[437]: Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers, #1) by Claudia Connor

Loveswept | Kindle Edition
Publication Date: September 9th, 2014
Adult Fiction | Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

If you’ve been  a regular visitor of the blog, you should know that I rarely post reviews that feature men or women in different states of undress – no matter how hot they look. Like this guy, for example. It’s not because I’m prude, but it’s because I’m discriminatory with the books I review. Take that with a grain of salt.

I also tend to take my sweet time. I like going back to the experience and try to remember significant characteristics of a book that is worth mentioning in my review. That doesn’t mean, however that they end up  perfect, or well-composed for that matter. Most of the time, I don’t make sense. In this case, I can’t begin to pin point exactly why I loved this one, considering the plot line is one that’s been regurgitated many a times (give or take a couple of kids).

It’s the story between a man, a woman and her four kids. It’s a beautiful romance that’s complex but surprisingly simple, if you think about it. It’s a woman’s fear of attachment and abandonment. It’s a man’s guilt over a promise to a dead best friend. It’s making a choice between the possibility of getting hurt and a lifetime of loneliness. A woman so wholly independent and strong but is unfortunately weakened when love is put in the equation. We all could relate.  This woman is amazing, actually.

Most men would steer clear of a woman with three kids and one on the way. But not Matt. Not him. The SEAL in him couldn’t fathom the thought of leaving a single mom fending for herself. He might’ve fallen in love with her kids first before her. I mean, who could resist Abby? Abby, whom in Matt’s words, is a tiny version of a pregnant Megan Fox? An orphan who got shuffled from one foster home to another, and one who expected to be abandoned by those she loves. You will not be able to resist rooting for her and her kids, and for their romance to thrive.

This book is candy; a toothache in disguise. It was sweet, but it induces that kind of hurt that only a re-read can soothe. Which is what happened soon after I finished it. I went straight back to page 1 and decided to waste my Saturday wallowing in all its delightful glory. On my last count, I read and re-read this three times. If that’s not a clear indication of how much I loved this, then I don’t know what.



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