Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 130


Not too shabby. Technically, I only added one book to my TBR abyss. However, I did feed my reader some books last weekend as well.

Hardcopy & ARC

The Blonde by Anna Godbersen is the story of a fictional Marilyn Monroe recruited by the KGB to spy on JFK. I’m salivating, though the reviews hasn’t been good for this book.

Simon & Schuster Canada sent me a copy of Andrew Pyper’s February 2015 release, The Damned. This is going to be my first Pyper, so I’m hoping it’ll be great. I’ve always wanted to read his Demonologist, but my mood was never right for it.


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The Boys of Summer was free. Merry Christmas, Baby was a download from Net Galley. Wild Seasons 1 & 2 were supposedly on sale, but by the time I realize it was only on sale in the US, I’ve already finished both books. I suck.


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I had a great week, obviously. I read a lot, but most of the books were purely for enjoyment’s sake.

Saga Deluxe Edition was fucking awesome.
The Children Act is what I’d originally expected from McEwan (brilliant. Sweet Tooth was meh.).
A Little Something Different had me shipping Lia and Gabe hard, while Throne of Glass gave me migraine for days.
Sweet Filthy Boy made me wish I’d read it first before Throne of Glass.
Thankfully,  Dirty Rowdy Thing made me forget about how ridiculous Celaena was.
Merry Christmas, Baby gave me sympathetic labour pains, but it was lovely and sweet, nonetheless.

What do you know? Apparently, I’m still capable of enjoying a book! Perhaps dirty, raunchy books are my niche, eh?

And now, an obligatory picture of our Christmas tree. This one’s at the lake house.  🙂



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