Friday Finds [#1]: Smash Cut by Sandra Brown


Friday Finds is a weekly feature hosted by Should Be Reading to showcase recent finds acquired from the library, used book store, Goodwill, or the basement of your momma’s house. 

Smash Cut by Sandra Brown
Simon & Schuster | Hardcover, 367 pages
Publication Date: August 11th, 2009
Adult Fiction | Mystery


When millionaire Paul Wheeler is murdered, his family retains renowned lawyer Derek Mitchell to defend the victim’s nephew Creighton— although the police have not charged the young man with the crime. Wheeler’s mistress, Julie Rutledge, who is also a suspect, believes that Creighton is the killer, despite his rock-solid alibi, and she’ll do almost anything in her quest to prove his guilt—even ruin Derek’s career. But the more Derek learns of Creighton’s darker side, especially his bizarre fascination with movie murders, the more he comes to believe Julie is right. The clock ticks down to a shocking ending as Derek and Julie join forces to find the truth. Has Creighton begun reenacting cinema’s goriest scenes? And who will be his unwilling costars? They won’t know until the final SMASH CUT.

I’m one of those people who has an obsessive personality. I take my liking of a certain object/person/personality/band/film/food/books/author to extreme heights. I don’t just LIKE them. I OBSESS about them. So when I’ve fallen back in love with Sandra’s books, I have to have all of them.

Last weekend, I dragged my husband to Value Village , a thrift store similar to Goodwill. They have shelves upon shelves of used books that cost from $.50 – $5 max, a piece. I went specifically to find copies of Sandra Brown’s books. However, I was disappointed to see I could only find this one.

The best thing about Sandra’s books is that she doesn’t stick to one area of expertise as a topic. Readers will have a great time learning about a certain industry as they enjoy the mysteries she’d carefully laid out for them to solve. In this case, I’m thinking it’s the film industry. I also love that the romance tend to feature two people who butt heads before they succumb to the mutual attraction they initially worked hard to ignore. I’m really excited to dive into this one, and deathly curious to see what kind of contentious romance she has to offer. 

Find any good books lately?

  • I adore you Joy. And I love that you are writing such awesome new blog posts these days 😀 You are the best. <3 And ack. I am that way too. I get way too obsessive about things :p My mom do not approve, lol. But I love it. 🙂 Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3 I haven't heard of this author, but the book looks awesome 😀

  • It’s nice that you had a shop like that. I don’t have one here but I discovered one in Paris and I was happy. Bougth 2 books there. one in French and one in English.

  • That used book store sounds amazing. My used book store books start at $2 argh….

  • I’ve been browsing catalogs on edelweiss and found some that sounds good

  • I’ve managed to score a couple of good books at Value Village over the years; you wouldn’t think to look there for reading material, but their selection is actually pretty decent, and you can’t beat the prices. I haven’t read Sandra Brown in forever, so I look forward to reading your review of this one!

  • Glad you were able to find at least one Brown book! Maybe next time there will be more. 😉

    Have a lovely weekend!

  • OOF! my bookshelf, which I made purposely small, cant handle any more books so I’m avoiding thriftshops and goodwill, I even missed my library’s semi annual book sale!! Great find even if you only found one, maybe you’ll land on more Brown books next time.

  • We used to have one of these types of stores… but they closed down. 🙁 I used to obsess over Sandra Brown… good stuff. 🙂

  • Oh I have to read her books! I’m currently deciding on which one to read first 😛
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