[459]: Lethal by Sandra Brown


GOODREADS SUMMARY | Grand Central Publishing | Published: September 20th, 2011 | Hardcover, 472 pages | Adult Fiction | Suspense | Romance | Mystery | Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Honor Gillete could not have foreseen the identity of the man that her daughter found sprawled and bleeding in their yard. Not even that of an accused mass murderer who killed at least 7 people in a shooting at a shipping warehouse. Armed and dangerous, he promised Honor that no harm will come to her and her daughter. The more time she spent with him, however, the more she questions the worth of the man’s word. Honor soon discovers that Coburn ending up in her yard may not be accidental. He claims that her husband was in possession of something that could put a face to an organization whose criminal activities puts the mafia to shame.

The race is on to find whatever it was her dead husband found, but only if they can escape those who wanted them dead first.

So this book had everything that I’ve come to enjoy about her books…well, except for one thing: the ending left me shouting expletives because she decided that implied happy ending would be better than no HEA. Seriously?!

It is not okay. Okay?!

It was cruelty in the basest of form. Sigh.

This book features the second worst kind of depravity I’ve ever read in all of her works. The first one beingĀ Breath of Scandal, where the avenging heroine was gang-raped headed by a man whose family had influence in their small town. Lethal had human trafficking, corrupt public officials, drug trafficking, and killings left and right.

Chase is the name of the game here. Sometimes, it got to a point where I thought Coburn and Honor could not possibly get away from all those who were after them. I mean, how could they? When they didn’t know who was in the payroll of the crime organization, and whose money had reaches even so far as the FBI. However, the best thing about Sandra’s books is that the good guys are always a step ahead of the bad guys. Just when you think, “this is it. They’re going to get caught for sure!”, Sandra manages to let them slip away almost flawlessly. At the same time, I’m worried that I’m starting to feel complacent. That the next time I read something of hers, she’ll pull a fast one on me, then puts her characters through immeasurable torture.

I have read 12 of her books. Each one a stand alone, and not a part of a series. I honestly couldn’t tell you which is a favourite because each one is equally fantastic on their own rights. While I was writing this post, I was also stalking her Goodreads page, looking for clues on when her next book would be out. To my utter disappointment, she just released a new one. Which means, that I will be waiting for at least two more years until her next book. Then I realized, that I own at least 13 more of her books that I haven’t read. Hopefully, it will keep me satiated for now.

Do you like romantic suspense?

Or Linda Howard, for that matter? Because if your answer is yes, you’ll definitely enjoy Sandra Brown’s books. But I must warn you that hers are the habit-forming kind. You’ll find yourself looking for your next hit soon after you finish one, guaranteed.


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