Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode, 127


IMG_7720All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr | Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future | Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking | Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki by Haruki Murakami

This is coming in late. We were busy running around yesterday so I wasn’t able to write this post. It’s Sunday, so it’s a pretty lax day. I’m hoping to catch up on blogging and commenting today.

It’s snowing outside, y’all, and temperatures are supposed to drop to single digits next week. Here it comes…

This week, I managed to curb my new books purchases to four, so I’m pretty happy about that. I went to the bookstore just for the purpose of picking up All the Light We Cannot See, but of course I couldn’t go to the bookstore and come home with just one book!

I don’t know anything about Glory O’Brien’s but I’m excited to read my first A.S. King. As well, my first Murakami. Traveling to Infinity is a memoir written by Stephen Hawking’s formerly estranged wife (now reunited). I’m curious to see what it’s like to be married to such a brilliant man.

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I’m pretty stoked that I managed to finished six books last week! Actually, make that five. My second DNF of the year was The Bookstore. Gawd. I couldn’t stand the characters! Doormat and an asshole (heroine, hero, respectively). I abandoned it after two chapters. Reviews of these books will be posted sometime next week.

Also, sorry for the poor quality of these pics! Since I upgraded to Yosemite, I apparently have to upgrade my iPhoto as well. Well, downloading it is a pain and a half. Grrrr.

Thanks, everyone!

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