Top Ten Tuesday [12]: Best Discoveries of 2014

FullSizeRender-7 Hello there.

For today’s prompt, I’m listing the top ten authors that have made quite an impression on me. These authors may have been veterans, but it was my first time reading their work.

I have to say that I had a tough time composing this list. Since this year, I’ve started to slowly veer away from my preferred genre. Because of that, I’ve discovered quite a few authors. These ten authors, however, truly made a significant impact on me.

top 5

1.      Anthony Doerr.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Anthony was my first choice. Perhaps it’s because I just recently read his work, which I loved with all my heart. But this man is something else. His work was out of this world.

Stand outside for a minute. Be very still. Now, imagine the sound waves and lightwaves that carry messages from one end of the world to another. These messages are invisible to the eye, and yet they’re out there. Imagine something so precious like that. That’s what his book was about. Everyone is interconnected, one way or another. And the messages that don’t see carry so much weight and importance that it’s surreal the way he describes everything.

2.     Marisha Pessl.  By contrast, my introduction to Marisha Pessl’s work was as dark as All the Light We Cannot See is hopeful. This woman is brilliant. She created a novel whose primary  focus was on characters that readers will never truly know. Marisha is an award-winning, best-selling author. And yet, I’ve never heard of her before I serendipitously decided to read Night Film in time for Halloween.

3.     Sarah Waters.  Sarah has been writing for years. With five books under her belt – most of which – have garnered awards, her most recent work, The Paying Guests was my first. While it is true, that I didn’t quite enjoy this as I’d hoped, it at least made me curious about the rest of her work.

4.     Kate Atkinson. The mind of this woman must be a maze only a few can master.  She’s written several books, and much like the first three authors on this list, she’s also an award winning writer. By stroke of luck, Life After Life landed on my lap when I saw it at the second hand bookstore that I visited one weekend. I wasn’t prepared for the brilliantly complex structure of this novel. Needless to say, Life After Life made a Kate Atkinson fan out of me.

5.     Guillermo del Toro is, first and foremost, a film maker. So when I saw clips of his new tv series, I knew it was going to be great. The book was better than the adaptation, of course. And while I have yet to read the consequent books after The Strain, it made me realize how visceral del Toro is – in film, and in words.

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6.     Brandon Sanderson is a widely known fantasy author with a cult following. I’ve always been intimidated of his hefty books. This year, I decided to dip my foot in his world. While Steelheart is in no way near close to his other work,  I thought it was a good introduction, nonetheless. Unless you’re into high fantasy novels, Sanderson is the kind of writer you have to ease yourself into.

7.     James Patterson is another author  who’s written a million books. This year, I discovered his Confessions series via a free download of the audio book.  I’ve always been a tentative reader of suspense books, but this series lived up to everything I’ve heard about him.

8.      M.D. Waters. How much do I love this author and her work? I never thought I could enjoy Sci-Fi, but Misti changed my mind pretty quickly.  If you haven’t read her books, you are missing out. She is such a phenomenal story teller.

9.     Yōko Ogawa. This year, I discovered this Japanese literary powerhouse from a recommendation by a relative. She’s written so many award-winning pieces as well, but if you do decide to check her out, you need to start with Hotel Iris. Sensual, dark, and disturbing are just a few words that I could say to describe her world.

10.     Anne Bishop. I’m not a paranormal reader. I’ve had my share of werewolves, vampires, and whatever creature of the night roam the pages of those books. But since The Others comes highly recommended by a lot of trusted book buddies, I decided to give a try.  I’m so glad I did. I’ve become a fan  of this author because of her series.

What’s on your list today?


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