myself to tears.

So then, I thought, I’ll just go with the first things that come to me, and these are what I came up with.

These facts may just revoke my membership to the book blogosphere. So, forgive me. I meant no offence. These are just my quirks. Don’t mind me. 🙂

1.     Reviews with images of what the characters look like annoy me to high heavens.

Whoever they are

You know the type. Usually found on New Adult reviews. Goodreads is crawling with them. It does nothing for me. It does not make me want to read a book. It actually repels me. Needless to say, if your review has some random pictures of hot people in different states of Blue Steel, chances are, I won’t be reading your review. 

2.     Norman Reedus is gross.

*ducks from flying rotten tomatoes*

I’m sorry! I just. He’s gross, okay?! I know TWD fanatics are aiming their arrows at me right now, but I don’t see why ladies (and some gents) are ready to lose their unmentionables for him. He looks scruffy and not in a good way. Even in a tux, he looks like he’s going to pull out his bow and arrow and start shooting zombies! Look at it this way, at least I won’t be competing for his affections, yeah?

3.     If Christina Aguilera is at my door singing Christmas carols, I’ll douse her with freezing water, then slam the door on her face.

She renders the most annoying Christmas carols ever. Think…fingernails on chalkboard. She plies a two-minute Jingle Bells song into a five-minute taffy. She annoys me so much that every time her renditions come on the radio, I do my own version of Lloyd and Harry’s Most Annoying Sound in the World.

4.     It’s 2:47 p.m. and I’m eating lunch while I’m drafting this post. It’s Wednesday, by the way.

Lunch is a piece of bread and an almost empty jar of peanut butter. Slim pickings, I know. But I was running late this morning. I just had time to grab a bread. Not even two pieces of bread. And look how sad that bread is!  Lord. If the school doesn’t have lunch programs, my children would starve!



5.     My favourite movie is Sweet Home Alabama. I wouldn’t mind seeing Josh Lucas’ cowboy boots under my bed in the mornings.

So his hair is thinning. Those blue eyes, that smile. Pass me the smelling salts, please. Saaaaawwwwwwwooooon. 

josh lucas

6.    I printed and framed Melina Marchetta’s Goodreads email to me.

She sent me an email thanking me for my review of Froi of the Exiles, and I just about died. We’re not talking a quick “Hey, girl, hey! Thanks for the review, you’re totes awesome!” . Nope. We’re talking beautiful words from a beautiful writer.

7.     I don’t like GIFs on reviews.

You know the type: 25 words, 50 GIFs. My tolerance is limited to ONE GIF per review. Any more than that and my patience is tested. It doesn’t mean, however that I won’t read your review. In fact, they can be entertaining. You just need to find a balance. I do know that some books leave you utterly speechless, but I’d really rather read than look at GIFs that give me the twitches. 

8.     I use “blog tours” as an excuse not to go to the cabin for the weekend.

Never mind that I rarely ever join any blog tours, and that my dear husband doesn’t even know what blog tours are. *whispers* And between the two us, we know that I don’t need to be strapped to my desk the whole freaking day for it.

I love our cabin, but I hate being unplugged. There is no Wi-Fi, no dial-up, or any type of internet connectivity out there.  I know, I know. I’m addicted to technology. I don’t use this excuse often, but when I do, it’s usually when I need to catch up on blogging. Shame.

9.     I can’t sleep by myself.

If I have to go away on a trip without my kids and husband, I can guarantee you that I won’t be doing any sleeping. Even with the lights and the television on. I need the comfort of their presence even though the kids are not in the same room with me. Or that my husband sounds like he swallowed a chainsaw when he sleeps sometimes.

10.     I want a cat or a puppy. But I killed a cactus before so…no.

I always said if I can’t even take care of a house plant that needs no taking care of, how in the world am I suppose to take care of a pet?

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  • JOY THIS IS HILARIOUS HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH. I can’t believe I waited this long to read this post.

    First off, HOW DID YOU EVEN KILL A CACTUS???? That is near impossible. Oh I pray for the little kitten or puppy you *may* adopt.

    Hahahha one piece of bread??? HOW? How did you even make that sandwich? fold it in half? It’s a really sad lunch you had there.

    Joy I rarely see you participate in blog tours you can’t use that excuse. 😛

    I like GIFS in moderation! They are funny but sometimes too much is too much. I think my limit is 3 in a review, and that’s it. And they have to be spaced out nicely, and look nice on the blog, and there’s this whole thing to it hahah.

    AWESOME POST JOY, as said before. I like it

  • I can’t take care of a plant either… and fish. I killed 3 indoor bamboo plants, and 7 goldfishes. And the character pics, they used to amuse me before, but then it started to annoy me when I disagree with their choice of a character image, lol. I can’t survive without internet either. *HIGH FIVE* You can get a cat too, they’re less dependent than dogs.

    Btw, I tagged you in the TayTay Book tag! http://mischievousreads.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-taytay-book-tag.html

  • yep I’m with you on character pics and gif reviews. So not the fan! 🙂 Also get a cat, they are very tough, independent and can survive on their own if you let them go outside and don’t confine them to your house 🙂

  • This was super fun to read, Joy. I am a huge fan of TWD and I love Norman Reedus but not for his looks. So your comment is well taken. I sometime wish he’d do something with his hair. Sigh…

    And I love Sweet Home Alabama too. 😀

    • Lol! Thanks for seeing where I come from. 🙂

  • I’m watching Sweet Home Alabama right now! I adore this movie and Josh Lucas is a huge bonus!
    I agree about gif reviews and, also, reviews with images in them. It doesn’t catch my attention. They’re not helpful… I can’t keep any plants alive either! We did manage to keep the veggie garden going this summer, but… I have enough with 3 boys, a parrot and my nephew, lol!
    Epic Dumb & Dumber moment 🙂

    • He’s os swoony. Lol. I also said that if I can barely take care of my children, how in the heck am I going to manage an entire household with pets? :/

  • Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    OMG you killed a cactus? THAT SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING I WOULD DO AS WELL! Clearly, we should not be trusted with pets, hehe. I also really hate those reviews with images of randoms. It’s just plain weird.

    Nice post, Joy! <33

  • I had to google N.Reedus,too *hides*. Probably because I somehow stopped watching the show after the 1st or 2nd season, don’t remember why, because I actually like the show, hm…but I definitely agree with you about his physical appearance. Not my type!

    Oh, it’s a shame you don’t have pets! Pets make your life happier! I have a cat and a dog and <3 them.

    • I know quite a few people who adores him. And every time I see their feeds flooded with NR’s pics, my face do a sort of contortion impossible to mankind. Lol.

  • Don’t deny yourself a cat or puppy just yet. My college roommate killed her cactus too. She under-watered it. Go figure. So then she adopted a cat, and based on facebook pictures and instagram pictures, the cat is still alive. She even sews the cat hoodies. That could be you!

    Also, I’m right there with you with #1. It kind of creeps me out when reviewers post random pictures of people they think the characters look like.

    • Ha! Highly unlikely. I heard cats are divas. There’s only one room for one diva in my house and that’ll be me. Lol!!

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  • I’m not fond of gif reviews either. Psst woke up from nightmares an hour ago and can’t convince myself it’s safe to go back to sleep. And now the baby growing in my belly is doing Olympics….

    That bread and peanut butter looks tasty to be but yeah you need to eat more.

    I’m so not into celebrities or reviews with pictures of what they think characters should look like, yak.

    My husband is snoring right now. I think the images in the bathroom mirror I can seer from lying in bed right now ate the scary evil of my nightmare hacker slasher come to get me…to scared to get up and go tinkle…

    At least I’m going to the Dickens fair in a few hours haha

    • Oh man. Those nightmares! I had them almost every night during my pregnancy! And they’ve become even more severe as the baby grows bigger in my tummy. Those weren’t fun. 🙁

      Dickens fair? Sounds fun!

  • I would have done the same if Melina Marchetta emailed me too! I love the Lumatere Chronicles, it’s one of the best fantasy series I have read last year! I’m planning to buy the new book cover edition next year.

    • I’ve seen the new Australian covers. Omg. Want.

  • I used to work at Lowes in the Garden Center so I know exactly how easy it is to kill a plant. Cactus always annoyed me because one minute I was over-watering them, the next I wasn’t watering enough . . . pets are definitely easier lol. We’re so on the same page when it comes to those Gifs. I see them so much in reviews and I get so annoyed, especially when the review is NOTHING but gifs and pictures. Good answers girl!

  • WOW….well didn’t I learn a lot about you…mostly that we’re so different!! But I have killed a cactus before, so that’s something right? LOL

  • Yay, this was so FUN to read!! Great post. I agree with number one *ducking tomatoes* sorry. That piece of bread almost looks like it’s trying to turn into the shape of a fat “M” Hee Hee. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today : )

    • Bahahahah! I never notice the shape of the bread. It’s sad either way. 🙂

  • AHHHHH MELINA MARCHETTA EMAILED YOU! I would frame that too. She is amazing! And LOVE Sweet Home Alabama! As for reviews with Gifs or characters, I don’t mind them but I also like to know why the person picked that gif – give me a few words too. Are you screaming in rage? Joy? fear? I can interpret that GIF so many different ways… 😉

    • Lmao!! You probably can. But if the f-bombs escaped your notice, then I don’t know how much more obvious I can be. 🙂

  • HAHAHAHA Joy you’re awesome. And I agree Norman Reedus is not a looking with his gross hair, but when it’s trimmed and he’s in a tux, he doesn’t look too bad. I don’t think people are attracted to his looks…more his badassery. I must say I swooned a few times while watching the show. AND I KILLED A CACTUS TOO. :'( I overwatered it with love…my pet rabbits have all been fat as well…I think I sense a pattern

    • True. But just thinking about him gives me the heebies. *shrudders*

  • Christy

    LOL – This post … I can’t even… So much YES to #3. I totally agree. #1 … yeah, I ignore those. #2 – I like him, but he doesn’t make me hot. About the blog tours … too funny, Joy.

  • Ooh, I agree! I am someone who doesn’t like made up appearances of characters. Although I do love Christina Aguilera’s voice and her songs… a lot. To be honest though, I haven’t heard any of her Christmas carols. I am someone who doesn’t mind reading reviews with a lot of gifs on them, but I only ever use one myself. (I don’t even know where they can find all these gifs…)

    • Xtina has an incredible vocal range. But I guess my problem with her is, she tends to overdo it with songs that are naturally simple. Hence, why I do not enjoy her christmas carols. Lol.

  • LOL.I feel the exact same with the imaginary cast in reviews, I’m not sure why I dislike it so much either. They almost make me cringe. Man, Melina Marchetta’s email sounds awesome, I totally would have printed that out too.

    • I don’t know either. Maybe it’s because everyone’s using the same stock photos of the same hot people. And that fact that I have to scroll through a whole pile of them on my reads.

  • So cool! You and I are alike!

    I can’t do pets either, all the pets I had died.
    I suck at doing fantasy casts so I don’t bother anymore. Everyone has an opinion.
    I get the GIFs but to each his own.
    I dislike XTina too, all she does is BELT instead of actually sign. Gah!

    So cool you got a cabin!

    • I’m typically a words-lover girl, so any time there’s GIFs or pictures included in a review, I’m wary.

  • Faye M.

    You’re not interesting? Says who? You ARE interesting my dear! I loved reading your answers 🙂 Will you hate me if I tell you 25% of my reviews have more than one gifs on the? But there’s a balance, I swear, and my reviews are often thrice as long as a normal one. Haha. And I agree, reviews with gifs that supposedly “represent” the characters in a book don’t really sit well with me.

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Nope. Because I’ve seen/read your reviews, woman. I have word-envy whenever I read them – with or without GIFs. 🙂

  • hahhaha I love these facts that you shared with us Joy! I also get miffed with reviews that share images of what characters look like, they tend to taker up my entire Goodreads feed sometimes, that I find myself scrolling forever and ever! I would totally frame an email that I received from an author whose work that I adored! Also with your fab reviews you certainly deserved that email! 🙂

    • Right? That’s one of my problems with those character interpretations! Here’s my secret: I unfollow feeds with those. I kid you not. Lol.

  • I love this! I agree with both of your opinions on reviews, too! 😀 Um, Josh Lucas is beautiful, and when he has that accent! Oh my. There is no shame in framing Melina Marchetta’s email! I’d absolutely do the same, oh my gosh. I absolutely FREAKED OUT when Robin McKinley tweeted me.

    • Whelp. Robin McKinley?! Win.

      Also, am I right? Josh Lucas is a superb specimen of a man.

  • Love this list! I must absolutely agree with you on #1 (I don’t even bother to read reviews that include cast pics), #2 (yep, I had to look him up too… and I think gross is a great word for him), #3 (I’d rather not even think about it), and #7 (not likely that I’ll read those reviews either).

  • Plants are WAY easier to kill than dogs. I’ve always said that I need a pet who will force me to take care of it. The dogs wouldn’t possibly let me forget to feed them. They would bug the heck out of me until their bowls were filled. The plant, on the other hand, just sits there quietly dying … wishing I would come give it some water but unable to scratch at a bowl to tell me so. Poor thing!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    • P.S. I didn’t even know who Norman Reedus was, so I had to Google him – and yeah, I have to agree with you. He’s weird and a bit gross. People are swooning over him? Guess he must have charisma!

    • Oh! I never thought of that! Now I just have to work on convincing my husband – who incidentally – is weary of dogs of any size. Lol.

  • Eeeek. I love this post Joy. <3 You are all kinds of awesome. And I love it when you share things about yourself 🙂 YESSS. I hate looking at character images. I don't imagine ANYONE while reading. It is all in my head, hih (A) HAAAAH. I still think Norman Reedus is kind of cute. Sometimes. But I don't "have the hots" for him. I love that picture of your food. <3 You are amazing. I.. have never seen Sweet Home Alabama. ONE DAY. Maybe 😀 Glad you love it so much. <3 EMAIL FROM MELINA. DIES. So so jealous. <3 You are amazing. I emailed her after I finished re-reading Jellicoe Road some months back, no reply yet :p hoping I might get it one day 🙂 Heh. I don't want ANY gifs on reviews :p I find it to be cheating, lol. Especially considering I wrote about 800-1000 words on all of my reviews :p AND AW. I think you would love having a cat. <3 GET ONE. Like mine. Silver Shaded Persian. <3 They are adorable, hih. Anyway. Love this post 😀 Thank you for sharing this awesomeness. <3

    • Your cat is freaking adorable. I want to snatch her up from my screen and take her home. Lol. <3

  • Oh yes, #7 – ARGH! Hate that!!! I actually love peanut butter so peanut butter out of a jar sounds pretty great. 🙂

    • Peanut butter is yum. When i have a craving for chocolates or sweets, peanut butter is my healthier alternative. Though I tend to eat half a jar…so that defeats the purpose of eating healthy. lol.

  • Eileen @ BookCatPin

    Hehehe I love this! You’re lovelier!! I normally skip over the fan casts for books but some can be very interesting 😉 I googled Norman Reedus because I didn’t know who that was…until I saw the picture. I only know him as Daryl lol. My cousin absolutely loves him but I’m just mehhh. My sister killed her gold fish (she didn’t know how to take care of them) but we have a cat lol….. We basically just feed him and attack him with hugs and kisses lol. Some pets take care of themselves! You should definitely think about it 😀

    • Eileen @ BookCatPin

      Btw I also really want to read Melina Marchetta’s books! I just added her Lumatere Chronicles to my wish list because of you haha~

    • Hahahah! Oh you’re famous for your feline love. 🙂

  • Haha! This was hilarious!!
    Those reviews with character casts bother me too because then I’m left with an image of them in my head as I read the book and it’s so frustrating!!
    And gif reviews! UGH! I dislike them very much. I like using gifs on my discussion posts to make things look prettier but in reviews they just plain annoy me. If there’s going to be bazillion gifs in a review, it’s unlikely I will read it.
    This was funny, Joy! 😀

    • Yes! Heck yes. I mean, thanks for the imagery, but I would like to imagine what they look like on my own! I’ve used GIFs once…that’s on my discussion post as well. 🙂

  • It’s not Norman Reedus, it’s Daryl Dixon. The scruffiness is fine as his character, because he probably hasn’t showered since Carl last washed that hat. It’s the dirty swagger and smokers voice.

    ‘I’ll douse her with freezing water, then slam the door on her face.’ This, quote of the year. It also applies to Celine Dion, my god I can’t stand her.

    And the pet? Easy peasy. I have a dog, have had him for three years now. I kill everything. House plants, vegetable patches, fully grown trees, fish. But the dog? He couldn’t be better. Just get a durable one.

    Thanks so much for sharing Joy, you need to do these more often. Loved it! <3

    • Nope. I’m pretty sure it’s Norman Reedus. Bahahahhah!

      Ditto with Celine Dion.


  • Is it sad that I had to google who Norman Reedus was? And *shudders* I completely agree with you!

    I loved this! And if you saw my lunches some days you wouldn’t feel so bad. 😉 Us moms, geesh, I think our kids definitely eat better than we do most days!

  • Loved reading this! It’s great to put a person to the blogger!

  • HAHAHAHA. I wish you still had a “like” button. I wanted to like the crap out of this! Was so entertaining and wonderful and now I just want to go for a drink with you at my local! Lol R x

  • It’s so cute you can’t sleep without your husband and children xD
    I too hate gifs on reviews – especially on Goodreads where I have to scroll all the way through them.

    • That’s exactly what I do as well. And it slows the loading time considerably. Ugh.

  • OMGGG WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE NORMAN REEDUS. But yes, that means less competition (and us TWD fans need it!) Wow, that is incredibly sweet that Melina actually emailed you after your review, a job well done my lady! I’m terrible with sleeping by myself too, but that’s more because I think someone’s picked an opportune time to break in and steal my stuff D:

    • Oh that’s horrible, Jeann. 🙁 And scary.

  • Hahaha, nice ones Joy! :] I’ve killed off many cactai in my life, I just don’t understand it… but I need pets and even though we have a cat and I have my horse at the stable yard, whenever we go to a petshop I nag my husband for a new kitten, he just won’t listen to me! I can relate to quite a few of your answers, the Christmas Carols [puke], the gifs [sigh], the random pictures [double sigh]. Loved reading your answers!

    • The trick is, don’t overwater it. And sunshine. Plenty of sunshine. Lol.

  • Love your answers, it was so fun to read it! You know I can’t take care of a plant, that’s impossible but I couldn’t se emyself without a dog.