Confessions of an Addict [27]: Audiobooks


It started with Sync, a website that offers free audiobook downloads for a period of time. Time seems to tick by faster, and work days became increasingly bearable – and short. It turns out, I listen just as fast as I can read. Ever since then, I’ve developed a taste for a different kind of storytelling. I supposed, depending on the narrator, an audiobook has the ability to sell an otherwise, dry novel. Novels that feature intricate world building, and if the book is a part of a series, a recap of the past.

But now, this taste is becoming an addiction. I am finding myself buying audio copies of books that I already have.


Like this one, for example. City of Heavenly Fire comes at an excess of 700 pages. I have a hardback copy that weighs probably at least two pounds. Cry me a river, right? My point is, as much as audiobooks are a good way to read and multitask at the same time, they are even more convenient than an e-reader.


I used to be so a purist; the kind of reader who scoffs at technology as a way to read books. Gone are those days. I’ve learned to accept the benefits of lugging an entire library in my purse without breaking my back. Though my Kindle have been seeing less use this days, it comes handy at night; when I want to stay up and read without disturbing the chorus of snores and teeth-grinding  from my better half. Which brings me to an even better benefit of listening to audiobooks instead of reading on a Kindle at night: its capacity to drown out the background noise.

I also like to listen while I drive. Though, it drives the kids crazy. I have to be careful of any inappropriate language and situations that kids can hear.

In conclusion, I find myself with a brand new addiction, ladies and gents. Synchronized reading and listening enhances the experience of submerging yourself in a book. And if I’m lucky, a narrator with a British accent makes for a soothing listening.

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