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TBR TAGI was tagged by Sabrina of I Heart YA Fiction. The TBR tag originated from a collaboration between Danasquare and A Perfection Called, Books –  driven by curiosity and perhaps for want of insights on how the rest of us manage our piles. Well, I can tell you in all honesty, that I fail at this. Quite, epically. Anyway, here are the questions.

How Do you Keep Track of Your TBR Pile?

I don’t.

Most of the answers to this question is Goodreads and whatever virtual bookshelves everyone uses. Goodreads is actually a tool that I only use to seek out books. It doesn’t help me keep track of how massive my TBR is getting (because I know the answer to this). It’s actually counterproductive for me. When I log on to Goodreads, I end up adding more books.

Is Your TBR mostly print? Or e-books?

Mostly print. According to Goodreads (okay, I get it now), my TBR shelf has 1,818books. Whelp. But. That number includes books that are future release. So to determine the correct number on my pile, my OWN SHELF  has 1,313 unread physical books. Kill. Me. Now.

How Do You Determine which Book to Read Next?

Unlike most of my bookish friends, I don’t request ARCs (I’m not privileged enough) nor do I do a lot of blog tours ( I rarely get invites for those). So I’m not pressed for time. Nowadays, I read to my heart’s content. Since discovering audiobooks, however, I’ve been going through my doorstopper pile. So any books containing a minimum of 500 pages are the ones I’m listening to now on top of the books that I think I’ll be able to get through fast. There really is no rhyme or reason for my method. I just. Do.

A Book that’s been on Your TBR List the Longest.

I’ve been reading bits and pieces of this book off and on since October of last year. I’m not making any headways.



A Book You Recently Added to Your TBR


A Book in Your TBR strictly Because of its Beautiful Cover


I’m a fan of white covers. These books are just examples of how much.

A Book in Your TBR that You Never Planned on Reading

There are too many to mention but I did a Top Ten Tuesday prompt a while back about books that will probably not see the light of day.


 An Unpublished Book in Your TBR that You’re Excited About.

I don’t have a publishing date. I don’t have a cover. I don’t even have it on my TBR. But a selection of my poetry is being published along with some other incredibly talented poets some time in November.

A Book that Everyone’s Read But You.


A Book on Your TBR that Everyone Recommends to You


 A Book on Your TBR that You’re Dying to Read



 How Many Books are in Your TBR Shelf?

One thousand three hundred and thirteen physical books.

So yeah. Don’t feel bad. Some have it worse than you. 🙂

Hey. Feel free to do this. It’s fun and well, eye-opening.

Tag! You’re it!

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  • Joy, we caught the audiobook bug at the same time. 🙂 I have had these massive paperbacks on my TBR pile for ages, and now I’m cheating and listening to them on audio so I can gather them all and donate to a local library. Everyone wins! *wink* But is the worst feeling for me to have all these beautiful paperbacks on my shelves and not read them because I prefer my kindle these days.

  • Holy crap you own 1313 books (and counting)! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after seeing your shelves and your hoarders posts! And who knows, someday I may own that many myself. I love the book titled Assholes and how you own the entire Throne of Glass series but haven’t read it yet. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Ashley hasn’t read them yet either!

  • I can’t even believe you have that many unread books on your shelves! EEK! If that is your unread, what is the number you actually have read??

    I finally put together my two new little shelves I bought and counted my unread so I can put my post together and it so A LOT for me but not even close to yours. lol

    Your poetry is amazing! Congrats! I’m not surprised you are getting it published and now so many people will get to read it too!!!!

  • Oh I totally agree with the Newsflesh Trilogy, I just LOVED Feed so much that it’s up there on my favourite books ever pile, but I actually haven’t read the rest of the series. It must be freeing not using GR to add your massive TBR pile Joy! White covers are so pretty and elegant. I can’t wait for you to read Heir of Fire 🙂

  • Pretty pictures 😉 I see the Throne of Glass series… Nicole is probably grinning in seeing that. THe series is on my TBR as well. I am worried that it is over hyped so I have been putting it off!

  • Hahahaha. I love that you’ve actually kept up with how many you have! I think I’d stop at some point and just cry, even with the ones I have myself. Your pictures are so pretty, though!

  • Joy…..where do you keep all these books…

    If you have a problem with storage, I have a lot of room at my house. just saying

    Anyways, those white covers are awesome, but I don’t own any! (And I really like that Assholes title like wut hahahaha)

  • Wow! Congrats on getting your poetry published! How very exciting!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I love those white covers! I’ve never thought about white covers before, but now I can see why you love them!

    Great post! I love these. 🙂

  • YAY for bunch of awesome 😀 I love this post Joy. <3 thank you so much for sharing. And OHHH! I thought I had tons of unread print copies, but you have more than me, hih 😀 But ack. There is just never enough time to read everything. <3 I hope you will manage to read all your TBRs one day 😀 happy reading Joy. <3

  • OMG Your TBR is huge!!! I have a Goodreads account but I rarely use it so it doesn’t tempt me to add more. But I do have a tendency of checking out everyone’s WOW and teasers which definitely makes me add a lot of books to my TBR! I, too, am guilty of not having read the Throne Of Glass series but I intend to change it really soon! Great TBR tag post! 🙂
    Book Maniac Reviews

  • Thanks for the tag Joy! Awww, I miss you and your blog! I haven’t been blogging much lately because of grad school 🙁

    I have a mountain of books on my TBR but don’t we all? LOL. I also have The Collector on my TBR. I tried reading it once but I was just not in the mood so I’m hoping I’ll get in the mood for it since I have book 2 too! And I don’t keep track on my TBR either, ARCs I need to review yeah but TBR I just check them on Goodreads once in awhile 🙂

    BTW, I’m in the mood for vintage Harlequin Presents and have you ever read anything from Daphne Clair? Is she Charlotte Lamb like?

  • Thanks for the tag, Joy! Will definitely have to do this on the blog! and seriously? It’s 1,313 physical book you have? Do you keep inventory or what? XD

    Miss you! Talk soon!

    ~ Jay
    We Fancy Books

  • Congrats on getting your poetry published! So exciting!!!! CONGRATS!!

    I technically don’t keep track of my TBR pile either. I use Goodreads too but I try not to add a bunch of books because then it gets hard to find my books and when I see I have a bunch of books I haven’t finished, I get depressed lol…..

    • Thanks, Eileen. And yes, the pitfalls of using Goodreads. Sigh.

  • Oh wow that is so cool that your poetry is being published! When you do have more info please let us know! 😀 Also I have to second Maja’s emphatic Newsflesh recommendation – it’s just awesome. Sarah Maas’s series is amazing too – just keeps getting better with each book.

    • Thanks, Lauren. I sure will. It’s only a selection of my poems, and an anthology of sorts from different poets. But I’m still proud to be included. 🙂

  • You don’t plan on reading The Collector? Then, please, give it to Lola. ^^ Awesome honest answers, Joy!

    • Hahaha, Lola. Email me your address and I’ll send it to you. 🙂

  • Read Newsflesh! Readitreaditreadit. Or don’t. I don’t care. *whistles innocently* Also, now you’ve added One Past Midnight to MY tbr pile, so thanks for that. And I can’t believe how many books you have. Sheesh. And I thought I was buried under them.

    • Gah! I know, I know. I started that series a while back but I never got past Chapter 1. Perhaps I’ll try it on Audible one of these days. 🙂

  • Love this Joy!!!! It was a lot of fun! I still think you should get the Throne of Glass series on audiobooks!! It’s worth it!

    • Thanks for participating, Beth. <3 I am definitely going to give in and buy Throne of Glass on Audible soon.

  • Sometimes I think I would be lost without Goodreads and my list I keep near my computer of all the ARCs I need to read (in order of release) and blog tours. I am do remember blogging being a lot simpler when I didn’t do early reviews or tours. O_o

    • Come to think of it, I won’t be able to function without it either. How am I to know which books to get? I sometimes miss those days when I get ARCs in the mail but I’m just not really good with pressure reading. Lol.

  • These posts are so fun. And CONGRATULATIONS on getting your poetry published. That’s so fantastic 🙂 🙂
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    • Thanks, Jen. 🙂 It’s a collection of poems from a whole slew of poets but I’m excited to be a part of it, nonetheless.