Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 130


Not too shabby. Technically, I only added one book to my TBR abyss. However, I did feed my reader some books last weekend as well.

Hardcopy & ARC

The Blonde by Anna Godbersen is the story of a fictional Marilyn Monroe recruited by the KGB to spy on JFK. I’m salivating, though the reviews hasn’t been good for this book.

Simon & Schuster Canada sent me a copy of Andrew Pyper’s February 2015 release, The Damned. This is going to be my first Pyper, so I’m hoping it’ll be great. I’ve always wanted to read his Demonologist, but my mood was never right for it.


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The Boys of Summer was free. Merry Christmas, Baby was a download from Net Galley. Wild Seasons 1 & 2 were supposedly on sale, but by the time I realize it was only on sale in the US, I’ve already finished both books. I suck.


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I had a great week, obviously. I read a lot, but most of the books were purely for enjoyment’s sake.

Saga Deluxe Edition was fucking awesome.
The Children Act is what I’d originally expected from McEwan (brilliant. Sweet Tooth was meh.).
A Little Something Different had me shipping Lia and Gabe hard, while Throne of Glass gave me migraine for days.
Sweet Filthy Boy made me wish I’d read it first before Throne of Glass.
Thankfully,  Dirty Rowdy Thing made me forget about how ridiculous Celaena was.
Merry Christmas, Baby gave me sympathetic labour pains, but it was lovely and sweet, nonetheless.

What do you know? Apparently, I’m still capable of enjoying a book! Perhaps dirty, raunchy books are my niche, eh?

And now, an obligatory picture of our Christmas tree. This one’s at the lake house.  🙂



  • Yay for new books. <3 they look gorgeous 🙂 I haven't read any of these, but you are awesome for reading so much. <3 I haven't been able to read at all lately 🙁 hopefully soon. And ack! I love love love the Christmas photos. <3 So gorgeous. Thank you for sharing sweetie 🙂 Happy reading. <3

    • Aw. I hope you’ll feel better soon. It sucks when we can’t even feel good enough to read. <3

  • Your lake house is absolutely beautiful! I’ve been eyeing Sweet Filthy Boy for a while now. I might as well pick it up being that whenever I come to your blog I always end up ordering something anyway! lmao.

    • Oh I think you will love Sweet Filthy Boy! <3 Ansel. Sigh. And thanks, Tika! <3

  • Faye M.

    Your Christmas tree looks absolutely dashing! I love it! I can just feel the Christmas spirit where I am – and I’m in the middle of desert and camels! 😛

    Since Throne of Glass gave you a migraine, I can assume you didn’t like it that much? I’m not surprised – for me, it’s the weakest of the series. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing, love! Good, good books you have there.

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • I can only imagine how tough that is. 🙂 Beautiful though, eh?

      Throne of Glass is definitely not my cup of tea, so probably not even going to attempt with the rest of the books. Lol.

      Thanks for visiting, Faye. I haven’t seen much of you in a while! <3

  • I LOVED The Boys of Summer, but like someone else said, I was that age during that era and so the book was really nostalgic for me. (Plus, I loved the Australian backdrop!). Now I feel the need to go read Wild Seasons – I used to stay away from “dirty, raunchy books” (as you dubbed them), but I’ve found quite a few NA reads that I’ve really enjoyed, so …

    • I’m almost positive you will enjoy Wild Seasons, Nicole. I hope you’ll give them a chance!

  • Christy

    What the heck … The Blond sounds crazy. In a good way. I love the Summer series, but the first one is the youngest. The 2nd jumps 4 years. And it’s set in Australia during the 90s. Anyway, you’ll probably hate it. LOL

    • Most likely. Hehehehehe. I promise, I’ll be gentle. 😀

  • I loved The Boys of Summer, so uniquely Australian and I was the same age during that era too. Will you be reviewing that one Joy? I’d love to see what you think of it.
    That tree! *makes googly love heart eyes* it’s magnificent! We’re having a quiet Christmas this year at home, so I’m not even bothering to decorate this year. Just makes more work for me to clean them up 😀 I love your furniture too, is that a honed driftwood or a white wash? I can’t see it too well.

    I’ve got a thing for home decor. Actually, I go mental for it 😀
    Thanks for sharing Joy <3

    • I hope I’ll enjoy it, too. Lol.

      Oh gosh. I’m not really sure. They’re from IKEA, so probably not. Lol. 😀

  • Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    I plan on reading Sweet Filthy Boy very soon! And the Boys of Summer was a great read! I am excited to read more!

    Thanx for visiting My Weekly Wrap-Up!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    • Thanks, Naomi. I hope you’ll enjoy Wild Seasons. I know I did. 🙂

  • Ohhh, I’m so glad to hear that about The Children Act! Maybe I’ll try that before I pick up Sweet Tooth. And I’m so glad you liked A Little Something Different! It’s so cute, right?

    Your tree is gorgeous! Having the tree up just makes it feel like Christmas. 🙂

    • The Children Act was worlds better than Sweet Tooth! And yes, A Little Something Different had me grinning like a fool. Lol!

  • I enjoyed Throne of Glass and hope you do too. Pretty tree

    • Thanks, Brandi. Unfortunately, Throne of Glass was a bust. 🙁

  • Congrats on all the books and oh my goodness, I love your tree! So bright and pretty!

  • I loved Sweet Filthy Boy way better than their Beautiful Bastard series. And I love Godbersen’s Luxe series, I hope even if the reviews aren’t good for it, you’ll be one of the few who likes her Marilyn Monroe.

    I love how you roll, Joy!

    • I feel the same way, oddly. I only read the first book of the BB and then Max’s story. After those, I simply lost interest. Wild Seasons is addicting, however! I can’t wait to read Ollie’s story!

      And thanks, Braine. I’ll keep you posted. 😀

  • Ahh! You didn’t like Throne of Glass? I heard good things and was hoping to start the series this winter. I will check out your review once you post it. I didn’t know Anna Godberson put out a new book. My guilty pleasure was her Luxe series and her latest book sounds awesome. Love me some JFK. Enjoy all of your books!

    • Unfortunately, no. 🙁 I’m one of the very, very few.

      Thanks, Christina!

  • I haven’t read any of this books, but I heard good things about Throne of Glass and Sweet Filthy Boy. I planned to read ToG, but I see you rated it 1 star and now I’m a bit hesitant.
    See, you should throw something dirty & raunchy in your reading schedule from time to time ;)!
    Love your Christmas tree!

    • Hahahah! Oh trust me, I’m keeping a list. Besides, all I have to do is go to your blog, and I’ll be sure to find some goodies there!

  • I need to continue with the Saga series, I’ve only read the first volume! And I usually tell people to read The Assassin’s Blade before starting Throne of Glass purely because it touches on a lot of background and history that ToG leaves out. The prequels came out before ToG was released so I highly recommend reading them before giving up on the series!

    You have such a beautiful lakehouse Joy, and your Christmas tree is just gorgeous! Happy early Christmas xx

    • Girl, you need to get to that series, stat. It’s soooo ah-mazing. And yeah, I don’t think I’m motivated enough to continue on with ToG, to be honest. I can see why the prequels could’ve possibly made a difference…but was Celaena less annoying in those? Lol.

  • I have the Maas book but haven’t read them yet. I haven’t read any of the others I confess but I hope you’ll enjoy them.

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t, Melliane. I hope you will, though.

  • Lots of great books! I need a good holiday read so maybe I will check out Merry Christmas Baby. 🙂

    • Thanks, Cynthia. If you do, make sure you check out the rest of that Lucky Harbor series. They’re quick, sweet reads. 🙂