Ten Things No One Should Know About Me.

book cat pitThe lovely Eileen of Book Cat Pin tagged me last week to do 20 random things that people should know about me. I started writing them down, but I soon realize I’m a really uninteresting person.  I bore myself to tears.

So then, I thought, I’ll just go with the first things that come to me, and these are what I came up with.

These facts may just revoke my membership to the book blogosphere. So, forgive me. I meant no offence. These are just my quirks. Don’t mind me. 🙂

1.     Reviews with images of what the characters look like annoy me to high heavens.

Whoever they are

You know the type. Usually found on New Adult reviews. Goodreads is crawling with them. It does nothing for me. It does not make me want to read a book. It actually repels me. Needless to say, if your review has some random pictures of hot people in different states of Blue Steel, chances are, I won’t be reading your review. 

2.     Norman Reedus is gross.

*ducks from flying rotten tomatoes*

I’m sorry! I just. He’s gross, okay?! I know TWD fanatics are aiming their arrows at me right now, but I don’t see why ladies (and some gents) are ready to lose their unmentionables for him. He looks scruffy and not in a good way. Even in a tux, he looks like he’s going to pull out his bow and arrow and start shooting zombies! Look at it this way, at least I won’t be competing for his affections, yeah?

3.     If Christina Aguilera is at my door singing Christmas carols, I’ll douse her with freezing water, then slam the door on her face.

She renders the most annoying Christmas carols ever. Think…fingernails on chalkboard. She plies a two-minute Jingle Bells song into a five-minute taffy. She annoys me so much that every time her renditions come on the radio, I do my own version of Lloyd and Harry’s Most Annoying Sound in the World.

4.     It’s 2:47 p.m. and I’m eating lunch while I’m drafting this post. It’s Wednesday, by the way.

Lunch is a piece of bread and an almost empty jar of peanut butter. Slim pickings, I know. But I was running late this morning. I just had time to grab a bread. Not even two pieces of bread. And look how sad that bread is!  Lord. If the school doesn’t have lunch programs, my children would starve!



5.     My favourite movie is Sweet Home Alabama. I wouldn’t mind seeing Josh Lucas’ cowboy boots under my bed in the mornings.

So his hair is thinning. Those blue eyes, that smile. Pass me the smelling salts, please. Saaaaawwwwwwwooooon. 

josh lucas

6.    I printed and framed Melina Marchetta’s Goodreads email to me.

She sent me an email thanking me for my review of Froi of the Exiles, and I just about died. We’re not talking a quick “Hey, girl, hey! Thanks for the review, you’re totes awesome!” . Nope. We’re talking beautiful words from a beautiful writer.

7.     I don’t like GIFs on reviews.

You know the type: 25 words, 50 GIFs. My tolerance is limited to ONE GIF per review. Any more than that and my patience is tested. It doesn’t mean, however that I won’t read your review. In fact, they can be entertaining. You just need to find a balance. I do know that some books leave you utterly speechless, but I’d really rather read than look at GIFs that give me the twitches. 

8.     I use “blog tours” as an excuse not to go to the cabin for the weekend.

Never mind that I rarely ever join any blog tours, and that my dear husband doesn’t even know what blog tours are. *whispers* And between the two us, we know that I don’t need to be strapped to my desk the whole freaking day for it.

I love our cabin, but I hate being unplugged. There is no Wi-Fi, no dial-up, or any type of internet connectivity out there.  I know, I know. I’m addicted to technology. I don’t use this excuse often, but when I do, it’s usually when I need to catch up on blogging. Shame.

9.     I can’t sleep by myself.

If I have to go away on a trip without my kids and husband, I can guarantee you that I won’t be doing any sleeping. Even with the lights and the television on. I need the comfort of their presence even though the kids are not in the same room with me. Or that my husband sounds like he swallowed a chainsaw when he sleeps sometimes.

10.     I want a cat or a puppy. But I killed a cactus before so…no.

I always said if I can’t even take care of a house plant that needs no taking care of, how in the world am I suppose to take care of a pet?

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