[468]: A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

DSC_0770GOODREADS SUMMARY | Swoon Reads | Paperback, 272 pages
Fiction | Romance | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

You all know how much of a struggle it’s been for me lately. I just couldn’t find the right books to read; and by right, I mean, the kind that doesn’t make me want to face punch someone. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m finally through my dry spell, so to speak. A Little Something Different was just the right kind of thing to pull me out of the I-hate-everything rut.

Universe conspiring.

Told in multiple points of view (14, to be exact), A Little Something Different is the story of a couple of people who needed a bit more help in getting together.

Creative Writing students, Lea and Gabe had the most unexciting “meet-cute” in the history of meet cutes, and even though they share a kinship with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and they mutually thought the other, lovely, these two just couldn’t seem to get together.

Gabe suffers from a debilitating shyness, while Lea is encumbered with self-doubt that a boy like Gabe could ever like someone like her. What these two didn’t know is that people see them in a different light and thought that they’re two people who should be together.

Population: 16

From their Creative Writing teacher, their T.A., Starbucks baristas, Chinese Restaurant delivery boy, Maxime, the diner waitress, their friends, the bus driver, a bench and a squirrel, to the sullen mean boy of their class, everyone will prod these two to be together.  It was cute, funny and adorable!

Don’t let the multiple points of view intimidate you. There was nothing disorganized about it, or even slightly confusing. This is because no one divulges their own personal stories, or share personal tidbits about themselves.  They only talked about their encounters with Lea and Gabe.  I suppose as plot-driven stories go, this one takes the cake.  You won’t even get to know the couple du jour. The story’s focus is on how the people surrounding these two plots for their coupledom to happen.

The romance was very subtle, and yet it had the tendency to make you smile like a fool. It’s all in the sweet, but awkward interactions between Lea and Gabe. It’s how the entire world conspired to bring them together.

This book is irresistibly adorable that even Debbie Downers like me couldn’t resist blowing heart bubbles. But now I’m hating myself because I’ve overused the word, “adorable”. Ugh.


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