Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 122


Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish | Winterspell by Claire Legrand |
Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer | The Bodies We Wear by Jeyn Roberts |
Don’t Touch by Rachel M. Wilson | In a Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis |
The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion | Rooms by Lauren Oliver

What’s new?

Well, it’s that time again. Fall, football and California. Husband and I go on an annual pilgrimage to San Diego to watch our beloved Chargers play. This year, they’re playing the
New York J-E-T-S. It’s gonna be a hot one! California is in a spell right now, so I can only imagine the amount of sweat that would be pouring out of me come game time tomorrow. But hey, I don’t mind sweating. I just hope we’ll get a dubya. 🙂

I’m a part of the blog tour for The Bodies We Wear. Jeyn Roberts will be stopping by on the 13th with an On the Night Table post. So exciting! I hope you’ll be able to join us.

Read any good books lately?


Mean Streak by Sandra Brown was fantastic! I can’t believe I waited so long to read it. I had a buddy read with Rachel of The Reader’s Den. If you’re a fan of romantic suspense, this book is sooo good.

The Immortal Rules and The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa. Honestly? As much as I enjoyed the first book, The Eternity Cure was a pain and a half. It made me so freaking mad! And it’s not because it was badly written. It’s the opposite, in fact. She wrote her villains so well that I had to take breathers while I was reading the second book. At this point, I don’t know if I’m going to read Forever Song. I need to step back and decompress.

Also, not in this picture is Rooms by Lauren Oliver. This was another fast read, but that doesn’t mean it was a good one. It was brutally boring. Sorry.

What am I reading?


This series comes highly recommended, so I brought both books on this trip.

I hope to check back with y’all after the game. 🙂

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  • Zoe

    I read Not a Drop to Drink a while ago, and am highly anticipating the sequel (*scowls* hurry up library!); so I can’t wait to see what you think on both of them! And I’ve heard so many fantastic things about Winterspell, Belzhar and The Rosie Effect, so I hope you enjoy them too! Thanks for sharing Joy, and happy reading! <3

  • HAHA decompress from Eternity Cure huh – you know I LOVE her villains you’re right – Jackal….swooonn. I still haven’t read the last book either!

  • I keep wanting to give Julie Kagawa’s writing a try, but for every good review I read, I find an equally negative one which is somewhat troubling. And, now here you are ranting about The Eternity Cure. I know that I should just bite the bullet, and make up my own mind by actually reading one of her titles, however it’s difficult to find the motivation.

  • Ooh, pretty, pretty Winterspell! I’ve heard such good things about Not a Drop to Drink and In a Handful of Dust as well, though I haven’t tried them yet. Rooms was boring? Oh well, I was kind of interested, but really just because it’s Lauren Oliver. I STILL haven’t read The Eternity Cure! I hope you had a great time at the game!!!

  • Awesome book haul! I’m excited to see what you think of Rooms!

  • I’ve heard so many great things about Don’t Touch! I’ll be curious to see your thoughts on that. I also have The Rosie Project on my TBR, and I’m hoping to get to that soon. I didn’t realize that it had a sequel 🙂

  • I LOVED the first two books in Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series, but I haven’t read the third yet either. I think I’m scared to see it end!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  • Still trying to decide whether to give Rooms a try. I didn’t realize Winterspell was a Fae-fantasy thing, so I decided it was not really for me, but curious to see what you think…
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  • I heard alot of good things about Rooms and I love the cover! Great list!

  • First of all I want to say that I am a fan of your book (porn) photos, always so pretty!

    Now why am I waiting forever to read Kagawa’s trilogy? I scheduled a binge read last May but never got around to it. Grr!

    Enjoy your football game & have fun sweating it out!

  • Christy

    The Chargers won, too! So yay for you! 😀 I need to read Not A Drop to Drink; that’s pretty much how it’s going to be around here soon.

  • Seeing Sandra Brown on your list serves as a reminder that I really do need to give her books another chance. In fact, the other day, I was at a thrift store and saw some of her books but didn’t get enough time to check them out *sigh*.

    I see some pretty books in your haul and… did you arrange them so that a color scheme would be evident?!?!?!

    Anyway, have a great week Joy and have fun in Cali!! 😀

  • Oh brilliant haul Joy! I honestly can’t wait to read McGinnis’ series, I have heard so many fantastic things about it, and aren’t the covers gorgeous? Omg The Eternity Cure gave me serious heart palpitations, I’m sorry you weren’t able to enjoy it more, but I look forward to hearing your final thoughts if you decide to complete the series. Have fun in California! 🙂

  • funnily enough I heard good and bad things about Winterspell, so I’m curious what you’d think about it, J.! Oooh, California! Hope you have much fun and lots of yummy books on this journey 🙂 *huggles*

  • Not a Drop to Drink has been on my TBR. I need to finally read it, especially since the next book is out. I purchased the first one recently for the kindle when it was on special.

  • The Rosie Effect looks good, hope you enjoy and have a good upcoming week.

  • YAY 😀 Lots of awesome. <3 I really hope you will love Winterspell. It is a big favorite of mine. <3 But oh. Not a Drop to Drink. I really, really disliked it 🙁 and book two.. I won't ever read it. Sigh. But. I'm curious to know what you think of it 😀 Happy reading Joy. <3 And OHH. You NEED to read The Forever Song. <3 You must. Right away. I think you will love it. Maybe. Hopefully 😀 but yesss. Her villains are evil. Sigh.

  • Mean Streak sounds like my kind of read! As for the Kagawa series, I have it but just haven’t felt like reading it yet, I think because of the reasons you mentioned. I know it is a darker read and I need to prepare myself for it first I think.

  • Nice books! Have a nice week and happy reading!

  • Awesome haul Joy – as always 🙂

    I’m looking forward for Rooms but it seems like it’s not for me, reading the synopsis makes me bored already. I might pass on that one! I might put Not A Drop To Drink series on my to-buy list 😉


    ~ Jay

  • I love how your books have a colour scheme – red!
    Pity that you didn’t like Rooms! I was looking forward to another book by Lauren Oliver but I haven’t heard the best reviews of it.

  • So many good books! I’m looking forward to Rooms and Winterspell the most /)

  • Not A Drop to Drink is AMAZING, and I’m itching to read In A Handful of Dust right now. All of the books you got look fantastic! Happy reading! 🙂

  • I am really interested in Rooms, so I will have to check out your thoughts on that one. Have so much fun at the football game. I am jealous of your warm spell. It’s currently 45 degrees here. Ugh! Have a great weekend and enjoy your books!