Confessions of an Addict [28]: Can I Just Stay Here?


My library used to be dark and dingy. It was painted in brown and some sort of green that at one point was probably a good colour combination. As much as the books and the couch were good enough enticement to laze the day away, I found it hard to concentrate when I’m down there. I knew that all it would take is new colour on the walls and it would be the difference between a cave and a haven.

I suck at painting. I can tell you what accessories to use in your house, and how to pick a colour template based on a single object but I have the abilities of a kindergartener when it comes to painting the walls. Thankfully, my brother offered his services. Now, it’s my favourite room in the house. It’s so hard to leave and go to work when I have this place at home. It’s so serene and oh so divine.  I’m a huge fan of the minimalist movement. Some of you may know this, and some of you may not. But if you’re a hoarder, there’s no way that relationship would last. I thought that by painting the walls and the shelves white, I can at least achieve some semblance of a clean look. And I think I managed to do that handsomely.

The best thing about emptying my shelves was that  I was able to re-shelve them in a way that I’ve always planned to do. The left side of the shelves are YA and the right side are for Adult Fiction. I also managed to find my Penguin Classics collection its proper home. While organizing my shelves, I was astounded by how many books I have that remain unread. The number is astronomical. Another reason why keeping away from the bookstore is a good idea. I’m working through my addiction, aka, my hoarding tendencies. If I can just remember that there’s another wall-to-wall bookshelves in the basement full of books, then I’ll be okay.

I’m taking it one day at a time.


Do you have any plans of redecorating your reading room? If so, what do you want to achieve?