Confessions of an Addict [32]: Shelving Read Books


Let me guess. You arrived at this post thinking I have some helpful tips for you on how to shelve your books, right? That I can tell you that the most effective way of shelving your read books is by alphabetizing them according to author’s name. Am I correct? Or maybe, you’ve come here expecting me tell you to go ahead, unleash your creative side and arrange it by colour?

You will be wrong.

I have no words of wisdom for you, unfortunately. I don’t have tricks on how to make some room on your shelves.

Perhaps, now you’re staring at your monitor, and wondering if I would be asking your opinion on how to save space?

Again, you will be wrong.

Today, I want to relish in that euphoric feeling of shelving read books. Regardless of how awful the book was, nothing could dispel my bad mojo better than putting that book away. My house could be in a state, and I would be fine. As long as my books are neatly piled – doesn’t matter where – I get a tantric feeling of contentment seeing them all together. It’s like how my grandma feels seeing all her grandkids in her house. Even if her house is taken over by 30 or so kids, she’s happy, no matter how chaotic we are.

If displayed correctly, books are also a wonderful form of house decor. And provided that you have an answer when someone asks you what they’re about, they’re also great ice breakers.

So you’re out of space?


Who cares? Stack them. Stack them to your heart’s content. Stack them until the only thing that’s holding your middle shelf are books.


Either way, do what makes you happy. That’s the only organizational tip I have.


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